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Hot, fresh leads are great. You know exactly how to engage. You call them, get them going with an automatic Action Plan, and follow up accordingly.

However, even the best agents have a list of what we like to call, “Stale Leads.” You know, those leads who you perhaps engaged with once or twice, but they kind of dropped off the radar.

Just because a lead goes quiet, doesn’t mean it isn’t still fruitful! We’re going to show you exactly how to identify your stale leads, and follow up with them in under 10 minutes!

Whether you’re carving out a few minutes after lunch, or, let’s face it, sitting in your car between appointments with your iPad – You’ll definitely be able to shake some trees and rejuvenate your stale leads list!

How to Quickly Identify Prime Candidates to Contact

Follow Up Boss makes it very easy to identify who hasn’t heard from you in awhile. With our Not Recently Contacted, Best Practices Smartlist, you can see who hasn’t communicated with you in the past two weeks in just a click!

When it comes to identifying stale real estate leads, you can dive a little deeper and create a custom, continuously updated Smartlist that is completely unique to your business and how you close leads best. Here’s how to set that up:

The Baseline

So, how are we going to find stale leads? The prime candidates for this type of reach out fall into what I call the, “Sweet Spot Timeline.”

  • They’re not from a list you acquired from other sources.
  • They opted-in to receive communication from you. (This is different than prospecting.)
  • Their initial inquiry is between 6 months – 18 months old, but they haven’t heard from you personally, in awhile. (Different from newsletters and action plans.)

You Pick Two

Now, lets’ dive in a bit further. Now that you’ve got your “Sweet Spot Timeline,” let’s talk about the leads that are most relevant to your business.

I suggest picking no more than two qualifiers. To identify these, think about the common denominators of the leads you close most often.

For instance, leads over $350k in Cobb County, or leads who have been tagged with something particular by your team.

Got you qualifiers in mind? Awesome! Here’s a quick walkthrough of setting up this list. Trust me – it may sound a bit complicated, but I guarantee you’ll have this done in under 5 minutes. I promise!

Take a look:

Just like that, you have a custom Smartlist that will continuously be updated for you. Now, you’ll be able to target those stale leads whenever you have 10 minutes to spare for reach out!

Strategy 1: Make Targeted Calls to Your Prime Candidates

Calling new leads is a no-brainer, but carving out a few minutes to call your stale leads can yield some really good results as well.

Life as a Realtor is busy, and calling can be a big time investment, but your newly created Stale Leads Smartlist will help you maximize your time by letting you know exactly who to call. Here are our tips for calling your leads:

Log Your Calls

No, we’re not talking about breaking out a spreadsheet, or even taking out a pen and paper. Follow Up Boss makes it super easy to log your calls, without taking away from your workflow!

If you’re on a mobile phone, dial from the app! It doesn’t change your call experience or caller ID with the client at all. Placing a call from a landline? Make a quick note in the system!

Calling from your desktop with our Calling Feature? We’ll do the work for you and automatically log your call.

A good call log makes your Smartlist – smarter. It shows that you’ve reached out to someone recently and it becomes part of your centralized communication with this lead.

Plus, account owners can see this in reporting as well!

Use Your Lead History to Identify a Specific Topics of Conversation

No one likes talking to a salesperson – ever. Be confident, call with purpose, and remember it’s all about conversation.

A few great ways to identify what to talk about are to look back at that lead’s history to see:

How they initially inquired, plus any additional inquiries. This way you can strike up conversation such as, “Hey, Danielle are you still interested in 123 Main Street, or has something else caught your eye?”

Notes you’ve made about the lead. E.g. Their timeframe, children’s names, or even a favorite food.

Our built-in social data that allows you to identify their areas of interest on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. (Weave this into the conversation, lightly, in a way that feels natural/comfortable! We’ll make a blog post on how to best use social information very soon and link it here!)

Remember, the goal here isn’t always immediate conversions. Maybe you’ll catch someone who is ready to re-engage, or maybe you’ll truly be able to put them into a “Trash lead” category, whittling down your list to better identify where to spend your time.

Strategy 2: Send Highly Personalized Emails to Small Batches of Leads

Your drip campaigns and newsletters are for a certain type of communication. What we’re talking about here is a very specific type of email campaign. In fact, we wouldn’t even call it a campaign at all.

This is you, sending a simple email to another person…or several simultaneously to save some valuable time.

We call it Batch Emailing. Here’s an example:

Engage Stale Leads in Specific Pipelines

Did you know that you can narrow down your Stale Leads Smartlist to be even more specific, for instance just Buyers?

Narrowing down your list makes the perfect segment of contacts for batch emails. Then, you can send them an email that looks something like this:

“Hey, %contact_first_name%, are you still looking to buy a home this year? Last time we spoke you were interested in %inquiry_address%.

Do you like homes in that area, or have you changed the scope of what you’re looking for?”

If you want to shout out a new accomplishment, generally stay top of mind, or share a bunch of new listings, those type of things are best for email marketing or action plans.

If you want to engage stale leads in a way that feels specific, and a bit more personal to them, then you’ll use Batch Emails.

Strategy 3: Check In with Stale Leads via Text Message

There’s nothing better than a good, one-to-one text message. In Follow Up Boss, your thumbs can get a break with our handy text templates feature!

It’s super easy. Click. Send. Done.

Send Text to Stale Leads
Follow Up BossSend Text to Stale Leads

Texting your stale leads should be done with the same targeting and personalization and the other communication we’ve suggested in this post. Think more “engage,” rather than “blast.”

Here are some tips for texting your stale real estate leads:

  • Ask a question. This helps encourage a response!
  • If you send a link, make sure it’s relevant and still requires response/interaction.
  • Have a few text templates on hand to ensure the text is relevant to the contact.

Let’s take a look at some text message templates that follow these guidelines:

Hey, %contact_first_name%! It’s %agent_first_name% from FUB Real Estate. How’s the house hunting going? Still looking in Kennesaw?

%contact_first_name%, you came to mind when I listed this Craftsman Bungalow in the Highlands. Take a look at this and tell me what you think of the hardwoods: (link)

%contact_first_name%, I was just thinking back to the conversation we had a while back. Are you still thinking things over or ready to move forward?

Learn more about texting with Follow Up Boss here.

Extra Credit

If you’re a FUB user and have a favorite call script or a surefire way to engage stale lead, hop over to our Facebook Group and share it!

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