Make Admins' Lives a Little Easier

Follow Up Boss helps reduce data entry, enables seamless collaboration and helps keep everyone on task to save admins time and reduce chaos

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Build a stronger team

Use a combination of task automation, assignments and reminders to keep everyone on task, and on time
  • Assign tasks automatically
  • Visibility into what has been completed
  • Set up notifications and reminders
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“If you looked inside of our Follow Up Boss account, you guys probably think we’re nuts because we do everything in there. We only need one system.”

Lisa Archer

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Access information required to support client and agent

Get complete conversation history with emails, texts and calls so you can get full context on the client and deliver a cohesive experience
  • Emails automatically sync for collaboration
  • Store important client documents
  • Track transactions and results with Deals

Keep everyone on the same page

Follow Up Boss is designed to help high performance agents and teams deliver an exceptional experience to their clients
  • Set appointments for agents
  • Use @mentions to communicate with others
  • Add collaborators to serve clients together
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