Q2 2021 Product Roundup

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The last three months were all about making Follow Up Boss even better at: 

  • Freeing up your time and automating your daily workflow, so you can turn more leads into closed deals with less grind.
  • Organizing your business and life, so you can focus on what matters most — building relationships and giving first-class service to your clients.
  • Turning you into a master of mobile work, with iPhone and Android updates aimed at keeping you productive on the go.

For a feature-by-feature breakdown of the newest tools and updates, watch the full replay of the Q2 product roundup webinar, hosted by Dan Corkill, CEO of Follow Up Boss, and Lee Adkins, Head of Growth at Amplified Solutions.

Here are the highlights:

Automations improvements

  • Automate transaction management and review requests with the new trigger for “deal stage changed.”
  • Discover more deals and notify your team when cold leads warm up with new actions for “reassign” and “add note.”

Contact Relationships

  • Loop-in the right people on every conversation
  • Keep your contacts more organized

iPhone updates

  • Contact Relationships support
  • Manage custom fields
  • New global menu helps you work faster on the go

Android updates

  • Contact Relationships support
  • Collaborators support
  • Send and receive images
  • Schedule and view appointments

Dialer improvements

  • Cell bridge option — make calls when you have a bad connection
  • “Call from” option — dial out from any Follow Up Boss number

Text template performance scores

  • See which texts are most effective
  • Send better texts, get more replies

New email signature editor

  • Added support for HTML signatures
  • Make a stronger impression

Stronger security

  • API integration report to see what services access your account
  • Behind the scenes improvements to keep your data safe

Help and training improvements

  • Better getting started resources
  • Conversion U – Follow Up Boss coaching and sales training

Keep an eye on our updates page to stay tuned to our future product updates in realtime.

Thanks for being a part of Follow Up Boss. Onward to Q3! 

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