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Today's real estate buyers don't look for homes, they search for them. If you're lucky, your website is one of the first places they go. 

According to a 2019 report by the NAR Research Group, 44% of home buyers browsed for property online first, while only 6% drove by homes in neighborhoods.

If you want eyes on what your team has to offer, a user-friendly SEO-optimized website is essential. But even the most tech-savvy team leaders may feel overwhelmed by the avalanche of options for building a website. 

We reviewed 7 of the best real estate website builders for teams and broke them down based on price, features, and ease of use.

  1. Placester
  2. Real Geeks
  3. Boomtown!
  4. IDX Broker Home
  5. Style Agent
  6. Pro Website Agents
  7. Intagent

Best Real Estate Website Builders: The Breakdown

The real job of a real estate website builder is to provide a platform for agents to showcase their listings and build brand authority—without becoming a burden on your other business systems and processes.

With this definition in mind, we looked for website builders that offer both landing pages and IDX integration so buyers can easily browse properties and immediately opt-in. 

However, the buck shouldn’t stop there. 

A reliable real estate agent website builder will offer features that complement your team’s overall sales strategy, fit your budget, and improve your customers' real estate experience.

Here are the other criteria we looked at:

  • Landing pages: Property-specific webpages and landing pages that boost lead conversation by displaying target images, information content, and potential lead magnets to capture a specific audience. 
  • IDX connections: IDX integration to get real estate listings from the MLS database straight into your team’s website so you can feature the available listings in your area directly on your website, seamlessly. 
  • Pricing: Creating your team’s brand online can break the bank, so we took pricing into careful consideration. Some platforms require a phone chat to breakdown pricing, so in those instances, we perused 3rd party sites to gain deeper insight into the real cost breakdown. 
  • Ease of use: Your team’s primary goal is to be out making things happen. The last thing you want is for your agents and admin to spend countless hours grappling with your website. All of the site builders we found offer drag-and-drop features or dedicated design teams to supercharge your site, plus solid customer support in case you ever get stuck.
  • Additional features: Some want no frills. Others want all the glitz. We took a look at marketing tools, lead gen features, and more so you can beef up your website your way.

1. Placester

Placester takes the cake when it comes to an all-in-one affordable website builder. The best part? Placester partners with NAR to provide a 25% discount to its members. 


Placester offers an Agent Pro plan and a Broker Pro plan for both NAR and non-NAR members. It provides all the essentials, including web hosting, IDX integration, map search, lead capture, landing pages, home valuation tools, and email marketing tools for up to 2,500 recipients. 

Placester knows mobile, which is how over 67% of people search for homes. 

Broker Pro offers additional agent management tools for up to 10 agents and lead distribution tools. 

For a closer look at the Placester features in action, check out the The Cape House Team website.


NAR Member Agent Pro: $99/month, $99 setup fee; or $1188/year

Non-Member Agent Pro: $125/month, $125 setup fee; or $1500/year

NAR Member Broker Pro: $199/month, $199 setup fee; or $2388/year

Non-Member Broker Pro: $250/month, $250 setup fee; or $3000/year

Ease of Use

Placester offers drag-and-drop features and stores all your content in a library for quick access. Its editor is intuitive, making it easy to navigate for even the most tech-challenged agent. 

Those who need a little extra support will be happy with Placester’s customer service available by phone Monday-Friday from 9-5. You may accessed customer service after hours by submitting an online ticket.

Best for

Placester is a great website builder for small teams and for agents and brokers just starting out. Brokers in need of more robust reporting may feel shorted, and as a team or agency grows, they may outgrow this software.

If you're a Follow Up Boss user looking for more ways to use Placester, check out our support article covering different setup styles.

2. Real Geeks 

Real Geeks steps up your game with Facebook marketing tools and services, plus PPC management. This platform is perfect for teams with an online advertising budget who’d rather spend time with clients than finagling ads and ad spend. 


Real Geeks offers IDX-capable websites with incredible mobile optimization. In addition, you unpack property value tools, email automation, market reports, and SMS auto-responders. The Facebook Marketing Tool accelerates the ad creation process, while the in-house Facebook marketing team assists with ads management and PPC campaigns so you can focus on selling. 

Sims Real Estate Group is crushing it with Real Geeks and has grown exponentially since adopting the platform in 2015. 


After reviewing a 3rd party source, Real Geeks pricing starts at $300/month for a fixed management fee, and the setup fee is around $500. You will need to factor in whatever marketing budget you wish to maintain each month. 

 According to its website, a $400 marketing budget will get users approximately 50 leads. 

Ease of Use

Real Geeks is super friendly on your time budget. You can build a beautiful website quickly due to its easy interface and quality organization within the user’s area. If you’re looking for customer service that provides phone support, you may want to look elsewhere. Real Geeks does offer email support and is reported by some users to be a little slow to respond at times. 

Best for

Some reviews report an outdated interface. Another downside may be the slow customer service response time, and the hefty setup fee may be a bit too much to chew for those just starting out. This is probably the best option for more established teams who will need less ongoing support.

See popular ways of using this integration with Follow Up Boss.

3. Boomtown

Boomtown is a great marketing platform for large teams and growing brokerages. This platform offers bigger, more robust packages for small and large groups of agents. It may seem more costly at first, but if you break it down per agent the pricing is competitive. 


Each Boomtown package includes an IDX-compatible website with agent subdomains, lead generation and ads, lead distribution tools, and marketing automation. More features are offered for larger teams, which may include pipeline management, integration, reporting, and more. 

The Whissel Realty Group of San Diego uses Boomtown as their website builder and CRM.


According to a third party site, Boomtown’s Launch package is $750/ month with a $750 setup fee. The Grow package is $1,500/month with a $1,500 setup fee. Pricing is per customer based on team needs for the Advance Package. 

Boomtown also requires Launch subscribers to pay a monthly fee on pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Online advertising services are available for an add-on fee. 

Ease of Use

Team leaders and brokers love the robust reporting and advanced features of Boomtown!, but there is a learning curve. It's not recommended for new teams or brokers as it takes considerable time to learn how to use this platform and all its features. 

For those willing to invest time and energy on the front end, the payoff is huge as the site becomes easier to use. Boomtown has email and phone support during normal business hours, and a vast library of content to help ease you into the learning process. 

Best for

Boomtown doesn’t offer monthly plans and requires a yearly payment. This may not bode well with those just starting out, and may be a better fit for more established and growing teams. Its large learning curve is more suited for the tech-savvy or those willing to invest the time to learn all the features offered within the system.

Thinking of using Boomtown as your CRM? We put our bias aside to show you how it really stacks up against Follow Up Boss.

4. IDX Broker Home

IDX Broker Home is powered by IDX Broker Platinum and offers both the looks and functionality of a WordPress site with built-in IDX compatibility. Choose from well-designed themes that are mobile-ready and paired with G-suit for all your business essentials. 


IDX Broker Home offers all the features of IDX Broker Platinum, plus a personalized WordPress site with the choice of gorgeous themes. IDX Broker Platinum provides website tools that include MLS compatibility, a mortgage calculator, map search tools, and social media integration. 

Find your favorite customizable WordPress site theme, G-suit set-up, and premium support with full WordPress site management and access to customer service via phone or email. 

IDX Broker offers eye-pleasing sites to showcase your homes. 

If you want to see what a solo agent's website looks like with IDX Broker Home, Larry Tristano's site is a great example.. 


IDX Broker Home has a $500 setup fee and offers three levels of plans. The Agent Plan starts at $150 a month for individual Realtors, the Team Plan starts at $160 per month for small teams, and the Office Plan starts at $190 for larger offices. 

IDX Broker also has smaller priced packages for teams just looking to add an IDX WordPress plugin to their current WordPress site.

Ease of Use

IDX Broker Home is an intuitive WordPress platform and easy to use. Many of the widgets and plugins are customizable, allowing teams to build a beautiful, functional site that will grow with their business. Like other WordPress sites, you can use custom images, logos, and videos to make your brand stand out.  

Best for

IDX Broker Home doesn’t offer a free trial, which can set you back a pretty penny if the software isn’t right for your business. We recommend setting up a tour with their customer service before making your investment. 

Find out how to get more leads on the phone with the IDX Broker and Follow Up Boss integration.

5. Style Agent 

Style Agent is a different type of experience that offers boutique website services for teams and brokers. They provide a hands-on custom service to Realtors without having to spend thousands of dollars on a design and coding team. 


Style Agent doesn’t cut corners when it comes to building a beautiful site. They work with a select amount of real estate agents and teams each year to provide top-notch service. This agency has their own set of custom templates and a team that works with you to customize everything from design and functionality to navigation and images before launching you onto the web. 

Style agent customizes your site to to suit your brand

They also offer flexible IDX options, email and social media integration, and of other customizable features.   


These sites are customized by The Style Agent team and they do not offer a pricing menu on their site. 

Ease of Use

Style Agent does all the heavy lifting, so your biggest job is handing over all the details so their team can get to work. Their 21 day turnaround time has your site up and running in less than a month without the hassle of figuring it all out on your own. 

They also offer excellent customer service during normal business hours, promise to have new pages ready to add to your site in 30 minutes. 

Best for

Style Agent hosts your site on their cloud server and handles all the backend work for you. This may mean you have less flexibility when it comes to updating your site and may have to rely on their staff to create all the changes. This may also put you in a bind if you ever want to switch services or change your site.  

6. Pro Agent Websites

Pro Agent Websites has a lot of bells and whistles without the big price tag. Build a beautiful website with IDX search and other customs features for a single price. No surprise upsells on the backend.  


Pro Agent Websites give you plenty of template options that are mobile responsive and easy to navigate. These sites are IDX search-friendly that integrate well with 3rd party sites like Zillow, Zapier, Facebook, and Trulia.

Choose from dozens of mobile-responsive templates

Pro Agent Websites come with tools like lead capture, listing tools, CRM management, and other marketing tools to boot.


Single agents pay $59.95/month with teams, and brokerages pay $79.95/month. They also offer a Brokers Plus package that allows individual agents to have their own sites for an additional $10 per month. Plus, it offers a 30-day trial, so you can test it out without a huge upfront commitment. 

Ease of Use

Pro Agent Websites have a host of Youtube videos in their education library to assist in setting up and maintaining your website. They also have support via phone and email during normal business hours.

Best for

One significant consideration when choosing Pro Website Agent is whether they work with your local MLS. They have a dropdown menu of MLS regions supported by their platform. If your MLS isn’t on the list, you’re better off looking elsewhere for a real estate website builder.  

#7. Intagent

Intagent captures real estate forward web design on a whole different level. They offer products for single agents, offices, brokers, and even specialty real estate teams that deal with FSBOs and construction management. You can stick with basic websites or integrate features like virtual assistance and CRM. 


Depending on the package, you can build a simple website with easy navigation, beautiful design, unlimited single property websites, lead capture, and IDX search—or you can choose a larger package with more complex features. All sites are mobile friendly and customizable.

A happy Intagent customer proves you don’t have to know web design to build a beautiful, functional site. 

You can also upgrade for different services like SEO, social media marketing, virtual assistance, and full custom design.   


The Design Pro package is just $29.95/month with no setup fee. You can upgrade to a Premium Package for a $795 setup fee and the same monthly price, or get an Executive Package for $300/month or VIP Package for $599/month.   

Ease of Use

Intagent has a variety of different real estate website building options, as well as marketing package upsells. It seems the basic packages are easy to set up, and the upgraded packages leave you in the hands of their highly skilled design and marketing team.  

Best for

Intagent boasts a wide variety of website building options and add-on services. The price ranges are a bit all over the place, and it can be a bit confusing to navigate your way through the decision process on their website.

Which Real Estate Website Builder Is Right for You?

Whether you are a one-Realtor show or a bustling team of real estate Titans, each one of these real estate website builders offers impactful solutions to build, launch, and scale your online presence.

The best part? 

No matter which one you choose, Follow Up Boss can seamlessly integrate with your website's backend so you can generate and convert more leads, with fewer tech headaches. 

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