October 2016 – New Feature Round Up

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Email Open and Click Tracking

This is a BIG one.

We always push people to be aiming to follow up with their leads within the first 5 minutes of them becoming a lead and that’s still the most important thing you can do to get into more conversations and secure more appointment with your leads.

But what’s next? When’s the second more important time to call a lead?

The answer: when they’re already engaging with you.

That’s why we just released open and click tracking for the emails you send through FUB. Now you’ll know exactly the moment people engage with your emails so you can follow up right away and catch them at a time when they’re already thinking about you and ready to chat.

Here’s a quick video so you can see how it works:

Other Updates

We also released a lot of smaller updates that are going to make using existing features a whole lot easier.

New Features

Delete Smart Lists

We have had the ability to filter and create smart lists, but we didn’t have a way to delete them after the fact. That has now changed. When you go to save an existing list, you can now choose to delete the list if you have the right permissions to do so.

Learn more about Filters & Smart Lists

New Action Plan Step: Send email from Assigned Lender

Action plans now have a new step! You are now able to send an email from the assigned lender of a lead in the system. Note that if the lead does not have an assigned lender, this step will not send out any email and will proceed to the next action plan step.

Next task column

We now have a “Next Task” column in Follow Up Boss 2 which quickly allows you to see who you need to follow up with next. You can quickly access these people by clicking the “Follow Up Today” list.


Custom date fields recurring is now editable

Custom date fields have a recurring option to distinguish dates that happen every year, like birthdays, from dates that just happen once, like closing date. You can now edit these custom fields to be recurring or non-recurring after they have been made.

Initial Calendar Load Performance

If you had many tasks in the calendar, you might have seen a considerable delay of showing the tasks, not only that but your browser might have slowed a bit. We have fixed this initial load and it should be quite a bit smoother.

Filter Leads by phone

You now allow the ability to filter contacts by if they have a phone number does or if they do not. If you hover over the Phone column header, you should see a filter icon appear: http://jmp.sh/aQMiULu

Better people column preference saving

We previously would save people column preferences in your browser. We now save these preferences in our system. This way, if you login to your Follow Up Boss account on a different computer you will still see the same columns.


Time zone settings

Some users did not have their time zone set properly, this would result in odd times when creating tasks, notes, or viewing relative dates. This has been retroactively fixed for all active users and we have implemented better time zone detection for new users added.

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