July 2021 Product Roundup

Follow Up Boss Tips
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Constant improvement is the name of the game here at Follow Up Boss. Month after month, the goal isn’t just to make our product better; the goal is to make you better – at managing both your business and personal life.

We wrangled together the top five product improvements our team shipped in July in this quick two-minute video:

Better organized Action Plans and templates

Now you can keep your Action Plans, email templates and text templates better organized by adding them to folders. You can also search for Action Plans and templates using the new search bar. That way, it’s so much easier and faster to find the perfect Action Plan or template to use in any situation. Learn more here.

Send Action Plan emails to all addresses

Another Action Plan update: Now you can keep everyone in the loop on your Action Plan emails by choosing the “include all email addresses'' option. This will make the Action Plan emails send to both the primary contact and any contact relationships’ email addresses, so no one ever feels left out of the conversation. Learn more here.

Automagical email signature importing

This lets you bring in your signature from your Google or Office 365 email accounts automatically, so you can keep consistent branding and make a solid impression with every email sent from Follow Up Boss. Learn more here.

Faster calling and performance on iPhone

Sometimes a quick call is better than a text, so in the iPhone app, we added a new “quick call” option from the text conversation screen to make that easier. We also made some behind the scenes improvements to the app’s speed and reliability. Learn more here.

Vote on future features and see what’s next

Now you can vote on what features and tools you’d like to see in the future, and submit your own ideas for what we can improve on our product roadmap. There are tabs for web, iPhone and Android, so you can keep an eye on what we’re building for every part of the app. Check it out here.

So there’s your quick recap of the top updates from July. For a more detailed walk-through of each and every recent improvement, head over to our Product Changes page.

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