September 2017 Feature Roundup

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September included some key feature releases that are going to help a lot of our customers improve conversion results and also get a better understanding of how to invest marketing dollars, and which agents on the team are bringing home the bacon!

We also made it a whole lot easier to avoid making the mistake of typing up a note to a client and then realizing you just sent it as a text to them which depending on the content of said note can lead to this feeling:

Our team is getting excited as our next ‘All Hands’ meetup is happening in Austin October 16-20. Since we’re a remote company, this is our chance to get to know each other better, work side-by-side to help better understand each person’s daily roles and how we can improve them, and to bring all our amazing talents together to collaborate on how we can deliver an even better product and service to our customers.

If you’re an Austin local, we’d also love to meet up with you! If you’re in Austin from Oct. 16-20 and would be keen to meet our team, give us some feedback on the product and get a sneak peek into some of the stuff we’re working on, shoot me an email at and I’ll loop you in on our meetup plans.

New Features

Deal Reporting

The Agent Activity report has been updated to include deals. From the report select the option, “Show me which team member has the most closed deals”. Keep in mind only the deals that are in the closed stage will be included.

First to Claim

Our First to Claim feature is now available to all customers!

When you set up a First to Claim group all agents who are member of that group will be notified about a new lead at the same time. Whoever is the first to claim the lead will be assigned on the lead.

For more information on setting this up see our First to Claim help article.

Appointment Invitations

Follow Up Boss now sends invitations when you create an appointment:

Previously Google would send the invitation if you had a Google connected calendar, but the invitation sent by Google was often showing the wrong time. Now that FUB is sending the invitation directly, the time will always be the same timezone as the agent who created the appointment.

This release also makes syncing appointments with Google faster and more reliable.

Added some discoverable indicators

Some of the features we release aren’t easily discovered. To help that we have added in a couple of call outs to help users learn more about some powerful features.

We have added one for @mentions which looks like this:

We also added one for Link Previews, which looks like this:


Lead Source Reporting

The Lead Sources report has been updated to include many additional data points. These include all the data points available in the Agent Activity report and unique to Lead Sources, website activity.

Text tab view when contact has no phone number

We updated the view for when a contact doesn’t have a phone number.

Other Fixes:

With this we also released a couple of bug fixes related to notes/logging calls:

  • Placeholder text will stay in view until you type something
  • Navigating with arrow keys up and down wasn’t working, and now it does.

Person View Communication Tabs

We added some subtle design improvements to help people know if they are adding a note or a call or are texting.

Getting started links

We changed a few links and their location on the Getting Started screen. This should help to help users discover more about FUB easier.


Hide Text tab for Lenders

Lenders don’t have the ability to text, during our improvements we accidentally left the text tab in (but didn’t have any content). We have now removed this tab.

Creating duplicate multiple tasks in FUB2

There was an issue that caused multiple tasks to be created. We added some additional checking to make sure this doesn’t happen. As always we will continue to monitor these cases.

Edge/IE11 fix for mentions in the timeline

There was a minor UI bug with mentions when displaying them in the timeline. It didn’t stop functionality, just the design wasn’t showing up quite correctly.

FUB2: People Details Input Focus

When you go to edit the input, it wouldn’t focus due to a fix we added in for FireFox specifically. We have fixed this and it is now easier to use. The original FireFox issue we fixed is still fixed.

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