The 7 best real estate website builders and marketing platforms

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Today's real estate buyers and sellers don't haphazardly look for agents — they roll up their sleeves and search for them. And your real estate website is one of the first places they’ll go.

A great real estate website doesn’t happen by accident. Like a duck on the water, there’s a whole lot going on beneath the surface — search engine optimization, design and coding, customer service features, device compatibility and more. 

Honestly, it takes a village — or at least a high-impact real estate website builder — to bring it all together seamlessly.

And if you’re building your business to grow, you also need to make sure your website will play nicely with your other systems, including the right CRM and lead provider integrations based on the tools you choose to use.

Today we’re breaking down seven of the best real estate website builders (in no particular order) that integrate seamlessly with other tech tools and systems, examining each one’s features, price and ease of use.

The best real estate website builders

  • Ylopo
  • Agent Fire
  • Union Street Media
  • Luxury Presence
  • Real Geeks
  • Sierra Interactive
  • Placester

The best real estate website builders for better branding and conversions

The primary job of a real estate website builder is to provide a platform for agents to showcase their listings and build brand authority with ease. 

With this definition in mind, we looked for website builders that offer both landing pages and IDX integration so buyers can easily browse properties and immediately opt-in. 

Here are the rest of the real estate website builder criteria we used:

  • Landing pages: Property-specific webpages and landing pages that boost lead engagement and conversion by displaying target images, information content and potential lead magnets to capture a specific audience. 
  • IDX connections: IDX integration to automatically pull listings from the MLS database straight into your team’s website so you can seamlessly feature the available listings in your area directly on your website. 
  • Pricing: Creating your brand online can get costly, we took pricing into careful consideration.
  • Ease of use: Your primary goal is to be out making things happen. The last thing you want is for your agents and admin to spend countless hours grappling with your website. All of the site builders we found offer drag-and-drop features or dedicated design teams to supercharge your site, plus solid customer support in case you get stuck.
  • Additional features: Some want no frills. Others want all the glitz. We took a look at marketing tools, lead gen features, and more so you can spruce up your website your way.

In a nutshell, we wanted to pinpoint features that would complement a team’s overall sales strategy, fit most budgets and provide a quality customer experience.

So without further ado, meet our top integration-friendly real estate website builders!

1. Ylopo

Ylopo is a high-tech digital marketing solution with lots of automation going on under the hood, plus an unparalleled Facebook advertising management system.


Ylopo offers a mobile-optimized IDX website with a clean and superb design, but shines best at generating warm leads through smart Facebook advertising and automation.

In other words, the solution allows agents to reduce their cost-per-lead on Facebook to one of the lowest on the market.

Ylopo's Listing Rocket feature automatically creates a Facebook Lead Ad campaign as soon as your listing comes on the market, launching a series of unique ads for every stage of the buying process.

The platform also boasts advanced technology such as a proprietary AI chatbot that engages leads 24/7, a marketing dashboard that works in manual create-your-own digital ad campaigns, and auto-pilot (enlist Ylopo as campaign manager) modes, as well Google Local Service Ads and pay-per-click.

Barry Jenkins’ Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate team knocks it out of the park with the Ylopo platform.


The core Ylopo platform will cost you $295 per month, but if you want to access exclusive features and allow Ylopo to optimize your lead spend budget the price will grow proportionally with your ad budget.

Ease of use

Ylopo’s automation features allow teams to run social media marketing campaigns on autopilot. Additionally, Ylopo really invests in its clients, providing timely support, webinars and platform training, as well as REALTORS® in Residence as advocates that help new users quickly get the hang of the platform.

As far as CRM convenience, Follow Up Boss happens to be Ylopo customers’ CRM of choice. Integrating FUB with Ylopo means having the ability to take leads straight into your CRM and easily filter them through Action Plans. YPriority Alerts will identify hot leads and automatically assign tasks and tags for agents.

Best for

Ylopo is a great website platform for real estate agents that are actively trying to take real action on the latest marketing trends and teams that want to maximize ROI on their ad management budgets with a variety of proven real estate advertising ideas.

It also works great if you want to rapidly expand your stream of quality leads and train new agents to qualify and convert them.

2. AgentFire

AgentFire is a website building and online marketing platform that allows you to create amazing, hyperlocal real estate websites through a wide range of available design customizations.


Using Express Setup, you can create a website within 48 hours, integrating it with your favorite CRM system (we recommend taking these easy steps to integrate AgentFire with Follow Up Boss 😉).

Websites can include unique ClickMaps for the local real estate market, a proprietary automated home valuation system, IDX search, content writing for newsletters and blogs, logo and branding design, and so much more.

Johnette Barham of TTR Sotheby's International Realty takes advantage of AgentFire’s blog publishing tool.


AgentFire’s website builder is entirely customizable. The total monthly investment is dependent upon the features, add-ons and integrations you’re looking to include. In addition to their free website builder option, AgentFire has three main tiers for users seeking timesaving website management support.

Express Setup ($199 setup fee) includes a “2023 Spark Theme,” white glove setup, three hours of customization support and launches in 48 hours.

Semi-Custom Design ($899 setup fee) allows you to work with a dedicated designer with eight hours of customization support. These are more involved builds and launch within two weeks.

Finally, Custom Design ($2,499 setup fee) pairs you with a senior designer, ready to create a customized homepage with 10 interior pages and three revision rounds.

Ease of use

AgentFire offers a drag-and-drop website builder with an intuitive interface. Additional perks cover pay-per-click campaign management and SEO software for improved search rankings.

Best for

The AgentFire website platform is great if you need to quickly build a website in a hyperlocal market that will look good on mobile devices and can grow organically. 

This would be a perfect solution if you want to test a new market without spending too much upfront on website development costs or service fees.

3. Union Street Media

Union Street Media is a digital agency that builds highly customized real estate websites optimized for organic search, user experience and lead conversion.


Union Street Media prioritizes mobile-first designs and organic search with regularly updated listing details pages, in addition to MLS import, Map Search, and branded landing pages.

On top of all that, Union Street Media websites are also optimized for advanced SEO in the real estate space. Union Street Media focuses on 27 ranking factors impacting SEO performance. Special attention to SEO practices helps your website stand out and reach more qualified leads among the plethora of real estate professionals in your area leading to a lower cost per lead. 

Silver Creek Real Estate Group takes advantage of Union Street Media’ Map Search feature, following users throughout Silver Creek’s website.


Union Street Media’s services are customized to meet your needs. You can request a demo via their website to learn more.

Ease of use

Whether you’re a single agent investing in your own website or a brokerage leading hundreds of real estate professionals to success, Union Street Media’s 24/7 help desk is a major advantage.

Union Street Media can also support their website product with a personalized digital marketing strategy. Frequent check-ins will keep your website content current (a big factor in SEO performance) and your marketing strategy relevant.

As a premier lead provider, Union Street Media and FUB integrate with a seamless API, making two-way communication simple.  

Best for

If you favor organic search and are looking for a custom branded solution designed and developed by an expert team, Union Street Media could be your match made in heaven.

4. Luxury Presence

Luxury Presence is a website building and online marketing platform specifically targeted toward boutique real estate agencies who primarily use their websites for high-impact branding.


Apart from a custom website design, the Luxury Presence website builder features a proprietary IDX tool with a split-screen map, multiple MLS feeds, saved searches and multi-field searches. 

Luxury's websites are fully optimized for a mobile experience and can pull data directly from your MLS feed to layer interactive content on top of your listings, creating visually rich listing pages for your website.

Jade Mills Estates utilizes the full power of a Luxury Presence website to drive the sales of high-end listings in the Beverly Hills area.


According to third-party review websites, a Luxury Presence website starts at around $6,000 with service fees of up to $500 dollars monthly.

Additional à la carte services can include copywriting, SEO, and social media management.

Ease of use

Luxury Presence websites are easy to use simply because there aren’t many advanced technical features that need to be configured by the customer.

What’s more, you can maximize your chances of converting leads through easy integration with the Follow Up Boss Dialer. A one-click option from FUB’s desktop or mobile app automatically dials and logs the call. You can even record your call and text conversations for later reference, meaning you won’t have to struggle remembering the minute details that impress discerning luxury clients.

Best for

The name pretty much gives it away. The target audience for the Luxury Presence website builder platform is boutique agencies that operate in a luxury market and value an impeccable visual experience above all else.

5. Real Geeks 

Real Geeks helps you step up your digital game with a thorough MLS search feature, Facebook marketing tools and services, and a dedicated client mobile app. This platform is perfect for teams looking to stay top of mind with prospects and clients across a variety of formats.


Real Geeks offers IDX-capable websites with incredible mobile optimization, property value tools, email automation, market reports and SMS auto-responders. The Facebook Marketing Tool accelerates the ad creation process, while the in-house Facebook marketing team assists with ad management. Agents can also outfit their clients with mobile app access to real-time property updates.

Century 21 The Harrelson Group Inc. uses Real Geeks’ MLS Search feature, keeping prospective buyers from traveling to other websites.


Real Geeks costs $250 per month at signup and $299 per month following that. You’ll also need to factor in whatever marketing budget you wish to maintain.

This investment includes website creation with IDX search, SMS and email nurture.

Ease of use

With Real Geeks, you can build a real estate website quickly with an easy-to-navigate interface. The IDX software is featured prominently on most website theme’s homepages, inviting users to search for properties first, funneling more leads into your pipeline.

As your lead numbers increase, Real Geeks makes it easy to ensure they’re finding their way to the correct agent on your team by working in tandem with Follow Up Boss to optimize lead flow, saving you time while increasing speed to lead.   

From a technical support standpoint, Real Geeks offers phone and email help.

Best for

This is another solid option for established teams who require less support on an ongoing basis.

6. Sierra Interactive

Sierra Interactive is a website building and online marketing platform for creating hyperlocal real estate websites that are optimized for lead generation and organic growth. This website builder also offers Facebook and Google PPC marketing solutions.  


Sierra Interactive provides users with a customizable home search website that includes content management, lead generation, and ad management features. 

In addition to other features like online chat, integrated virtual tours and automatic listing updates, the platform’s websites are optimized for organic traffic. Hyperlocal and community-centric content elevate Sierra Interactive’s sites’ regional SEO presence.

Sierra Interactive’s hyperlocal approach to client websites can be seen in the Communities section of Homes For Sale Team Brokered by Real Broker LLC.


Sierra Interactive currently features a $399.95 per month plan with five users included. Additional users can be added for $100 per user. The initial setup fee ranges from $250-$500, depending on your choice of their Ace Site or Pro Site options. The platform will support up to 25 seller sites.

Ease of use

Sierra Interactive makes it easy to set up and customize your website with pre-made templates that look modern and accessible. It’s also simple for larger firms to create standalone sites for agents, which can incorporate their choice of CMS and lead capturing settings.  

Most Sierra Interactive leads captured through marketing campaigns come via pay-per-click. Many of these leads are in the early stages of homebuying. Follow Up Boss works with Sierra Interactive by capturing data on key lead behaviors, such as frequent listing page visits to help agents identify the best time to reach out.

Best for

The Sierra Interactive platform is a great fit for real estate industry veterans who know exactly how their lead generation funnel works and want to use a quick website system to increase their organic rankings.

Sierra Interactive is a long-term solution that will yield greater returns with time. With a responsive support team and open API, you won’t be locked in to features you don’t pay for as you grow.

Some lead generation features, however, are not fully automated. Additionally, the embedded email system lacks advanced features and can be hard to set up for new users. Depending on your needs, you may want to consider investing in specific email marketing solutions or a more robust real estate CRM to fill this gap. 

7. Placester

Placester is one of the best-known and most affordable website builders. The best part? Placester partners with NAR to provide a significant discount to users. 


Among the standard real estate website components, Placester offers à la carte services for existing websites. Chatbot installation, sold listing modules, broker or agent bios, and even testimonial integration are all on the table.

Placester understands the importance of testimonials from a reputation and SEO perspective and offers their testimonial integration feature for users to bring in testimonials from varying sources.

What’s more, Placester’s partnership with Follow Up Boss gives users an easy to read marketing report for new agents and brokers alike. The report tracks the number of leads coming from paid advertising sources like Google and Facebook, helping users determine each platforms’ marketing ROI.

For a closer look at Placester, check out their website designs.


Placester offers three essential plans: Do It Yourself for agents, which includes their website builder, CRM, and IDX integration, Do It For Me with the added benefit of an experienced website designer handling the site’s creation and content changes, and Do It For Me Content Pro which takes things a step further by working in original content like blog and additional pages, social media posts and reporting, and Google Analytics integration.

  • NAR Member Do It Yourself: $79/month ($95 non-member)
  • NAR Member Do It For Me: $119/month ($143 non-member)
  • NAR Member Do It For Me Content Pro: $319/month ($380 non-member)

Brokers can choose which overall plan is right for their offices, with an additional $25 incurred per agent for access to the Placester Brokerage Management Software (Agent Manager).

Ease of use

Placester offers drag-and-drop features and stores all your content in a library for quick access. Its editor is intuitive, making it easy to navigate for even the most tech-challenged agent. 

Those who need a little extra support will appreciate Placester’s customer service, which is available anytime through their chatbot, service ticket system, or customers can browse their extensive library of searchable Help & Support articles.

Best for

Placester is a great website builder for small teams or agents and brokers just starting out. Brokers in need of robust reporting can upgrade their features and further help their team or agency grow in performance.

Which real estate website builder is right for you?

Your website is the front door of your real estate business — maintaining a welcoming and high-performing first impression is crucial.

Open system website builders like the nine reviewed here allow for easy website creation with all the building blocks needed to keep your brand and business consistently relevant and up to date as client preferences and technology evolve. 

With the powerful combination of the right website and the right integrations, you’ll drive more leads and conversions without constantly having to drop what you’re doing and reinvent the wheel.


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