10 Open House Flyer Examples to Boost Your On-the-Day Visitors

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We all know the importance of open house flyers. Long before social media, these eye-catching leaflets were the number one way to drive traffic to your open house.

And while there are now more ways than ever to market your open houses, the right flyer is still a great first touchpoint for potential buyers and sellers.

But as one of the most tried-and-tested forms of real estate marketing, open house flyers are often taken for granted. From using the same ol’ templates to including just the basic information, many standard open house flyers have more than a little room for improvement.

To stand out in your area and increase foot traffic at your next open house, you need to make a powerful first impression. And it all begins with an eye-catching open house flyer.

But hold on. Do real estate flyers really work?

Let’s start with the elephant in the room. A common complaint amongst agents is that most residents in the area simply don't show up to their open houses. 

But research from the National Association of REALTORS® has shown that nearly 30% of buyers found the home they purchased through a real estate professional and 4% found their home specifically via a yard sign or open house — and that’s not even touching the potential sellers you could be connecting with.

So sure, 4% might not sound like a lot at face value. But it’s huge when you think about the nearly 6 million homes that were sold in 2022.

As part of a balanced lead gen mix, real estate flyers are a simple and relatively affordable way to get in front of prospects with a tangible take-home piece of information that keeps you and your listing top of mind.

Sometimes all it takes is getting the right person in the right room at the right time and boom — you get more business. But first, that has to start with getting more people through the door.

10 examples of open house flyers that make a powerful impression

Here are some creative examples of open house flyer templates that can help you win more visitors.

Simply choose the template that best aligns with your brand and start customizing!

1. Clean & modern flyer design


If you’ve got a stunner of a listing on your hands, this could be the template for you. 

Choose a modern open house flyer design that also offers a great opportunity to highlight the photos of the home.

A clean design makes it easy to showcase various amenities and features — both visually and with text — without becoming cluttered. And because it’s fully customizable, you can easily match the colors to your brand or the home’s aesthetic.

2. Upscale open house flyers


If you’re lucky enough to find a beautifully designed open house flyer template that also includes a show-stopping video version, you know you’ve struck real estate advertising gold. ✨

Aim for an open house flyer that portrays the kind of sophisticated vibe that both aligns with and amplifies your listing.

3. Flyers with bold headlines


With a focus on one big hero image, this type of open house flyer delivers a lifestyle feel that still catches the eye. Similar to a magazine cover, it provides a bold headline and one star hero image to really capture the viewer’s attention.

Complete with easy, coffee-table-book style vibes, this is one real estate flyer folks will definitely leave within reach!

4. Geometric flyer design


This colorful, geometric print is sure to catch the attention of your prospects. 

Simply swap the photo with a picture of the property, your headshot, your team, or any other eye-catching image of your choosing.

5. Easy-to-read from a distance


A big, bold font makes it easy for viewers to quickly catch all the key highlights. In an instant, they know that you’re showing a house and exactly how much it’s listed for. 

The text is the star of the show on this type of open house flyer and the photo placement and image choices serve as a great complement.

6. Minimalist open house flyer


If you have a dramatic photo that can stand on its own as the hero of the flyer, this is a great example to use.

Combine your call-to-action with concise information and a single eye-catching photo. This is a timeless editorial-style way to quickly grab the attention of prospects and get them thinking about their own dream home.

7. Color-coordinated open house flyer


Colorful templates give you a great opportunity to customize the flyer with an accent color from the listing itself.

It’s also a perfect way to create a colorful yet cohesive flyer that shows an attention to detail potential prospects can appreciate. Plus, it can be customized to include an aesthetic interior shot or a great outdoor shot.

8. Multicolored open house flyer


While many agents tend to shy away from using bright colors, you have to admit these types of open house flyers definitely catch the eye.

If it aligns with your personal brand or listing, a bold open house flyer gives you creative freedom to customize the template and play with a variety of colors and images to showcase your listing.

9. Classic & elegant open house flyers


A classic, elegant design is always a safe way to go with your open house flyers.

But keep in mind, classic doesn’t mean rigid. Fonts can be adjusted, neutral color tones can be made bold — it’s ok to get creative!

10. Co-listed open house flyers


Ever co-listed a home with another agent? 

Using a co-listed open house flyer template is a great way to easily showcase both agents, while still leaving plenty of room to show off your shared listing.

How to make an eye-catching open house flyer

Now that you’ve seen some creative examples of real estate open house flyers, you’re ready to make one yourself. With the right tools and templates, it doesn’t have to take as long as you might think.

Below are some of the top tools for making open house flyers, including some free ones. 😉

  1. Adobe Express
  2. Canva
  3. Design Wizard
  4. Edit.org
  5. FlyerCo
  6. Poster My Wall
  7. Shutterstock Creative Flow+
  8. VistaCreate

Adobe Express

Adobe Express allows you to make unique flyers quickly with free stock images, templates, and fonts. The free plan includes unlimited editing and photo effects, thousands of templates, and other design assets. The premium plan starts at $9.99 a month and includes access to the mobile app, image resizing features, premium templates, 100GB of storage, a royalty free stock photo library and more.


You probably know this one. Canva is one of the most popular online graphic design tools that allows you to choose from a variety of templates, including open house flyers. Canva does most of the design work for you, even with the free version. The benefits of Canva Pro, which is paid, are that it gives you unlimited access to premium content, stock photos, fonts, template designs, collaboration tools and more, all for $119 a year. 

Design Wizard

Design Wizard has hundreds of real estate flyers and open house templates that you can fully customize to fit your needs. There is both a free basic plan available and a pro plan for $9.99 a month. The basic plan allows users to resize image designs, add text, images, and shapes, as well as gives you access to pay-as-you-go image downloads. The Pro version gives you 60 image design downloads per month and includes 1GB of storage. 


Edit.org allows you to create and download designs from any device and includes thousands of templates, images, and fonts to choose from. Users can try Edit.org free for 10 days and then pay for a monthly subscription of $7.99 a month. The premium plan includes 5GB of storage, access to additional content and images, as well as other features.


FlyerCo allows users to quickly create beautiful open house flyers with fully customizable and ready-to-go templates. What’s unique about FlyerCo is that it features content exclusively focused on the real estate industry. With FlyerCo, you can make a single flyer for $19.99 or pay for a monthly subscription of $9.99.


PosterMyWall has an easy drag-and-drop platform and a great selection of ready-made open house templates. Similar to other platforms, there are both free and premium packages available. The free version includes access to over 600 real estate templates and more than a million images. The premium package includes the free offerings, as well as unlimited high-res image downloads for a $9.95 monthly fee.

Shutterstock Creative Flow+

Shutterstock Creative Flow+ provides pre-made templates for you to get started quickly. You can easily add different backgrounds, colors, images, graphics and more to make sure your projects meet your brand guidelines. With Creative Flow+, you can get a free 1-month trial. Users can subscribe for $12.99 a month. The subscription package also gives you access to more than 3 million stock images to use in your projects. 


Another tool that may be a great fit is VistaCreate. Users get access to unlimited design downloads and more than 50 thousand static and animated graphic design templates. It also has a brand kit to make sure all your creations match your aesthetic. Users can try VistaCreate free for 14 days and then subscribe for a monthly fee of $10.

What should you put in your open house flyer?

When you’re trying to communicate a wealth of details quickly, it’s best to start with the basics. 

You need readers to know the five W’s of your event: the who, what, where, when, and why.


That’s you. 😉

Or if you’re partnering up with another listing agent, it’s the two of you. Whatever the case, you always want to include information about who you are:

  • Contact information, both email and phone
  • The company or team you work for
  • Your website

As with any marketing asset where the goal is to communicate a wealth of information in a limited amount of space, stick to just the core details. Prospects don’t need your life story, but they do need to know how to get in touch with you about this listing or potential future services.


This is where your listing needs to shine.

Review your arsenal of real estate photography and select the best, most eye-catching pictures of the property. From there, it’s all about condensing the key info a potential buyer may need to know, including:

  • Price
  • Number of rooms and bathrooms
  • Important or unique amenities

Visuals are key here so make sure you include photos of both the interior and exterior of the home. As a bonus, this is also a great way to show off your marketing chops for any potential sellers who might see your flyer.


This one is pretty self-explanatory. Whatever you do, never forget to add the address of the home you’re listing.

If space allows, consider including a map or important nearby landmarks that may be helpful for potential visitors looking to find the house.


Be sure to include the day of the week, date and hours of the open house so people know exactly when to stop by.


Think of this as your CTA. Why should viewers care about this vs. any other open house? 

Consider phrases that will pique their interest like: “Be the first to see this new listing” or “Check it out before it’s gone!”

This is an opportunity to get creative. Don’t be afraid to test different flyers and phrases to see which one attracts the most interest.

Pro-tip: Many successful agents are using one side of their flyers as an open house invitation and the other as a market overview and CMA offer. You can read more about how to do this here!

Get more out of your open houses

With everything on your plate, we know making an open house flyer may seem like extra work. The temptation to stick with the same templates everyone else is using is real. But the truth is, one well-received flyer could be all it takes for you to score your next big listing.

The more you put into your open house flyers, the harder they’ll work for you.

When you’re ready to capture more qualified leads from your open houses, Follow Up Boss can help. 

Instantly capture open house leads and drive them straight into your database. Once stored safely in your CRM, you can set up automations to immediately launch a relevant follow up sequence and strengthen your connection with new leads. Try it for yourself with a free 14-day trial.

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