September 2018 Product Update

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We’re back this month with another round of important updates to the mobile apps, the start of a number of improvements coming for the integrated calling platform, better timeline filtering and a whole lot more!

New Features

Timeline Filters

Screencast 2018-09-07 at 1.45.40 PM.gif

As many long-time users have noticed with Follow Up Boss, if you’ve had a client in there for a long time, you build up a detailed history for that contact – the problem though, is that sometimes the important info you’re looking for can get lost in all those conversations.

To address that, we’ve added more granular timeline filters so you can quickly customize what’s showing on a contact’s timeline, and get right to the key info you need so you can follow up faster.

Call quality indicator and history

When you’re using any kind of VOIP calling service like Skype or Google Voice, your Internet connection plays a huge factor in the call quality. In order to help our customers that are using our integrated calling platform quickly identify and address any issues that come up on the call, we’ll now show an icon that changes color depending on the connection quality. It will be green when all is well, and orange if something starts to go wrong with the connection.


After a call completes, we now also pull a full history of any connection issues that occurred during a call. This is visible by hovering over a new icon from calls on the person screen after the data has been collected, which usually takes 30 seconds to a minute to show up following the end of your call.

This will help you, and us more easily find the source of any issues with a particular call so you can troubleshoot and move forward confidently.



Android app: v2.1.0

Call logging improvements:

  • The call dialog should now appear reliably in the app after making calls from the app.
  • Fixed a bug where the Conversations tab wasn’t refreshing after you logged a call, making it appear as if the call didn’t log.
  • If the app is running, any incoming calls will be tracked as well and can be logged in the app.
  • Fixed an issue where calls could log for the wrong contact. Now, if the number exists for multiple contacts, you can select which contact you actually called

iPhone app: v2.4.0

  • Many fixes and improvements to our calling features (including improved call logging)
  • When you shake your phone, we allow you to report bugs and other feedback, but this was not clear enough to many users, so we’ve added a popup to make this clearer
  • Property Inquiry screen now shows the MLS number
  • Broker filters are now properly reset when logging out (useful for teams that share devices)
  • Fixed bug that prevented lenders from adding contacts in the app
  • Other minor bug fixes

Support single email connected to multiple accounts

We now support having the same email address connected across multiple Follow Up Boss accounts. Previously this could have caused some sync conflicts on one of the account you connected your same email to. With this update, you can continue to receive your important emails and lead notifications no matter how you want to use Follow Up Boss.

Filter Checkbox & Last Communications

The Timeline filter checkboxes weren’t as friendly if you were to toggle them quickly, so we have improved the checkbox to play a little nicer now .

Also, we changed last communication to always show the ‘time ago’ format. Prior to this change, after 3 weeks, we would show the actual date and time down to the second. This isn’t as friendly as most people don’t need that level of detail at first glance.

Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 9.51.50 AM.png

We also increased the font size when adding a CC/BCC email in the email editor.


Shared Inbox & Person Timeline Performance

We improved the performance of the person timeline. This would be most noticeable on leads who have lots of long email communications.

There was an issue when going to edit a shared inbox, it wouldn’t initially load, you’d have to go back and then back into the inbox. This is now fixed.

iPhone app: v2.4.1

Fixed a crash that occurred when an unclaimed lead notification appeared and the user tapped the Ignore button.

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