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Ryan is a bit of a Follow Up Boss legend for a video he did a couple of years ago showing people how he used smart lists in Follow Up Boss to stay on top of a HUGE number of active clients and leads.

Well we got him back because he has updated his systems for Follow Up Boss 2 and said he’s even more efficient now and able to handle an even higher volume.

As it stands right now, he’s personally managing almost 1,000 leads and client himself, and he opens up his account and shows us exactly how he does it in the video below.

Want to ‘Follow Along’ and implement the same system Ryan is using in this training? Get your Follow Up Boss free trial here.

What you’ll learn:

  • How Ryan uses Smart Lists and time blocking to be able to follow up with over 100 leads in a 2 hour session
  • His ‘catch all’ smart list that guarantees no lead will ever slip through the cracks on him
  • His simple but effective tagging system
  • Why he chooses smart lists over task automation through action plans (Hint: it’s less clicks and makes tasks really MEAN something for him)
  • How he automates direct mail, moving leads to his website for listing alerts, and his sign call/listing info system

BONUS: Click here to get a detailed spreadsheet with all his top performing text message templates for follow up!

UPDATE: The smart lists Ryan uses in this webinar are now available through our ‘Best Practice Smart Lists’ section so you can get them added to your account with a single click! Click here for instructions on how to do this.

UPDATE 2: Ryan has done another video recently to update the way he set up his smart lists based on a new feature we released:

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