August 2021 Product Roundup

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From big improvements to batch emailing that future proof your email marketing, to smaller updates that make your business more efficient and secure, August was a month of growth here at Follow Up Boss. Here’s a quick video tour of the top product updates we released over the last four weeks:

Better batch emailing expands your reach

You’ll notice a big improvement to batch emailing that lets you reach more of your contacts, more reliably. Now you can send up to 10,000 batch emails per day as long as you have an email connected to Follow Up Boss. 

We also released some improvements that make batch emails send on the backend through a dedicated email marketing service called Sendgrid. This helps your emails deliver more consistently, with less risk of harming your email account’s sender reputation.

Updates to keep your data more secure

We made account security a priority last month, with a new API Settings page that lets you create a unique API key for each app you integrate with Follow Up Boss. This gives you more control over which third-party apps have access to your data, and also lets you revoke access to specific apps without needing to reconnect everything.

Faster loading contact profiles

Contacts that had a long timeline history with lots of notes and communication logs previously loaded slower than contacts with shorter timelines. But thanks to some behind the scenes performance updates, all contacts now load at the same fast speed. So, you can catch up on your history and recent conversations quicker, no matter how long a contact’s timeline is.

Send a quick text from any number

Speaking of helping you work quicker, you’ll notice the quick text option now lets you send a text from any of your Follow Up Boss numbers, so you can get more replies by using a familiar number your contacts recognize.

Curious about which new features are coming down the pike?

Head on over to the Roadmap to see what we’re working on and to vote on what you’d like to see next.

You can also get more details on these recent improvements and stay tuned to our future updates at

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