Write Your Own Real Estate Bio: Questionnaire + Templates

With today’s real estate clients doing much of their research online, a real estate agent’s bio has to say a lot with a little. Your bio has to impress prospects by highlighting your experience, letting them know who you are on a personal level, and playing up your biggest wins so far. And it has to do it all in just a couple of paragraphs.

The good news is, you don’t need any special skills to write your own bio. But you will need to get clear on what it is you bring to the table for clients and how you can help them.

Did you get into real estate because you love working with people? Do you love matching a client’s needs with the right home? Do you get your biggest kick from negotiating the best price? 

We’ll get into the many ways you can use answers to questions like these to create a compelling bio that lets prospects know why you’re the best real estate agent for them. 

In this guide, we'll share:

  • Real estate agent bio questionnaire: 35 questions to reveal your best you
  • 8 templates to help you create your own real estate bio 
  • Making the most of your real estate agent bio
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