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We’ve come a long way since the days of sticking a sign in a yard and hoping against blind hope to get a call. But unfortunately, many realtors still take the old-fashioned approach to their landing pages.

We get it. Digital marketing is rife with complexity and jargon. Headlines, images, retargeting pixels…is all this really necessary?

Yes and no.

As with all things online, some elements are more important than others — your ROI depends on how well you prioritize. We reviewed dozens of real estate landing pages to help you avoid the common pitfalls and create real estate landing pages that actually bring in leads.

First, Let’s Talk About What is and Isn’t a Landing Page

A landing page (also known as a squeeze page or lead capture page) is a single web page dedicated to one specific objective: turning passive prospects into live leads.

Remember the famous “reco” scene in Boiler Room? Vin Diesel picks up the phone and closes a skeptical lead without even breaking a sweat.


Your real estate landing page is your digital Vin Diesel. The prospect has found and clicked on your ad — you’ve got their attention. Your landing page needs to come in fast and furious to seal the deal. (See what we did there?)

What’s NOT a Landing Page?

Most real estate agents think a solid home page is all you need to successfully convert leads online. We wish that were true. In reality, the average person sees between 5,000 and 10,000 ads per day and has an attention span of eight seconds.

You’ve got to cut through the noise.

The beauty of a landing page is it lets you hold your prospect’s attention and speak directly to their specific needs.

Put yourself the prospect’s shoes. Directing a lead to your home page after clicking an ad for the ‘home of your dreams’ is the real estate marketing equivalent of giving your girlfriend diamond earrings for your ten-year anniversary — nice and everything, but NOT what she wanted.

Read This BEFORE You Write Your Landing Page

The only way to stand out and grab those leads is to create a landing page that speaks directly to the conversation already happening in your prospect’s head, depending on where they are in their real estate journey.

Eugene Schwartz, author of Breakthrough Advertising and pioneer of conversion-focused marketing, outlined five levels of awareness:

  1. Unaware: Your prospect doesn’t know you from Adam. In fact, they haven’t even identified their pain or your role in curing it.
    Example: A millennial reading a blog post on personal finance sees a real estate ad targeting first time home buyers.
  2. Pain Aware: Your prospect is feeling some pain but isn’t aware that solutions exist for that pain.
    Example: A potential seller needs to relocate quickly and clicks a google ad for a real estate company that buys ‘as is.’
  3. Solution Aware: Your prospect has felt the pain and discovered that solutions exist for it.
    Example: A potential home buyer shops around for top realtors in her area.
  4. Product Aware: The prospect knows your solution is one of the solutions to their pain. Now they just need to be convinced yours is the right one.
    Example: An informed buyer scans your site for testimonials.
  5. Most Aware: Your prospect knows your solution is one of the solutions AND is likely to be the best solution to their pain.
    Example: A high-end referral wants to schedule a showing.

How to Write a Real Estate Landing Page That Captures Leads

Crafting Your Killer Headline

Now that you’ve taken a minute to walk in your prospect’s shoes, it’s time to talk copy.

Top performing content online is at or below ninth-grade reading level. The best-converting real estate landing pages have clear, concise headlines that are easy to read and serve up a ton of value for the prospect.

Keep it simple.

Use clear, easy language. Never include jargon — your landing page isn’t the place for fine print.

This landing page headline from realtor Jonathan Greene gives potential buyers exactly what they want, confirming that they’re in the right place and making it easy for them to click through.

Keep it simple with your landing page

Get deep.

The best landing page headlines address the deep emotional benefit of doing business with you.

This landing page popped up while reading Nerdwallet’s blog post on Millennials and Homebuying: Myths and Reality. Their readers don’t just want to read about home buying, they want to be seen an authority on the topic.

Real Estate Landing Page Example

Face the pain.

Home buying is a major milestone and the fear of making such a large purchase is very real. Tackle it head on and your prospect will know you’re on their side.

Real Estate Landing Page That Converts

Remember: Your initial ad, email or blog needs to tie in seamlessly with your landing page headline. A landing page that doesn’t deliver on what was promised creates a message mismatch with the end result feeling like a digital bait-and-switch. Give your prospect what they want and they’ll return the favor.

What About Supporting Copy?

According to Neil Patel, “If the headline makes the user look, then the subheadline should make them stay. A subhead is part of the one-two punch of a landing page’s power.”

If it doesn’t address a key question, fear or desire, leave it off.

Punch-packing subheads.

Here’s a great example of a landing page with a simple but powerful follow up. The subhead assures the reader this will be fast and easy, and reminds the prospect what’s in it for them. They’ve eliminated all barriers to make signing up a no-brainer.

Real Estate Landing Page Subheadings

Creating a Magnetic Value Prop

Your value proposition spells out in plain language exactly what your prospect gets when they sign up with you. Again, it’s all about what’s in it for them.

Take a look at how Golden Key uses their benefits list to spell out the value leads get in exchange for their contact info.

A good landing page should offer a clear value proposition

The Personal Approach

Top ranked realtor, Paige Martin personalizes her value prop to attract buyers looking to relocate to Houston. She knows exactly who her audience is and how aware they are. This enables her to offer information she knows they want — a move that will put her far ahead of the competition.

Real Estate Personal Landing Page

Testimonials That Say it All

One of the most common mistakes realtors make is linking the landing page to their about page. Personal brand and reputation are crucial in the real estate business, but honestly, even solution aware leads who know your name don’t want to read your mission statement — they want to see what people like them think about you.

Here are a few factors to keep in mind when selecting testimonials for your landing page:

  • Choose the ones that are most relevant to your target audience. Your prospect needs to see herself on the page.
  • Use visuals whenever possible. Pictures and video are a great way to build trust and hold your prospect’s attention.
  • Get specific. Select testimonials that include specific numbers or details that help paint the picture for your reader.

Upnest kills it with a powerful combo of compelling customer video and detailed testimonials to let readers know exactly what to expect.

Testimonial Real Estate Landing Page

A Clickworthy Call To Action

Remember what we said about your real estate landing page being your online deal-closer?

It all comes down to the button.

Here’s the quick and dirty for a clickworthy CTA:

  • Go bold! You want a BIG button in a contrasting color. Make sure it passes the squint test so you know your reader can’t miss it.
  • Get creative. Nobody gets jazzed up to ‘submit’. Make your CTA exciting and persuasive. Remind the reader what’s in it for them.
  • Focus on the ONE next step you want your prospect to take. Never distract the reader with multiple offers or options. Tell them plainly what to do next: Sign Up. Get It Now. Contact Us.

Here’s a beautiful example of a home value estimator landing page that offers killer value to seller leads. (No wonder Bob Lucido’s team ranked #6 in transaction volume in 2016!)

CTA Real Estate Landing Page

As with all things business, successful landing pages are all about putting the client first.

Done right, they can be a low-cost way to bring in TONS of top quality leads.

Done wrong, they’re the black hole in your marketing funnel.

There’s a ton of opportunity for realtors willing to take a creative approach to the real estate landing page, so feel free to color outside the lines and have fun with it. As long as you’re putting your prospect first, you’re sure to win.

What’s your opinion on real estate landing pages? Are you happy or frustrated with your online ROI?

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