Follow Up Boss vs. BoomTown

Choose proven reliability with FUB: Expert migration, swift onboarding, unrivaled 99.5% uptime.

10 reasons why FUB is the clear choice
Follow Up Boss is the dependable alternative to BoomTown that’s trusted by more top producers
Follow Up Boss
Flexible platform
Highly customizable to your business needs
Make your CRM fit the way your business works, not the other way around
10x more integrations
No one offers more ways to connect your favorite lead sources, website platforms and marketing tools (over 250 total)
10x more integrations (250+ and counting)
All your data in one place
Sync data from your other tools so you can work from one system
Supremely competent 7-day a week phone and email support
Modern & intuitive design
Make every agent’s day faster and more productive
Built-in real estate phone system
Weekly product updates
Never get left behind when technology changes
Sync data from lead sources & IDX websites
Easy to use
Train agents in hours, not weeks
Modern & intuitive design
Built-in phone system
Dial faster, log calls automatically and access recordings easily
Weekly product updates
Transparent pricing, no contracts
No billing surprises, cancel anytime
Train agents in hours, not weeks
Support you’ll love
Get help 7 days a week via phone or email
Transparent pricing, no contracts
Community of top producers
Network in our private Facebook community and exclusive events
Largest community of top producers
Industry Leaders

Choose Follow Up Boss

"67 appointments booked this month here in South Florida. I'm in love with how easy, advanced, and insightful Follow Up Boss has made my life and the life of those on my team. Thank you for making such a polished and clean platform for growth."
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Albert Vasquez
AV Home Experts
"I honestly think that if an agent can actually turn off their phone and work their Follow Up Boss for two to three hours a day consistently, they'll achieve massive success. Massive."
"We've been using Follow Up Boss now for five years. It has brought us from a single agent to a team doing over a hundred transactions and over $55 million in business every year. It's an essential tool for our business that's helped us grow and scale to who we are today."
Testimonial Authors Image
Jeff & Renee Funk
The Funk Collection
"One thing that I really love about Follow Up Boss, as opposed to some other systems, is the simplicity of it. I can tell you from using all of the other platforms we've used over the years, it's really complicated for the agent."
"Follow Up Boss has been a game-changer for us in terms of accountability. It makes it easy for us to help our agents, provides extra added consistent value for our clients — and it has made our agents more productive and put more money in their pockets."
"We've been with Follow Up Boss for 10 years. The reasons we came to Follow Up Boss then are the same reasons why we stay. Amazing customer service, continually innovating, API integrations with so many partners."
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Anthony Malafronte
My Tampa Agent
“What a breath of fresh air! Coming from another CRM that I thought was the was I wrong! FUB is exactly what we needed to have a more simplified yet powerful system that runs super smooth. The reporting is my favorite as well as the support team who helped us to make the transition."
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I recently made the decision to switch my company’s platform from BoomTown to FUB. Our company had almost 70 agents and we had about 8,000 leads in BT. We didn’t know where to start, but Ashley at FUB made this process so easy and so smooth. FUB is really good software. I’m so glad we made the switch.

Jacob Mullins

President & Managing Broker
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"In the past, I would say to new agents that you should be able to get a deal within 6 months.  Now with Follow Up Boss, most are getting something under contract within 6 weeks!"

Debra Beagle

Managing Broker, #1 RE/MAX team in the world
Ashton Real Estate Group
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We started getting to a point where the all-in-one just wasn’t enough. I need to be able to integrate with other systems out there. If there’s a great IDX or texting solution, I want to be able to plug that in. The fact that we can integrate FUB with all these different tech tools was a huge thing for us.

Kyle Whissel

CEO/Team Leader, #1 team in San Diego
Whissel Realty Group

And one more reason…

Features are important, but there’s another reason why an “all-in-one” solution, like Boomtown, is limiting you and your team's growth. Watch the video to learn more.

Switching to Follow Up Boss only takes days, not months

A stress-free switch: Seamlessly transition with Follow Up Boss' migration support.
  • Hands-on training: Get guided tutorials to master the new system fast.
  • Expert assistance: A Follow Up Boss expert will assist with your workflows and automations.
  • Optimized customization: Receive help with tailoring to enhance your unique business processes.
first class service
We’ll help you with all this & more
When you switch to FUB from BoomTown, you get full access to our team who can help you with:
Migrating contacts and data from BoomTown
Syncing your email and calendar
Connecting your lead sources
Connecting other apps and tools you use
Adding your team members
Assigning local phone numbers to your team
Organizing your contacts into Smart Lists
Setting up your team inboxes
Creating lead ponds
Creating custom reports
Installing the FUB Pixel on your website to track activity
Setting lead distribution rules and assignments
expert migration
Make the switch. We’ll make it easy.
No matter what plan you’re on, we’ll pair you with an expert who specializes in moving data from BoomTown. With Pro and Platform plans, you’ll work directly with a FUB success manager who runs point on your team’s setup and training.
Step 2
We import & organize your data from BoomTown
Step 3
We connect your lead sources and integrations

Scaling success with FUB

Whissel Realty Group made the switch to Follow Up Boss, and fast-tracked their growth to become the #1 team in San Diego.

Connect all your apps back to an open system

Unlike BoomTown, with FUB you can choose the right apps that work best for your business, and give them a central home.
  • Stay focused by keeping data and processes in FUB
  • Stop jumping between apps to get things done
  • Swap out different tools and stay on top of trends
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Integrated website

Deeply integrated with your home search site

Follow Up Boss is integrated with a number of best-in-class home search website platforms so you can see all your website activity, and use it to prioritize and target your most engaged prospects from right inside Follow Up Boss
  • Sync multiple websites from many vendors
  • Prioritize by price, saves and views
  • Update searches with one click
Better branding

Emails sent from FUB come from your actual email

Plus, we automatically sync every single email you exchange with your leads and clients, even if you send from the Mail App on your phone or Outlook on your computer
  • Keep your same email workflow
  • Open and click tracking
  • No weird bcc emails
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Non-stop improvements
Experience the power of an Open OS. Unlike restrictive "all-in-one" solutions, our platform delivers non-stop weekly improvements, giving you the flexibility to adapt and evolve with the ever-changing real estate landscape.
Pricing with no surprises
At Follow Up Boss, transparency is at the core of our commitment to you. Our pricing structure is designed to be straightforward ensuring you always know what you're getting and what you're paying for.
Integrated Calling

Make your calls right inside your CRM

Designed with high performance ISAs in mind, with no need for 3rd party dialers or switching systems to make your follow up calls
  • See all lead history when making calls
  • Automated logging and recording
  • Easily send text and emails after each call
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Lead management

Never lose another lead

Most high-performance teams get their leads from more than one spot – that’s why we pull in leads from over 200 different sources, and let you run automated follow ups and distribute them to your team easily, and from one central system
  • Test new lead sources and websites easily
  • Run consistent follow ups for all sources
  • No need to change CRM to try new things
Collaboration Tools

Deliver a cohesive client experience

Your brand and long term results rely on how your team delivers for your clients - our collaboration tools help your team manage and deliver that 5-star experience
  • Set appointments for agents
  • Use @mentions to communicate internally
  • Add collaborators to serve clients together
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10 of the top 15 teams in North America trust FUB


Agents use FUB daily


Customer satisfaction rating


Contracts, hidden fees or surprises

Helpful support

On-call experts available when you need them

With in-depth live and recorded training, and response times averaging 2 hours or less, we take pride in offering amazing support to our customers
Onboarding specialists to make the transition from your current CRM including imports, connecting lead sources and training your team a breeze
Ongoing success management to help with onboarding new agents, and helping your management team drive sales and growth
Over 99.5% uptime historically, 24/7/365 system monitoring, with a team of on-call engineers ready to address any issues.
Phone, text and email support available 7 days a week from our US-based support team
Your entire team has full access to our support team directly so they never have to come to you with tech questions