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As a real estate agent, you send a TON of emails. Whether you love it or hate it, email is still a mission-critical part of your communications with leads and clients.

Because of the volume you have to send and receive, when something goes wrong with even just one of them over the course of the day, it can feel like a tragedy. And because you send so many, if there’s any inefficiency in the process of sending each one, it will quickly drive you crazy.

We get it. We send a lot of emails too. Your pain is ours.

And I’m here, standing in front of you today to admit that Follow Up Boss was missing a few key pieces of the email puzzle.

Until we fixed them.

We collected a ton of feedback from customers who were frustrated with a few issues around sending emails from FUB and addressed them in a series of recent updates.



Now this will never happen again – when typing emails in your FUB inbox, or right on the contact, we’ll automatically save your work so if you jump to another contact or close your window, it will all show up right where you left it:



Before, when you had a second email address on a contact, for example for that person’s spouse, and you wanted to CC them on an email you were sending, you had to copy and paste that email instead of just being able to click it:


Now you can click any other email on a contact to drop it straight into the CC field, and also took it a step further so that it’s now super easy to copy anyone in your account on those emails with autocomplete:


Link Previews

This update was a little more us being clever than it was from specific customer feedback (you’re not the only people with good ideas


Now when you drop links into your emails, we’ll turn them into a much nicer-looking preview of what the email recipient will see when they click the link. This is awesome for sending listings to people you’re working with:


BombBomb Integration

This has been one of the most heavily requested integrations EVER for us so we were absolutely thrilled to release it recently.

Adding personal videos to your email has a HUGE impact on starting conversations and conversion rates overall.

Now you can send personalized videos from right inside Follow Up Boss email compose windows.


Batch Emails

Sometimes you’ve got an ‘in-between’ email you want to send that doesn’t need to go to your whole database but is still a big enough number that it’s a huge time-drain to send the out 1-by-1. This is huge for example if you’ve got a listing or open house coming up and want to email it to all the people who inquired in a particular zip code.


Now you can quickly and easily select a group of contacts (say everyone on a particular Smart List) and shoot them a quick, personalized email from right inside Follow Up Boss so you can track opens and clicks in a way that’s instantly actionable.


Then just add your new listing (which looks amazing now with Link Previews)


And then see who is opening and clicking to drive further follow up:


Click here to learn more about batch emailing

We know you’re using email a ton of different ways, and are always listening to figure out how we can make the stuff you’re doing 50+ even just a little bit more efficient, as over time that goes a long way to helping close more deals.

Combine this with all the other email features we already had like automated syncing of each team member’s emails and 2-way calendar sync and you’re adding a lot of efficiency to your daily operations.

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