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Woah, that’s a lot of yellow. And what’s with all those shapes? If you’ve been a part of the Follow Up Boss community for any period of time, things are suddenly looking pretty different.

It’s a big moment in the journey we’re lucky enough to share with thousands of real estate business owners like you, along with hundreds of partners who work every day to support your growth.

Today, we’re introducing the Real Estate Team OS, an open, flexible platform where real estate teams break free from the constraints of traditional CRMs and finally get the power to build their business their way.

The bold new visual identity you see is just a small part of the story. The real story is about big changes in the real estate industry, and the failure of traditional, all-in-one CRMs to keep up with the businesses you’re creating.

📈 Your massive opportunity

When you think about it, we’ve been through a lot together. 

When Follow Up Boss was founded in 2011, the real estate industry was in the early stages of a big change. Internet use was up 50% from a decade before. Smartphones and social media were quickly going mainstream. An explosion of real estate tech hit the market. We hit a tipping point: For consumers, the internet was no longer a part of their real estate transaction–it became the center of it.

Animated image of Steve Jobs unveiling the iPhone in 2007.
A big moment for real estate

And for ambitious real estate professionals, this created a massive opportunity. 

You could suddenly buy endless leads, place ads in minutes and build influence on social media, all right from your laptop. The old limits no longer applied, and dominating your neighborhood, your market, even the next market over–it all became possible. 

But there were a couple of problems. First: What do you do with all those leads? How do you keep them organized, follow up fast, and increase conversion so you can maximize your ROI? What if there’s a new lead source you want to try? Will it plug in seamlessly?

We made it easy for you to collect leads from any source, respond quickly and keep them organized as you nurtured them from lead to close. Congratulations, you’re a top producer, closing deals left and right. 

Now you encounter the second problem: No matter how hard you’re willing to work, you only have so many hours in a day. You have plenty of leads, but not enough time to close them, even with well-oiled systems. 

Or, maybe you went crazy and decided to go from a one-man show to a team of 1000+ closing billions in transactions every year. Just kidding, we can’t all be Robert Slack 😉

We've been with Robert since the early days of his business (and ours)

Again, Follow Up Boss was there. Because so many of you have gone on to create teams, we built the features you told us your teams needed to run smoothly and maximize production. Evolving alongside the teams that you built has made teams a part of our DNA. 

That’s how we see things: You’re not just another real estate agent–you’re the leader of a growing business–and you need to build systems that deliver consistent, repeatable results. Follow Up Boss isn’t just another CRM, it’s the hub of your systems, a partner that understands teams and supports you as you scale up. 

Follow Up Boss is the Real Estate Team OS.

Your business, your way

The all-in-one platforms that have dominated the real estate industry weren’t designed for today’s teams. Because a great team doesn't just happen. You have to design it, experiment with it, and evolve it to get an advantage over your competitors.

Customize FUB for your business

That’s what the Real Estate Team OS is all about. It’s what we’ve been building for years, growing and learning alongside the teams you’ve created. We’ve just never had a name for it until now. 

Unlike all-in-ones, the Team OS is an open platform where you choose the best tools for every job, from lead gen to website platforms to transaction management. Then you decide how they all work together, and switch any part out when your needs change. Instead of locking you into one way of doing things, Follow Up Boss makes it easy to run your business your way. 

And because teams are in our DNA, we’ve been able to design FUB so it works right out of the box for most teams. It’s dead simple to get set up and endlessly customizable when you feel like getting under the hood, so whether you’re building a team of 5 or 500, Follow Up Boss has you covered.  

Finally, the agent experience is simple, intuitive and designed to make every agent’s day more productive. Agents often have a love-hate (or even hate-hate) relationship with CRMs, and team leads struggle to get everyone to actually use them. Not with Follow Up Boss–agents quickly see how it impacts their commission checks, and they’re thrilled to use it.

Agent commissions grow

So there you have it: Follow Up Boss isn’t just a CRM, it’s an open, flexible platform that fits how you want to work–an operating system (OS). And because we evolved alongside the explosion of teams in the past decade, we know more than anyone about how to serve them. We’re doubling down on what makes us unique.   

That’s why Follow Up Boss is the Real Estate Team OS.

I don’t run a team. Is Follow Up Boss still for me?

If you’re one of the thousands of individual agents using Follow Up Boss, we’re looking forward to continuing to earn your business every month. You’ve already figured out that the features we develop for teams can give single agents huge leverage, too, so your FUB experience is going to keep getting better and better.  

This is really a choice to focus on anyone who wants to build a serious real estate business. That’s what sets Follow Up Boss customers–solo agents and teams alike–apart from the average real estate agent.

FUB is for all builders

Plus, many solo agents who start on Follow Up Boss go on to start teams, whether that was their original plan or not. If you’re even considering starting a team in the future, we invite you to build on the OS that will grow with you seamlessly, whenever you decide to make the leap. 

Or maybe, you have a different idea of what a “durable, scalable real estate business” could be. Even if you wanted to stay solo for the long run, what if you could automate away a lot of the daily grind and earn the same income with less hours, or earn more by experimenting with new lead sources and marketing tools? The Real Estate Team OS will serve you well.

This is all to say: Follow Up Boss is all about making it possible for top performing agents to build the business of their dreams–whatever that looks like. It usually looks like a team, so we’re leaning into that word. But if you have big goals as a single agent, you’ve got a place here, too.

Balance work and life with automation

Why do this now?

When people ask me how Follow Up Boss has grown, I tell them that it’s pretty simple: We talk to our customers (a lot), listen to what they need, and invest heavily in product so we can build more of those things. Then, we support them whenever they need help. Turns out, when software actually works for people, and they feel heard by the company that makes it, they tell other people about it. 

All of these things are the ingredients for an amazing brand–the kind that has absolutely raving fans. Those of us fortunate enough to work here, who get to talk to all of you every day, we know we’re onto something special.

FUB team 2023

The only problem? We’ve never quite figured out, beyond the way-too-simple, “build great software and treat people right” story, how to say why Follow Up Boss is different. Our customers know how to talk about us, but we’ve never been very good at talking about ourselves. We’ve never had brand guidelines. No one can even find the original source file for our logo.

Twelve years in, with over 98,000 of you inviting us to be a part of your journeys, it’s time for us to level up our brand. Getting our whole team speaking one language about why we’re here and how we deliver value for our customers will reduce confusion, improve decision making and allow us to move faster

FUB has always had a great brand lurking beneath the surface. Unleashing it is going to help us do more for you.

What our new visual identity does

So, about those colors and shapes. This evolution of the Follow Up Boss brand has always been, at its core, about defining our brand identity: Understanding the history we share with our customers, clarifying how we can best serve them in the future, and finding the right tools to tell that story. Visual identity–how a brand looks–is one of those tools.

In designing the new look for Follow Up Boss, we had a few simple goals:

Bring out our true personality

If you’ve ever been to a Follow Up Boss event or spent time with our team, you know what we’re like. We want to win, and we win by working relentlessly to deliver for our customers. At the same time, we’re also pretty down to earth and easy to hang with. We wanted our brand to look like that.

FUB company retreat

Capture energy and excitement

The Follow Up Boss community has an amazing energy. Our team is genuinely excited to come to work every day and there’s a palpable feeling that we’re working at a place that’s not afraid to think big. Similarly, our customers are a diverse, dynamic and ambitious group, fearlessly building the next generation of real estate businesses, and supporting each other in their efforts. This is an exciting place to be, and our brand should express that excitement.

Be different

Software companies are often held up as monuments to innovation, but we’re not immune to groupthink. If you compared the old Follow Up Boss website to a bunch of other software websites, they’d all look quite similar. And that doesn’t do justice to everything we stand for: The customers we serve, the unique approach we’ve taken to building a company and the community we’re so fortunate to be a part of. It’s time to look different.

New design vs everyone else

So while we wanted to draw a clear connection to our history and respect the bonds we’ve built with our customers over 12 years, we felt the moment also called for a bold leap forward. 

We hope you love how it turned out.

What’s next

Defining our brand identity isn’t the end of our work—it’s the beginning. 

The truly exciting opportunity in all of this is to level up the entire Follow Up Boss customer experience. That means our app itself, along with how we do support and how we build the FUB community. The Team OS isn’t just an idea, it’s a functional tool to help us make the thousands of decisions any company has to make about what to do–and not do–to serve its customers.

In the coming months, we’ll release new and updated features that are squarely focused on making teams more productive (and that ambitious solo agents will love, too). You’ll see the FUB community expand in new ways. We’ll re-launch About those colors and shapes… so there’s a central hub for education and training about FUB, team building and everything else you need to build a thriving real estate business.

FUBCON will be back after an incredible experience in 2022. And this year, we’re putting extra thought into having high-impact content not only for team leads, but agents on teams and independent agents as well. Expect some big product announcements from the main stage, too.  

You’ll also see  our integrations get even stronger, so you can do even more with FUB. That means both improving the ones we have and actively developing new ones. 

If you’re building a real estate tech product, we invite you to build it on FUB and plug into our community of 98,000 top-producing agents. Learn how → 

If you’re building a real estate tech product, we invite you to build it on FUB and plug into our community of 98,000 top-producing agents. Learn how →

Beyond that, the sky’s the limit. The beauty of the Real Estate Team OS is that it’s flexible and designed to evolve alongside your business, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do. We can’t wait to see where it takes all of us. 

Your support over the last 12 years has been an incredible gift to me, my co-founder Tom, and everyone who’s contributed to FUB along the way. Your passion for the businesses you’re building is what drives us to keep building ours. Thanks for being a part of our journey, and for making us part of yours.

Thanks from all of us!

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