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Real estate is a rollercoaster — your clients are counting on you to make the ride as smooth as possible.

As a Realtor, it’s your job to stay on top of fast-changing housing markets, while learning new strategies to grow your businesses and be more productive. But with so much to juggle, how do you find time for learning?

Luckily, there’s podcasts.

With the right podcast playlist, you can learn while driving to appointments, having breakfast, shopping for groceries — or any other time your ears are free. But with a podcast for literally everything, this platform can also become a distraction. You need to know which podcasts are truly relevant in order to make your listening investment pay off.

We rounded up the top 19 killer podcasts that tackle the day-to-day struggles of running a productive and profitable real estate business so that you can choose the ones that work for you.

1. The GaryVee Audio Experience


Hosted by: Gary Vaynerchuk

What it’s about: The real struggles of entrepreneurship, business and marketing.

Best quote or episode: A LIVE #AskGaryVee With Ryan Serhant at Agent202

Best review: “Master of Creative Flow. Nothing short of captivating and the definition of magnetism. A new wave is breaking through this industry and Gary allows us to enter into his mindset, which resembles an electrical current of creativity.”

2. Bigger Pockets


Hosted by: Josh Dorkin and Brandon Turner

What it’s about: Off-the-cuff interviews with investors of various backgrounds, niches and experience levels. Gain knowledge and pick up new skills you can apply to grow your real estate business.

Best episode: #108: Building a $350M Real Estate Empire Using the 10x Rule with Grant Cardone

Best review: “The guests are phenomenal and have tons of gems to offer. I started listening to BP podcasts #100 and I can’t keep away from them. I listen to 2-3 podcasts a day while I drive, shop and work around the house. Over a decade ago, I made the big mistake of paying thousands for training then noticed that if you wanted more specific training, then you’d pay for more. They fooled me once and that lead nowhere. Recently, I went to youtube to clear up a term and the first video describing the term was absolutely spot-on. “Hum, let me check out this Bigger Pockets”. I was hooked and I don’t have to pay anything to get valuable data. Thank you, BP!”.

3. Real Estate Rockstars


Hosted by: Pat Hiban

What it’s about: Anything and everything that makes real estate professionals successful. Each episode covers fundamental aspects of the guest’s career including all the real-world successes, failures, tips and tricks.

Best episode: 691 – How to bounce back after real-life crisis put Real Estate on hold with Vicky Noufal

Best review: “Best Podcast for Anyone in Real Estate. With new guests on each show, this is the best podcast for real estate professionals. Need some quick tips on bringing in new clients? You’ll find hundreds here. How about advice on investing in property? Yep, more than enough content to keep you busy for days. Anyway, you get the point — if you’re looking to learn more about real estate from people who are actually in the game and making some serious money, this is the only podcast you need.”

4. Keeping It Real


Hosted by: D.J. Paris

What it’s about: No-holds-barred interviews with Top Chicago realtors. Stories from veteran brokers about how they started, mistakes they’ve made and how to maintain success in the industry.

Best episode: Michael Rosenblum • Happily Ever Always

Best review: “Great show. This show is power packed with the best players in the Real Estate world. Helpful advice that you can put to work right away. Keep up the great work. Thank you.”

5. Unlisted with Brad Inman


Hosted by: Brad Inman

What it’s about: Talks on diverse topics, from how to become a better agent through actionable advice to how to view unpredictable markets all across the world. Brad’s deep understanding of real estate and top industry connections make it well worth your time.

Best episode: StreetEasy’s Alan Lightfeldt on the New York real estate market

6. Agent Caffeine


Hosted by: Kelly Mitchell

What it’s about: Each shares their secret to success in business. You’ll hear first-hand insights on best practices, game-changing attitudes and leadership. “The interviews are meant to stimulate big ideas. They share trends on the horizon in and outside of real estate, changes in tech, and talk about killer strategies and evolutionary practices,” says Kelly.

Best episode: 236 The Business Savant – $20M Man, CEO Real Estate Webmasters

Best review: “Agent Caffeine is hands down one of the best podcasts out there for real estate thought leaders, tech nuggets, and all around fab information for people who truly love what they are doing and share it with the world. I have been exposed to so many great ideas that have turned into real business expanding processes for our team. I do not know what we would do without our weekly dose of Caffeine!”

7. Agent Rise with Neil Mathweg (formerly Onion Juice)


Hosted by: Neil Mathweg

What it’s about: This pod is for any agent who wants to build a business they truly love and make a greater impact without too much stress. Neil teaches you how to stop chasing people and start attracting them.

Best quote or episode: How To Go From Stuck To Real Estate Success – Episode #165

Best review: “Practical, effective Real Estate Marketing. Looking for Marketing that works and doesn’t make you feel like you’re constantly chasing, and hardly winning? Listen to Neil. He’s passionate, he knows his stuff… I’ve been using his 3 leg approach since I’ve gotten in the business – it’s paying off big time. Plus — he’s a down-to-earth guy and he’s quite entertaining!”

8. Real Estate Marketing Dude


Hosted by: Mike Cuevas

What it’s about: Mike’s focused on marketing and growth strategies for your real estate business. He interviews experts about how to successfully apply marketing strategies to see real results for your business.

Best episode: Don’t Be a Realtor, Be a Referral Resource with Erin Bradley

Best review: “I’ve had my license for 6 months and have been social media marketing (Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube) for a few years for other companies. Other podcasts available interview the biggest stars and team leaders, but they don’t really explain how to start out marketing yourself and I love the video ideas. The dude breaks it down and you feel like he’s talking to you. I’m following you in every possible platform. Keep up the good work bro.”

9. Real Estate Uncensored

Hosted by: Greg McDaniel & Matt Johnson

What it’s about: Ever wonder how to blend high-tech and high-touch real estate marketing? It’s totally possible. Greg and Matt give insider tips for how to make 100+ calls per hour, how to use prospecting systems and scripts to sell 500 homes per year, how to run high-tech open houses and more.

Best episode: Real Estate Door-Knocking Mastermind: with John Roehrig : Real Estate Uncensored Episode 008

Best review: “Matt and Greg are phenomenal at what they do, and I am grateful they give of their time to share so much knowledge of the real estate business with all of us. I listen almost anytime I’m driving to their podcasts because I want to learn as much as I possibly can and be taught by some of the best. They also have amazing guests on their show, and some whose names I can remember are Matt Cubbler, Glenn Twiddle, Bernice Ross, Jeff Cohn, Kody Bateman, Gene Volpe, Nick Sakkis, and Ray Wood. There were so many others who I heard and were fantastic, and I can’t wait to keep listening to REU! Thank you, Matt and Greg!”

10. GSD Mode


Hosted by: Joshua Smith

What it’s about: GSD Mode is the #1 Most Downloaded Real Estate Agent Podcast. Combining a healthy dose of business and mindset, Josh and his guests provide incredibly actionable and compelling content, spotlighting the best tactics and insights on how to become the very best version of yourself.

Best quote or episode: Top Realtor Builds EPIC Brokerage & Utilizes FaceBook, interview with Anthony Lamacchia

Best review: “This podcast is a must listen! Joshua Smith takes you inside his world of climbing the entrepreneurial ladder of success. He tells you exactly what he’s doing and gets his top producing guests to do the same. From his bank account numbers to quality time with his wife and kids, this dudes secrets will help you get more out of every area of your life right now. My favorite aspect of the show is the way he asks the same set of closing questions to every guest, uncovering really good tips about reading, personal development, producing, and what’s coming next for the real estate game.”

11. Coach Tom Ferry


Hosted by: Tom Ferry

What it’s about: Lessons from the man himself. Tom is one of real estate’s favorite coaches because of his knack for delivering trusted, highly practical advice agents can immediately apply.

Best episode: 6 Tools to Save Time, Make More Money, Engage Customers, and Grow Your Business!

Best review: “Tom Ferry is the best in the business. Hands down. No question. I have seen them all. I have heard them all. He is the best.”

12. Real Estate Coaching Radio


Hosted by: Tim and Julie Harris

What it’s about: Seriously high-value info from two hard-hitting industry pros. Julie and Tim will give you the strong mindset foundation any agent needs, plus important market insights to stay on top of your real estate business.

Best episode: Real Agent Feedback About Tim & Julie Harris | The Truth That No One Tells You

Best review: “Love the podcast! Very informative and very motivational. As I sit here at the office on a Holiday Weekend doing paperwork and taking duty calls I listen and can envision a grander future in Real Estate with no settling and putting in the hard work. I have done it before and I can do it again!”

13. Keeping it Real – Real Geeks


Hosted by: Jeff Manson

What it’s about: This podcast is the perfect platform to hang out with real estate agents while they kick back and talk openly about how they use tech to sell more homes and boost conversions.

Best episode: How Eric Sold 45 Homes in his First Year

Best review: “Jeff and his guests provide some incredibly compelling and actionable content geared to help you become better, more well-rounded real estate investor and business owner.”

14. The Level Up


Hosted by: Greg Harrelson

What it’s about: Relevant real estate advice on how to grow from agent to entrepreneur. Make listening to this podcast your morning routine and you’ll hear from real agents who share their secrets to success.

Best episode: How to Build a Single-Agent Business Where Clients Come to You w/Ricky Carruth

Best review: “Meaningful conversations. In a world where things happen so fast, it’s nice to be able to listen in on a pod that goes deep into some meaningful topics.”

15. The Brian Buffini Show


Hosted by: Brian Buffini

What it’s about: Since its release, the show has exceeded 3,000,000 downloads in over 160 countries. It’s fair to say it’s fast becoming one of the top business podcasts in the world. Real estate legen Brian Buffini explores the mindset, motivation and methodologies of all things success.

Best episode: Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life #112

Best review: “I am an older Realtor that struggles with so many ailments. All I ever wanted to do was serve people from my heart. But, I have learned that it doesn’t always pay the bills. After finding this podcast, I’ve gained perspective on a whole different level. I could honestly say that the podcast has changed me. To meet Brian would be truly a bucket list Item. I look forward to growing in Grace and in Business as I follow this podcast more. Thank you, thank you!!!”

16. Super Agents Live


Hosted by: Toby Salgado

What it’s about: Toby talks with top-producing real estate agents, who sell properties worth over $50 million per year. The main goal of the show is to help agents boost their business. This podcast is a great way to dive deep into the knowledge of some of the best in the industry and find out what makes them so successful.

Best episode: 312: Go From 20 deals to 100 – Abe Shreve

Best review: “Toby and his guests provide some incredibly compelling and actionable content geared to help you become better, more well-rounded real estate agent. Highly recommend listening and subscribing to Super Agents Live if you want the knowledge and mindsets to close deals like the best of them (and inch closer towards financial freedom as a result)!”

17.  Modern American Realtor – The Wright Brothers


Hosted by: Corey and Casey Wright

What it’s about: The sibling tag team covers everything from what it really takes to be a standout agent to the finer points of growing your business on social media. Learn marketing, technology and business strategies to survive in the current real estate landscape from second generation real estate brokers and online marketing experts.

Best episode: Growing your business on Social media with guest The Broke Agent

Best review: “In the world of real estate, marketing, and real estate marketing – these guys are your modern Lewis and Clark. Navigating the topics far and wide, Modern American Realtor explores the controversy, the character, and even the comedy of modern real estate. Both entertaining and educational these guys totally nailed it, though to be honest, I think most of their information comes from the constantly mentioned, obviously omniscient podcast personnel, Titan. Well done Wright Bros (insert Red Blend from Paso raised in salutation here).”

18. YES Talk


Hosted by: Kevin Ward

What it’s about: No-fluff advice for how to build a real estate business while building an incredible life from Kevin Ward, a top coach committed to personal growth and excellence.

Best episode: YESTalk-116 – How To Grow Your Business Fast – Erin & Russ Downs – Interviews With The Best

Best review: “Kevin’s real estate information is bar none! These podcasts are awesome — tidbits of information that totally apply and are useful in my real estate business. Thank you for your wisdom, energy and coaching!”

19. Real Estate Success Rocks


Hosted by: Patrick Lilly

What it’s about: Success and what does it really mean to be a real estate agent. High-quality lessons from five-star agents covering everything from marketing and selling techniques to professional development and mindset advice.

Best episode: 186 – Personal & Professional Growth with Seth Dailey

Best review: “The content provided by some of our industry’s best Real Estate Professionals in these podcasts is truly topnotch! These are people who don’t have to prove anything to anyone and just want to help others. These are the people really “doing it” unlike so many others out there who are full of fluff. Invest your time by listening to each one and make sure you subscribe so that you know when the latest podcast is released.”

20. The Team Building Podcast with Jeff Cohn

Hosted by: Jeff Cohn

What it’s about: Actionable information, concepts and metrics you need to create a blueprint for your own dominant real estate team.

Best episode: How to Get Rid of Uncertainty in Real Estate w/Kristy Moore

Best review: "I don’t think there’s a single interview I’ve listened to on this channel yet that I haven’t had some sort of takeaway from. Such great brain food to listen to while driving to/from appts and meetings."

Tuning into the right experts at the right time is a great way to stay informed and keep growing. But remember, as with all advice, the real success comes from applying what you’ve learned.

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