The 7 real estate marketing tips your lead provider forgot to tell you

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How many agents & brokers barely scrape by? They spend years getting experience, selling houses, studying, getting their license, recruiting agents, office costs, marketing costs….for what! Below are the deadly beliefs that will hold agents and brokers back from closing more deals and creating their dream business.

These real estate marketing tips are based on false beliefs that need to be destroyed for success.

Are you creating a job for yourself? or running your business like a Boss?

Myth 1. Buy our marketing, it pays for itself

“Don’t worry our solution pays for itself”. Seems like a great idea at the time right? Let me ask you this, how often do these people selling you marketing report back to you on how much money their marketing is making you after the sale? and how often do you check up on it?

Bosses don’t leave marketing results to chance. They track their marketing from source to closing and ensure it isn’t just paying for itself but making them money.

Myth 2. The money is in the list

No, it’s in the relationship you and your agents have with the list. Too many people are drinking internet marketing kool aid and think they are going to completely remove the need to interact one on one with people. Smart email marketing is good but to build a strong relationship you need personal follow up.

Bosses and their agents have personal relationships with their list.

Myth 3. I don’t need a system, I mostly get referrals

That’s fantastic, now let’s get specific, what % of leads? what % of those close? How do you track your top referrers? How do you stay in touch with past clients? If your business is built on referrals, what are you doing pro actively to stay competitive?

Bosses don’t deal in generalizations about their business, they deal in data and facts.

Myth 4. It’s not my fault

Everyone has their excuses for bad results, it’s the presidents fault, the economy’s. 99% of people are too scared to look at the actual facts about their financial situation and who is responsible.

Bosses know their numbers and take personal ownership of results.

Myth 5. I don’t need systems, we do goal setting

Goal setting is great, but guess what, agents can’t stay motivated forever. You may as well sit around a fire and sing Kumbaya hoping for real estate sales to just fall into your lap…if you don’t have systems to help you reach your goals.

Losers have goals, Bosses have systems to reach their goals.

Myth 6. My agents won’t use systems

Agents don’t use systems because they get asked to use systems which frankly suck and aren’t easy to use. Changing agents behavior requires you to clearly communicate the benefits. Throwing software at people never works. You need a clearly defined plan to improve the rate at which people adopt systems.

Bosses select systems that are easy to use and provide clear benefits for their agents and business.

Myth 7. Agents will always follow up leads I send

You teach agents how to treat your leads. Every time they don’t follow up with a lead and you let them get away with it. It’s like saying to them “do whatever you want with the leads I send you, I will never check”.

Bosses use systems to ensure all leads are treated with exceptional follow up.

Bonus Mega Myth. I tried X and it doesn’t work

You gave it a try, it didn’t work out, oh well back to the same old business you have always had right? With that kind of flaky willpower you will never get anywhere. Empires aren’t built over night, neither are marketing systems or businesses. It’s up to you to commit to making your things work, no matter how much effort, training or time it takes.

Excellence is not an act but a habit. -Aristotle

Classic examples, you generated a few hundred Internet leads, called 10 of them and now conclude Internet leads don’t work. Or you called 5 expired’s, didn’t follow a script and have now concluded calling expired’s doesn’t work. People spread this weird kind of logic every day! It will dramatically impact your success.

Bosses don’t give things a half hearted attempt, they refine their business processes until they are successful, no matter how many good excuses come up along the way.

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