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This past weekend Follow Up Boss sponsored Conor Murnane's real estate mastermind event in San Diego called THE MEETUP, that took place in the breathtaking loft space overlooking Petco Park (Home of the Padres) and provided a home run of amazing content delivered by top producing real estate agents and real estate influencers from across the country. Ricardo Bueno, Head of Partnerships at Follow Up Boss, and yours truly, Stacey Soleil, Head of Knowledge at Follow Up Boss, were on deck at the event to bring back the play-by-play recap to share with the community.

What was the overarching theme?

One word: VIDEO

Video marketing is an ever-evolving skill and The Meetup covered everything from tactics to collaboration to strategy. The guest speakers came in from across the country and included the likes of:
Conor Murnane (Also the event Host and MC!), Zachary Loft, Giselle Ugarte, Taya DiCarlo, Kyle Whissel, Katie Day, Neel Dhingra, Tyler Auerbacher & Tamika Ellsworth.

Workshop #1 - Zachary Loft

This bonafide real estate influencer boasts over a billion views on TikTok!

He shared his branding formula that he tongue in cheek refers to as “2 dudes in a bar, your mom and a cow” I know what you’re thinking...wait, WHAT? Hang in there, it will make sense shortly. Like Zach shared with attendees, branding actually started way back with branding cows and then in the 1950’s became part of business. The whole concept of a defined shape that belonged to a particular person…this evolved and became what we know today as our brand in business.

If anyone has the right to attest to this fact it’s Zach, after leaving the military and entering real estate, he 100% used video to brand himself. Extremely humble, he’ll tell you he’s clueless and learned everything on the fly, but don’t let him fool you, he’s one of the brightest bulbs in the bunch.

As Zach says, “If you’re in real estate, you’re in a face-facing business. This means your face, your voice, your personality are the most important things to implement when building out your brand!”

Ask yourself, how much value are you bringing in exchange for someone’s time and money?

Because when a potential client is scouting you out online they are thinking to themselves, Do I like this person? Do they have personality? Are there any commonalities between us?

One of the BIGGEST issues in real estate is...

We want all the value but don’t want to give any back in return.

When it comes to video, there’s no short cuts. It’s a 2 to 3 year game. “Remember, it’s what people think, feel and say when they see, hear or think about you.”

So think of video as a way to build trust and rapport before you meet someone or ask for their business. 

So how exactly do you get the sales wall to come down? 

“People, you NEED to make your audience thirsty!”

Think of this acronym > T H I R S T

T - itle of your video has to capture attention of your desired audience

H - ook them in and give the answers first - tell the audience what are you will be saying first

I -  nterest = what stops the scroll? Your ideal client is like you. Why did you stop scrolling when you were watching a video? Why did you watch it? Start there. But whatever you do, don’t use click bait, meaning create a title and hook with nothing to back it. That’s bad news. Give good value, give people a reason to watch you. And you better have what your title offers.

R - estart by giving the beginning of a story but then end before the punchline in the preview. Remember…watch time is the #1 variable if something will get more views.

S - torytelling is #1 skill that everyone needs. If you can create an emotional response you can create a win. Reference realtor Glenda Baker for an excellent example.

T - arget is achieved by bringing your audience value…you don’t have to monetize after every single video. Remember, no matter what changes in social media & video, the skill always remains. At the end of the day, quantity leads to quality - when it comes to video

Audience questions:

  1. WHO IS YOUR COACH? Jason Pantana is his coach & has helped Zach to embrace that being different makes all the difference in your approach to business.
  2. WHAT ELSE SHOULD I BE DOING? If nobody else is doing it, put an ad in the newspaper. Remember, we are all day-trading people’s attention
  3. WHAT VIDEO SHOULD EVERY REALTOR MAKE? Every realtor should make a video telling people who you are. Show your personality!!!

Workshop #2 - Taya Dicarlo, Compass | Taya Dicarlo Group

Remember…everyone starts with zero followers.

Think about why you are on social media - you’re there to play. If you just sit on the bench, people won’t play with you.

The biggest excuses people make to not do a video

  • I don’t know what to create
  • I hate the way I look or sound
  • People are going to talk badly about me
  • I feel inauthentic
  • I can’t afford video
  • Can’t someone else do it for me?
  • I’m too busy to create video
  • I’ve tried and it doesn’t work for me

Bottom line, you NEED to invest in video. When you pay for someone to capture and produce your video, you’re investing in yourself and your business.

Taya shares how within the last 90 days you can experience off the charts growth.

Here’s her formula:

1) Double down your financial investment in video

2) Stay consistent

3) If someone doesn’t like you and gossips about you, they are not your people, so who cares! These videos will draw in your people and will lead to your come list me calls

4) Practice builds up your confidence

5) Find something to talk about that let’s your light shine - it attracts people!

6) Get over your fear of spending money - Don’t have a scarcity mindset

7) Focus on your strengths and delegate the rest to others

8) Just because you can doesn’t mean that you should

9) Be bold and share what’s on your mind

10) Authenticity 

According to Taya, one video a week for 6 months - makes a huge impact on your business. When she does a shoot with her videographer she films 4 full-lengths for her monthly content and 14 shorts for her weekly content.

The only thing standing in your way is YOU!

One day a month you need to map out and write your content plan for your videos.

Types of video you can do:

  • 1-3 minutes or less videos per week (Use your brand colors)
  • Agent guided video tour
  • Sizzle reel - 30 seconds or less (Run as an ad for your videos)
  • Mix up the pro content with the self made content

Workshop #3 - Katie Day, MOVEMETOTX

All-star tips from Katie Day:

Pick one thing and do it well, and then move onto the next thing!

Keep in mind that short form is killing it and algorithms will continue to change.

Hire someone to edit & cut up your videos for micro-content.

View social media as your business card:

1) Provide consistent stories

2) Consistently ask questions, respond and follow up with more communication

3) Always tag other people and businesses

4) Focus on personal hobbies and passions

5) Consider doing community spotlights

Workshop #4 - Giselle Ugarte

This verified TikTok sensation knows a thing or two about how to make your content go viral.

Write down all the tasks you need help with before you hire a videographer, so you can figure out if that is who you really need. Maybe it’s an editor you need instead.

What’s an [ior]? Identifying opportunities and relationships
What’s another version of [ior]? Intentional objectives and resonance 

Always ask yourself, is it clear who you are talking to?

When recording a video or doing a social post, when is the last time you used the word you? 

REMEMBER - speak to one person (stop saying you all - y’all - everybody)

Instead say, I'm going to tell you...Avoid saying “I”.

When you make a video, don’t make it of a house or a price tag, make it like a FaceTime phone call to someone you care about. Show your face. Introduce yourself.

Don’t add a question mark at the end of your name/title. Own it!

REMEMBER - Start and end with your name always!


Tell a story about when something didn’t go your way

What did you learn?

How did you grow?

How did it impact you?

Don’t use zoom backgrounds, it makes the viewer feel like, “what are you hiding back there?”

Magic formula to earn audience trust…“I trust you if I can see your world is falling apart just like mine.”


The best thank you can give any of the speakers is to show how you implemented the advice they’ve shared. That is even greater than giving props online.

REMEMBER > You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with…keep that in mind ALWAYS!

Workshop #5 - Neel Dhingra

Neel covered: Topics > Delivery > Distribution

Bottom of the funnel is where all the money is right now.

So you need to find an efficient way to speak to the top of the funnel so that when they are ready to buy they think of you.

Good video = relevant, structured and you speak intelligently.

Set up Google Alerts about changes in algorithms, updates to social media, real estate changes etc.

The best content is content that shows your expertise.

Topic ideas:

List the questions you get most often and then those questions with your answers are your topics for video.
Problem solving, relevant news, success stories, search YouTube for videos, answer the public, top publications, Google trends and Buzzfeed.

Other ideas:

What does ‘x’ dollars get you in this city?

How much is the payment?

Info-tainment (how to do x)

Always start with a hook!!!

Make something boring sound not boring!

'Did you know' videos

'Here’s how you can' videos

Delivery: Keep in mind that the title and thumbnail is all that matters to get the click, but once they click, then the video quality MUST follow suit!

Distribution: Be sure to promote the links to your YouTube


Hire a photographer to take a bunch of photos that you can use for your thumbnails for your videos.

Emailing out your video to your database gets you more views on your videos!!!. Email is best use of video.

Use Canva to create your thumbnail and add a play button on top of it. Hyperlink your video so that when the reader clicks on the video it opens up to your YouTube!

The landing page you send clients to make sure it says what you would say when someone first calls you for an appointment or introduction.

Your videos are your digital handshake - it shows you know what you’re talking about and you’re an authentic human!

Link your videos to your Calendly to streamline your appointment booking process.

When doing Zoom calls (up your platform - lighting / background etc.)

On Instagram - create Reels (do it do it)

Recruitment - highlight the right way and a wrong way of doing things

Show what you’re doing - people actually care!

Highlight what you do and how you bring value.

Instead of saying how cool it is to work with you or use your product, just show them!

The most important thing to remember about your content is Do They Trust You????

Trust = Sales

Workshop #6 - Tamika Ellsworth

Take advantage of the trends and respond to trending videos. This helps up your views.

The engagement inside your comments is key.

When posting a comment leave something out to help build engagement.

Be sure to respond with your voice or with a video in your dm’s or to a comment. People will never forget you.

Workshop #7 - Tyler Auerbacher, Dippidi

Tyler shared his playbook for social media - A 30 day framework of killer content ideas.

What is a client avatar?

The who - what - when - where - why = How you create your client avatar.

Workshop #8 - Kyle Whissel, Whissel Realty

While there’s certainly value in high production value videos, don’t forget the power of ONE-TO-ONE VIDEOS

These kinds of videos can define the 5 most important minutes of your day.

What kind of One-On-One videos should you shoot?

  1. Me shooting video to you (client)
  2. Shoot videos for birthdays
  3. Shoot video before you meet with someone. Buyers or sellers…whomever.
  4. Always send a video message first before meeting with anyone.

For Listing presentations Kyle recommends HighNote.io

PRO TIP: Clients that won’t respond (as in you call and text and they don’t respond) Have their name shown in the video so they will open it.

Use the app, MAKE IT BIG

Remember: 5 minutes of offense prevents 30 minutes defense - Price reductions are going to be necessary, so getting in front of it will make a huge difference.

If you want to create accountability for the agents in your office on on your team so that they will do what you’re doing…Run a contest in sisu so it’s tracked!

Want to know how a mega-producer Kyle Whissel starts off every new client meeting? "Tell me about yourself" - It’s the first thing he says when he meets someone new. He takes the focus off himself and places the focus on the future client!

Final thoughts

WOW, right?!

So much amazing content from so many different power players within the real estate industry AND many of these folks are also Follow Up Boss users themselves. 💪

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