Let’s be honest: there is no such thing as a perfect real estate script. Every coach has their own version of that one golden real estate script that will instantly make you millions, but there’s never a guarantee attached to that. 

Why not? Because not every script works for every agent. And because, contrary to what Hollywood would have you believe, not all real estate agents are the same.

And yet, scripts are great for several reasons:

  • They let you quickly learn new sales approaches
  • They boost your confidence with leads
  • They allow you to easily scale your real estate business (especially if you own a team)

So how can you leverage the benefits of real estate scripts without becoming overly scripted?  

The answer is simple: Find stellar scripts and adapt them to your unique process.

But with an avalanche of scripts out there how do you find the ones that work? 

In this article we’ve gathered the most common scenarios that real estate agents experience, and curated a selection of high-performance scripts you and your agents can follow to make sure each and every interaction in the real estate lead lifecycle brings you one step closer to closing the deal.

Real Estate Scripts: The Ultimate List

#1. The Empathy-Driven Real Estate Script for FSBOs

#2. The Catch-all Real Estate Script for Circle Prospecting

#3. The Heavy Sales Real Estate Script

#4. Real Estate Script for Recently Expired Listings

#5. Script for Warming Up Internet Leads

#6. Real Estate Scripts to Score Leads from Open Houses

#7. Real Estate Scripts for Voicemail Messages

#8. Scripts for Getting More Reviews for Your Real Estate Agency

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#1. The Empathy-Driven Real Estate Script for FSBOs

Why would a property owner want to sell on their own? Nine times out of ten, the reason would be... money. Some people just aren't willing to cover an agent's commission.

That’s bad news and good news. Bad news because the owner's stance is usually pretty firm. For some, it’s hard to believe that an agent isn’t just in it for the money—sellers with this mindset tend to be dead-set on protecting their "piece of the pie". 

The good news is, this is the most common stance among all FSBO listings, so if you master your approach to those objections, every FSBO call will feel like an opportunity, rather than a hurdle.

Whatever FSBO script you’re using, your goal is to unveil the real reason why the seller doesn’t want an agent and build off of that.

Of course, many homeowners won’t tell you straight up, “I won’t share my money with you” or “I think all agents are useless”. And if you start talking about money, chances are you’ll just blow up the call.

Good FSBO scripts get you out of this quagmire because they are based on building trust between you and an FSBO seller. They typically involve a series of questions to reveal the owner's true motivation and at the same time, convince them that you actually will save them money or help them make a better deal.

Here’s an example of a killer real estate script for FSBOs:

Hi, I’ve just found this home for sale, and have a few questions about it. Are you the homeowner?


Great! My name is … and I’m working with ____.  The reason I’m calling is that I may have a few potential buyers for this house that were very interested in this area. Would you mind telling me the price you’re asking for this house?


-Cool! Are you cooperating with any real estate agents?


Oh, ok, may I ask you why?

-I just don’t feel like they can help me.

Sure, I understand. Did you have a bad experience in the past?


Trust me, I wouldn't want you to relive that. So for now you’re planning to just do it yourself. Got it. I’m not saying you should hire me now, or something. All I’m going to

do is give you some valuable information to help you get more money for your house. Obviously, you do want as much money in your pocket as possible. Correct?


Ok! So when would be the best time for you to get together with me, and then I’ll share my ideas with you [propose date]

It’s important to empathize with the fact that they had a bad experience with an agent in the past. You need to show them you understand what they went through and are ready to rebuild the trust.

As soon as you reassure them that they won’t lose money working with you, move on to tackling smaller objections and leave some space for a follow-up meeting.

Do you have a central, organized home for your scripts? Here’s how to choose the right real estate CRM for you.

#2. The Catch-all Real Estate Script for Circle Prospecting

Circle prospecting is based on spreading your influence from a known location. You pick up the phone and start calling everyone who lives in the vicinity of your last deal. 

The idea here is that you have both location-specific information that you are willing to share and a formal excuse to call people out of the blue. 

Circle prospecting often bears lots of fruit, including referrals, lead generation, and valuable information that can help you make other sales in the neighborhood. 

However, the challenge is that often you don’t know what the person on the other end is up to: whether they are buying, selling, moving out, or none of the above.

That’s why circle prospecting scripts are so variable. There’s usually lots of improvisation going on and the only parts of your real estate script that you can perfect ahead of time are your opening and closing. 

As Donna Stott, a co-owner and head coach at Your Coaching Matters with over 35 years of real estate sales experience puts it:

“Scripts SHOULD be nothing but Conversation Starters and Enders.  

The juice is in the middle, which cannot be scripted. That’s where you build rapport and connect. 

The beginning of any script needs to create curiosity, and in some cases doubt, that what they believed just MIGHT be a bit off… (read: wrong) and that YOU might have something they want to know more about.“

Only 2% of sales are made on the 1st contact, yet most agents feel “failure” if they don’t convert on the 1st contact. The math simply works against you if that is your mindset. I keep this card my good friend Rose Pagonis sent to me on my desk all the time to remind me.

Instead of looking for a SALE in our script, we need to be looking for an OK to talk to them again. Ending that script with a promise for us to do something for them.“

The beauty of a circle prospecting script is that it can be applied to anything: a recently sold property, an open house, or even an expired listing. 

Here’s an example of a cold calling script after a sale was made in the area of interest.

Hi, my name is ____ , I’m with ____. I am calling you today as “I’ve just sold a house in your area.”

“Thing is,we have some interested buyers left,  and need new listings to sell them; have you, by chance, talked to any of your neighbors who may be interested in selling?” 

“Would you be interested in selling if you knew you could get the best price for your home?” 

This is the exact image Donna carries around with her to help stay in a follow up mindset.

If you proceed with the follow-up meeting with a potential seller in the neighbourhood, consider using this Chocolate Chip Cookie Script that helped Michael Stott, the Co-Owner and Head Coach at YCM.

This delicious script answers a couple tough objections:

  1. Why should I list with you versus another great agent?
  2. What makes you so good?
  3. Why should I list with your company versus another?

When you've narrowed down your answers to those questions, your ready to bite right into the Chocolate Chip Cookie Script.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Script

Thanks so much for meeting with me and showing me your home. 

I don't know which point is going to cause your home to sell but working them all together will make your home sell. For top dollar, in the right time and with the least stress (Use the Active Marketing Plan or your own plan – but something in writing is very helpful) and sell them on one point:

I can explain each point and why I do it so well.  It’s my passion. Let's pretend I’m a great baker and I go into detail as to why my flour is awesome, why my butter is the highest quality, why my sugar is the best, why the vanilla is so important, how the chocolate is delectable, how my oven is truly a marvel and how my baking stone is the perfect tool to cook the cookies correctly.  But what you really want is a delicious chocolate chip cookie not an education into the science of cooking.  

That's what I do. I create delicious real estate transactions.  I’ve closed over XXX homes and will sell yours too!

And I offer 24 hours cancellation

Does that sound like I’m confident I can sell your home?

Still no signature?

Let me show you I am hard closer ...

In order to get your home Sold in the right time; for the Best Price; and with the Least Stress I will:

[List the exact steps you’re going to take to sell the house]

With this exact script Michael was able to sell over 3000 homes throughout his 35+ years career in real estate. Who can anyone ask for more?

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#3. The Heavy Sales Real Estate Script

The real estate industry is tough. It’s no wonder that the majority of agents leave it within the first 5 years of their careers. 

You can work with standard prospecting techniques and scripts, but experienced Realtors know that success comes when you go that extra mile and create opportunities for yourself. 

Sometimes it means being a bit more aggressive in your approach. However, if you go too aggressive chasing a sale, clients will push back twice as hard and you’ll lose business.

Common malpractices that can cost you a client include:

  • Guilt manipulation
  • Insulting
  • Phantom Inventory
  • Empty promises
  • Pushing before they are ready

Our advice? Don't go there.

Instead you can focus on creating a sense of urgency, exclusivity, or an opportunity that your client can use to their advantage.

Remember that if you’re going for aggressive sales, never lose your confidence. The last thing you want is to make your client feel unsure about your actions or intent.

Below is the FOMO, or Fear Of Missing Out script based on the urgency and opportunity that hot-market prospects can be presented with:

Hi, my name is ___________________ with _________________! I was dropping by (calling) to give you a quick update on the real estate market in

_______. ...And to let you know there have been ____ homes that have sold in the last ______ days … I’ve just recently sold a house for your neighbours ___ for _____. ! Do you know them? ( )


Cool! As you know that’s well above the standard market price, but it looks like the market is hot for this season. Have you been thinking of moving out, by the way?

-Not really

Oh, got it. How long have you been living here?

-4 years

And where did you move from?


-If you were to move again, where would you go next?


Awesome. And how soon would you like to do that?

-If the time is less than one month, set up a follow-up meeting and propose time

This is what Larry Kendall, the author of the 2018 Axiom Business Book Award Winner, Ninja Selling and a successful realtor with over 40 years experience in the real estate industry, has to say about it:

“The best scripts are questions that determine the client’s pain or pleasure. You then propose a solution. Your job is solving – not selling. If you are going to make a statement, our favorite is ‘Tell me more about that.'

For clients our goal is to solve not sell and never put them in the position where they feel pressure. For the salespeople we train, our goal is to help them increase their income per hour so they can have a life. Our inspiration comes in changing lives.”

If you want the full 411 on how to outsell the competition, Larry's book is a must-read.

#4. Real Estate Script for Recently Expired Listings

Expired listings indicate that there was some kind of a problem during the sale process. But don’t rush to assign blame and don’t criticize the approach of a previous agent or the owner. Clients are usually emotional at this stage for two reasons:

  • The sale didn’t take off
  • Lots of agents are calling the owner after the expired listing

The goal here is to understand what went wrong with the listing, and especially the client’s stance on it. When you get that down, you can easily more from an emotional to business.

Use non-direct questions such as “What qualities, in your opinion, should the right agent have to effectively represent you?” and “What actions did the previous agent do that you liked?” to obtain information along the way.

To build trust try giving out free information in the form of marketing advice.

Below is a script that Mike Ferry, the founder of one of the leading real estate coaching companies in North America and Europe recommends for cold-calling expired listings:

Hi, I’m looking for _______ ... Hi _______ ... my name is _______ with _______ …

I’m sure you’ve figured out that your home came up on our computer as an expired listing ... and I was calling to see …

 1. When do you plan on interviewing the right agent for the job of selling your home? (Never) Terrific! / Really!

2. If you sold this home ... where would you go next? (LA) That’s exciting! 

3. How soon do you have to be there? (Already) Ouch! 

4. ________ ... what do you think stopped your home from selling? (The agent) Really! 

5. How did you happen to pick the last agent you listed with? (Referral) Great! 

6. What did that agent do ... that you liked best? (Nothing) Ouch! 

7. What do you feel they should have done? (Sold my house) Really! 

8. What will you expect from the next agent you choose? (Sell my house) Terrific! 

9. Have you already chosen an agent to work with? (No) Wonderful! 

10. I would like to apply for the job of selling your home ... are you familiar with the techniques I use to sell homes? (No) You’re Kidding! 

11. What would be the best time to show you ... Monday or Tuesday at ____?

Here’s what Dale Archedkin, the founder of Smart Inside Sales, and a former director of lead generation for a top-5 Keller Williams Realty, has to add:

“The best scripts are mostly composed of questions, with very little telling on the agents part. Agents should understand WHY they are asking questions and which questions are the best to ask.”

“My favorite technique is asking really GREAT questions, and keeping the prospect doing the talking. The more the prospect talks, the more they LIKE YOU, and the MORE likely it is they will DO BUSINESS WITH YOU. The more the agent does the talking, the LESS a prospect likes you and the LESS likely they will do business with you,” he explains.

Source: The Real Estate Trainer

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#5. Script for Warming Up Internet Leads

Following up on internet leads is different from other cold calling tactics because you usually have additional information about the person you’re contacting. For example, you may know what listings attracted their attention, or how much time they spend on the website. 

You have to find ways to use this information. Also remember, that sometimes it’s not about the information itself, but the right time to use it. 

Take it from Barry Jenkins, an award-winning Realtor and CMO at Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Native American Group':

"We receive 30-40 alerts a day that indicate a person has done something significant while on our website. We treat these alerts like new opportunities because we are relying on the fact that we’re talking to the right person at the right time."

Using the following script, Barry and his team noticed an average 15% conversation to appointment ratio:

In your best ‘I don’t make commission I’m just a customer service person’ voice:

“I was going through my files and didn’t see if you ever bought that home you were looking for? I wanted to update the notes..” 

Let your voice trail off and be quiet. 

If the tables are turned and a potential buyer calls you inquiring about a certain property they saw online, your goal is to regain control over the conversation as soon as possible. 

Potential clients will ask you all sorts of questions about the property, and chances are very high that you might not know everything. As soon as you say something along the lines of “I’m not sure”, the conversation pretty much ends.

Our customer success manager Lyndon, after years of working at Zillow with some of the best internet marketers in the business, puts it this way: 

“One of the strongest teams I have ever worked with, and the reason I say strongest is they’re closing online leads at an incredible rate, they told me that they have never once closed on a listing the consumer originally inquired on”.

In our webinar “Conquer The First Phone Call Like A Boss”, Lyndon shares the script he’s using to regain control over the conversation and turn an inquiring person into a customer:

Use these three open-ended questions right away:

When would you like to go to see it?

What else would you like to see?

What interests you about this property?

That way you will always have control over the conversation and can switch the focus from a property to a customer and their needs. 

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#6. Real Estate Scripts to Score Leads from Open Houses

Experienced real estate professionals know that hosting an open house rarely leads to a direct sale, and if you’re using open houses just for that, chances are you’re missing out on a lot. 

Here are just a few actions that highly-productive agents perform during open house hostings:

  • Uncover potential listings in the area
  • Finding potential buyers for other houses
  • Getting new referrals
  • Speed up the closure process by hosting a house that was already bid for
  • Door-to-door prospecting

The list could go on and on. As for your cold calling campaign, an invitation to the open house is a great opener, as demonstrated with the next script that was adapted from Kevin Ward’s bestselling The Book of YES:

Hi, my name is __________________ with ____________________.

 I wanted to drop by and let you know about an Open House Event we are going to be holding for the __________ (Smiths) over on _______________ (address) this _______________ from ______ to ______ (E.g. Sunday from 1 to 4)*… You know where that is? I wanted to invite you to…come by… and…take a look….(mention any special treats or refreshments, etc) ….and also I wanted to find out… 

1. Who do you know that would like to move into our area? ( ) Fantastic! Look forward to seeing you there! 

2. Just out of curiosity…when do you think you might be ready to...make a move? ( ) Wow! 

3. How long have you lived here? (10 yrs) Great! 

4. Where did you move from? ( ) Good For You! 

5. What brought you to this area? ( ) Excellent! 

6. If you were to...move again… where do you think you would go next? ( ) That’s Exciting! 

7. And how soon would you like to do that? ( ) Terrific!! If their time frame is 60 days or less... 

8. It sounds like our next step would be to…set up a time to… get together… and take a look at the best way to make all this happen for you…so you can get to ______________ by ____________. Won’t that be exciting? ( ) Fantastic! 

9. Which would be the best time for us to get together…Monday at 4:15...or Tuesday at 4:15 pm?

Kevin Ward's The Book of Yes is another awesome source of real estate scripts for every situation.

Bonus: How to Ask for Sign-Ins at Open Houses

After organizing an open house, your main responsibility is to capture as many leads as possible during the process. 

In order to maximize your potential consider using these three scripts that we described in detail on our blog. 

Script #1:

“I’d love to keep you in the loop with any updates on this property and let you know when similar ones come on the market. I know it can be hard to stay current in such a hot market.”

Purpose: Give them a reason to sign in by clearly articulating the value of the information they will receive from you in return for sharing their contact information.

Script #2:

“I’m going to be selecting one winner from everyone in attendance today to receive a [prize you’re giving away] and contacting the lucky winner via email, so be sure to sign in so you don’t miss out!”

Purpose: Run a contest to encourage people to leave their contact details, make it fun for them to register, and use it as an easy ice breaker.

Script #3:

“Thank you for coming and I hope you enjoyed your tour! I would be happy to keep you informed on any updates about this property. Also, I met a couple other homeowners in the neighborhood today who are considering listing their home on the market soon. I’d love to stay in touch and make sure you’re the first to know about any new properties before they come onto the market.”

Purpose: Build rapport with the visitor first before asking them to share their contact to stay in touch before they leave.

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#7. Real Estate Scripts for Voicemail Messages

Often your calls will go straight to voicemail and feel like a missed opportunity. 

However, it’s quite the opposite. Consider voicemail as a warm-up that is especially effective when it’s your first contact with the homeowner.

If you leave an engaging voice message your next call will come off as if it’s from someone already familiar to the prospect, rather than a complete stranger.

Don’t give out too much information in your message. The goal is to intrigue the prospect without taking too much of their time. 

The most successful approach usually involves using some additional information about a prospect or their area. 

That way you can tailor your message accordingly, and that’s exactly the way Christina Griffin, one of the top 100 U.S. Agents by the Wall Street Journal in 2009-2015, was able to generate almost 200 returned calls from a simple message to 1200 recipients located within a 2 mile circle around her listing:

“Thank you for calling _____ with the griffin group at _____, we’ve just listed a home in your community ___ if you know anyone looking to move, give us a call.”

 Mitch Ribak, the founder of Inside Sales Agents and a true master of lead conversion, recommends building the script around the way that person would naturally talk.

 “Years ago, in a past life, I opened call centers for companies. The first thing I would do is tear up the scripts they were using and then I tailored each script around their personality and strengths while hitting all the major points I wanted to hit during the call.”

Here's Christina on how this approach completely changed her game:

#8. Scripts for Getting More Reviews for Your Real Estate Agency

Have you ever seen a mixed reviews label? Yeah, now try and remember where. Chances are, you wouldn’t. And that’s exactly what happens with the companies that don’t work on their reviews—no one remembers them.

More and more real estate agencies generate their leads exclusively via the Internet. And the Internet has its own rulebook.

Thankfully, Justin Landis and his Atlanta real estate group shared his valuable tips for getting as many reviews as possible along the entire buying process. 

You can read the full article in you want to learn about the process in detail, and here are some excerpts from it:

  • Deliver your mission to providing the highest possible level of service at the end of the buyer’s consult:

    We want your experience to be 5 star experience so that you are willing to share it in an online review. Even though most of our business is from referrals, so many people go online and look for reviews before they even reach out to us. We want them to see how
    much we care!

  • During the closing process:

    It’s been so great working with you guys! I’m really happy how things worked out and hope you are too. If you remember, when we first met, I told you that we wanted to help you make a wise decision and to earn your future referrals and reviews. Have we done that?

You don’t have to learn the scripts that were featured in this article by heart and then use them for the rest of your life. No script will live for that long. 

However, understanding the underlying principles behind these tactics and why they work is a crucial part of any successful real estate business.

And remember, after you nail that first call and capture your lead, the work has just begun.

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