Webinar – Maximize your Listing ROI with Monica Diaz and Jay Campbell

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The best agents in the business see listings not as a single sale opportunity, but as a marketing and lead generation opportunity that can help drive substantial ROI through Facebook, open houses and more.

If there’s one team that understand how to squeeze every drop of potential from each listing they take, it’s mega agent listing specialist Monica Diaz, and digital marketing expert Jay Campbell.


With more than 300 Million in sales, they’ve got this down to an art form.

With their individual skill sets, they bring a unique one-two punch to how they work each of their listings, and they’ve agreed to join me on a webinar to share how they do it.

In the session they’re going to share:

  • How they run Facebook ads to promote their listings and open houses for maximum engagement
  • The 68 point checklist they use for every single open house
  • The unique way they staff their open house
  • The powerful partnership they have with their lenders and how they leverage it
  • The tools they use to make them as efficient as possible
  • How they use Spacio – the paperless open house app – to capture contact info from visitors
  • The specific sequencing for how they follow up with their open house leads

If you’ve ever wondered how some agents have 30 people lined up at the door before the open house even starts, you’ll find the answers in this session!

Note – we had some technical difficulties with the recording. Luckily I managed to spin up a backup option to capture the session but managed to miss the introductions and first couple of minutes but the real meat is all there


Specific Facebook Ad Targeting Recommendations for Open House Promotion

Here are some screenshots and explanations of basic targeting that we do for our ads:


For the Income targeting, select your minimum income bracket (in the example below is $75,000 – $99,999), but also be sure to select the income brackets above those amounts so that you’re truly capturing people who earn $75K or more. Otherwise, you’ll just be targeting people solely in that bracket.


The above applies to all our basic ads for Open House and Just Listed campaigns.

From here, we can create separate campaigns niched towards two different audiences (Renters versus Homeowners) in the Home Ownership category. For example, your Ad Headline and Text can offer Renters special first-time homebuyer programs and incentives. Whereas for the Homeowners, you can talk about not just selling, but also buying/upgrading because approximately 80% of sellers are also buyers!



Resources Shared in the Webinar

Checklist for Your Open Houses

Drip Campaign for Your Open House Leads

Webinar Slide Deck

Digital Open House App

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