Real estate landing pages: 15 examples and why they work

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If you’re spending your hard-earned marketing budget creating real estate landing pages and you’re still not getting the leads you want, there’s a chance you might not be doing it right.

Because unlike real estate websites, which are designed to be all things to all people, realtor landing pages should offer one promise to one type of prospect or customer. This could be a home valuation for potential sellers or a homebuying guide for first-time buyers.

Of course, a landing page conversion isn’t the same as converting a lead to a customer. You’ll still have plenty of work to do once you’ve snagged their contact info.

But with a well-crafted real estate landing page, you’ll know exactly what your prospect is thinking about, how you can best assist them in their real estate journey, and most of all — how to reach them.

Ready to be inspired? We’ve rounded up some of the best examples of real estate landing pages, including a clear breakdown of why they’re awesome, to help you start bringing more leads to the table.

Table of contents

  • What is a real estate landing page?
  • 15 real estate landing page examples to capture more leads
  • Real estate landing pages for sellers
  • Real estate landing pages for buyers
  • Create a real estate landing page that lets prospects know what you’re about
  • Our top picks for the best real estate landing page providers

What is a real estate landing page? And how to create one that’ll actually convert 

A real estate landing page (also called a squeeze page or lead capture page) is designed to give potential clients a valuable resource in exchange for their contact information.

When a real estate lead clicks on a landing page link from an ad, an email, or even a blog post, they’re directed to a single page of content on exactly what they’re looking for — be it finding out how much their home is worth, avoiding common homebuying pitfalls, or anything in between.

Done well, a dedicated real estate landing page gives your prospects exactly what they came for, holding their attention by speaking directly to their specific needs. In return, the lead gives the agent their contact information, allowing them to follow up and convert passive prospects into active leads.

So are you ready to create a high-converting landing page?

Start by thinking back on the conversations you’ve had with prospects and the questions they usually ask:

  • Is this a good time to sell?
  • Which neighborhoods have the best schools?
  • How much home can I afford?
  • What do I need to do to sell my home for top dollar?

Each of these questions (and you can probably come up with dozens more!) reflects a different stage of the homebuying or selling journey. 

15 real estate landing page examples to capture more leads

To create a landing page that gives you the best chances of converting passive traffic into active leads, you’ll want to focus your landing page on where a potential buyer or seller is in their real estate journey. 

The following examples will help get you started.

Real estate landing pages for sellers: It’s not just about home valuations

Long before they reach out for a comparative market analysis, potential sellers understandably have a lot on their minds. 

Sure, they want to get the best price. But they also want to know how much work and expense might be involved in preparing their home for sale, how long the process might take, and much, much more.

These real estate landing page examples put those questions front and center to help you convert more seller leads.

How much is my home worth? 

It might not be the only thing on their minds, but how much the home is worth is definitely one of the first things on most sellers’ minds. 

Landing pages are ideal for this stage in the process because it’s a pretty good bet that someone interested in knowing how much their home is worth has more than a passing interest in selling it. 

Headlines are super important when crafting your real estate landing page, and the first rule of headline writing is to keep it simple.

The second rule? Grab the reader’s attention with a spot-on reference to what your audience is thinking.

Sometimes it only takes one word to make the difference between a headline that’s ‘meh’ and one that’s ‘wow,’ as this HomeLight example shows.

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By simply adding the word “really”, HomeLight taps into a common concern amongst sellers that they might not be getting the best possible price for their home. 

Hook homeowners who are thinking about selling and drive more seller leads into your real estate CRM. The Larson Real Estate team landing page not only promises an estimate of the home’s value, an analysis that tells homeowners how much money selling can actually put in their pocket, but also that the sellers can get MORE with their team.

Use your real estate landing page to attack your prospect’s worry list 

If you’re trying to attract homeowners who are wondering whether selling their home will be worth the effort—and just how much effort it will take, use content that talks about preparing your home for sale, staging it, or any other of the steps involved in selling.

Take a look at how Redfin’s Concierge Service page spells out exactly what it provides to help make the selling process worry-free and seamless. 

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Explain your service 

Sundae is a company that connects sellers with investors who buy homes as-is for cash. 

This landing page combines a headline that gets to the core benefit for sellers, while the body copy carries the weight of communicating rather complex information.

Sundae’s landing page not only communicates what it does, it also explains the types of sellers who would most benefit from an off-market sale. 

Real estate landing pages for buyers: More than home listings

Agents most commonly use landing pages to send listings to prospects, but unlike a website or real estate newsletter, a home search landing page has to go the extra mile to whet a buyer’s appetite if it’s going to generate leads. 

You don’t want to simply connect your website to the IDX and call it a day on a page without saying something that goes to the heart of the reason a buyer is searching.

You’re not selling a house. You’re selling a home.

No matter how large or small their budget, buyers are all looking for a dream home, and the headline on this landing page for Lennar promises just that.

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Lennar adds a five-question quiz to its real estate landing page to collect valuable information on the leads the page pulls in and assess how closely its product matches their needs and interests.

Use your landing page to help the buyer narrow down their choices

This landing page headline from The Goolsby Group keeps it clear, simple and 100% benefit-driven. It promises buyers they’ll not only get listings, they’ll get the info they need to make the right decision.

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Here’s another example of a real estate landing page that connects with buyers’ emotions around a home purchase. In this case, luxury home buyers.

This real estate landing page from Sotheby’s plays to much more than the multi-million-dollar price tag of the homes it’s selling — it gets straight to what a luxury buyer expects from a home. 

Don’t sell dream mansions? No problem. 

Use a shot that reflects the dreamiest home you do sell. But remember that a picture is only worth a thousand words if it’s an amazing real estate photo

The visuals on your landing page are key to drawing the reader in, so this is definitely not the place to cut corners.

Show your real estate prospects that you cover all the bases 

Another common worry amongst buyers is that they’ll miss out on the perfect home.

Here’s a great example of a landing page from that uses a headline and subhead to promise buyers they’ll leave no stone unturned.

Be the guide 

This real estate landing page from Weiniger Realty shines a light on the brokerage, the listings they offer, and 25-year experience in the industry.

Be a neighborhood resource

Top-ranked team, Fres Yes Realty, engages their community through a killer content strategy on their website and email newsletter.

Providing valuable resources to leads builds trust and highlights your agent expertise.

Create a real estate landing page that lets prospects know what you’re about

Real estate landing pages don’t just sell listings, they sell your brand.

This landing page from the Keri Shull Team, a top-producing real estate team in the Metro D.C. area, covers a lot of ground while featuring the team’s primary point of distinction front and center.

The simple Calls to Action help segment buyers from sellers instantly.

Austin Short with Realty Executives is another agent who knows how to get to the heart of what prospects are looking for in a broker. And with a little help from AgentFire, he created a killer real estate landing page.

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The headline “We’ve Got Your Back Every Step of the Way” is a clear promise of what buyers can expect. It offers resources like a market report so visitors can get better acquainted with the agent, and ties it all up with a clear Call to Action.

Use testimonials to give your landing page a competitive edge 

According to the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), the share of home buyers who used the internet to search for a home is at an all-time high of 97%

You can bet that the vast majority of these definitely checked out an agent’s client reviews and testimonials before reaching out.

Wemert Group Realty combines client testimonials with star ratings for maximum impact.

Video testimonials are another great way to feature cred-boosting testimonials.

For example the team at Spyglass Realty uses video testimonials to show potential customers not just that they’re great agents, but why they’re the best choice.

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In their video testimonials, Spyglass customers recount how the team helped them navigate a difficult transaction signaling a sense of trust and expertise to future prospects.

The Spyglass team even has an entire testimonial reel on their YouTube channel!

Don’t forget to add CTAs and sign-up forms to your real estate landing pages

Alright, you’ve got your landing page visitor’s attention and you’ve promised them something they need. Now all you need to do is make it easy for them to take the next step — and we’re not talking about a boring ‘submit’ button.

Your CTA should be as exciting and persuasive as your headlines and body copy.

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By using the phrase, “I’m Ready” for its CTA, real estate powerhouse Corcoran captures all the emotion of getting started on a real estate journey.

Now the only thing left is to make it as easy as possible for your real estate landing page visitors to sign up. 

The key here is to ask as few questions as possible to keep leads from bouncing.

Keep it brief and ask only for the essentials — name, address, email, and phone — so leads can quickly convert. (If you can ask for less than that, even better!)

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Nationwide broker Douglas Elliman asks for just enough to get in touch with sellers.

Remember, if you've created a compelling value proposition with your landing page, there will be plenty of time later on to really get to know your prospect via a value-led follow up sequence or targeted real estate drip email campaigns so that you can learn more about their needs.

Our top picks for the best real estate landing page providers

When you’re ready to create a high-converting landing page to capture more real estate leads, the following providers have got you covered.

Ylopo - smart landing page remarketing

If you’re looking for a fast, mobile-optimized home search experience for your landing pages, Ylopo will get it done.

Their customizable landing pages will gorgeously display your MLS listings and make sure every element of a high-converting landing page is accounted for. But the biggest bonus is that Ylopo also helps with remarketing. With Ylopo, you can start receiving new leads and remarketing to your existing leads right away.

Interested in taking Ylopo’s real estate pages for a spin? Find out how to get started with our deep Follow Up Boss + Ylopo integration.

AgentFire - showstopping real estate landing pages

You’ve seen Austin Short’s awesome landing page above, so you already know that when it comes to powerful imagery and layouts, AgentFire nails it every time. Their real estate websites and landing pages are known for their consistent five-star ratings and jaw-dropping designs.

Did you know that you can use the Follow Up Boss Tracking Pixel to see your lead’s web and marketing activities on your AgentFire website? You can learn all about it here.

Union Street Media - full service marketing and landing pages

The team at Union Street Media is obsessed with quality marketing and with all the tools you need to take your real estate marketing omnichannel, they’ve definitely got some killer landing page templates up their sleeve.

Find out how the Follow Up Boss + Union Street Media integration makes connecting lead data totally seamless.

Placester - endless options for real estate marketing tools

If you’ve been in the real estate game for long, you already know the rockstar team at Placester. With a plethora of experience, digital marketing tools and of course, websites and landing pages, this is one provider you don’t want to miss.

See how the Follow Up Boss + Placester Integration helps you gather better data from your website to engage leads at the right time.

Ready to ace your landing page conversion rates? 

When you introduce yourself to a lead through a landing page, you’ll get more than contact information for your database.

You’ll have invaluable intel on what your lead is thinking and where they are in their real estate journey. And because you’re giving them something they genuinely need, you’ll also get a major leg up on the competition by acing the three cornerstones of conversion — know, like, and trust.

With the added bonus of a smart lead management system like Follow Up Boss, you can group your landing page leads based on their actions and interests, distribute them to your team members based on skill level or zip code, and create targeted follow up sequences to continue delivering awesome value over time.


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