Follow Up Boss vs. Wise Agent

Follow Up Boss is a modern alternative to Wise Agent that has a clean, modern interface, has a steady stream of updates and is designed with functionality to support fast-growing teams

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Keep it Simple

Modern, Simple, and Clutter Free

Follow Up Boss has powerful features without the complicated interface or complex layout, so you never miss another opportunity
  • Integrated 2-way texting
  • Sync all client emails automatically
  • Automated follow ups and reminders
graphical user interface, text, application
graphical user interface, text, application
Integrated communications

Call, Text and Email Your Contacts from Your CRM

All your client-related calls, texts and emails are managed within your CRM for easy tracking and minimal data entry
  • Full phone system so all calls are in the CRM
  • 2-way email sync eliminated data entry
  • Integrated texting helps increase response
Happy Agents

Set Your Team Up for Success

Most CRMs try to be a jack of all trades and become a master of none. We're 100% focused on enabling sales agents to do more of what gets real results
  • Best-in-class mobile apps
  • Email integration to eliminate data entry
  • Fully integrated texting and calling
graphical user interface, text, application
graphical user interface, text, application
Collaboration Tools

Deliver a cohesive client experience

Your brand and long term results rely on how your team delivers for your clients - our collaboration tools help your team manage and deliver that 5-star experience
  • Set appointments for agents
  • Use @mentions to communicate internally
  • Add collaborators to serve clients together

Non-stop improvements

Most people talk about customer centricity, but we live it every single day
  • Platform to participate in product decisions
  • Weekly additions and improvements
  • Deep focus on improving sales results
graphical user interface, text, application
graphical user interface, text, application
Mobile Apps

Stay productive on-the-go

With apps built specifically for iOS and Android, you’re able to stay productive no matter where your clients take you!
  • Jump on opportunities away from the office
  • Instant notifications about leads and texts
  • Access communications and search history
Easy to get started

Easy to import contacts from other CRMs

Follow Up Boss automatically recognizes export files from other CRMs, and allows you to easily add fields for any custom info you track to make switching a cinch!
  • Automated merging of duplicates
  • No need to reformat your file
  • Easy to start over if you make a mistake
graphical user interface, text, application
Helpful support

On-call experts available when you need them

With in-depth live and recorded training, and response times averaging 2 hours or less, we take pride in offering amazing support to our customers
Onboarding specialists to make the transition from your current CRM including imports, connecting lead sources and training your team a breeze
Ongoing success management to help with onboarding new agents, and helping your management team drive sales and growth
Over 99.5% uptime historically, 24/7/365 system monitoring, with a team of on-call engineers ready to address any issues.
Phone, text and email support available 7 days a week from our US-based support team
Your entire team has full access to our support team directly so they never have to come to you with tech questions