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As a real estate team leader, you are a business owner.

Your name, your personal brand and your individual success all rely on your ability to act with boss-level energy and integrity at every step in the real estate process.

And that’s no easy task when you have hundreds, or even thousands, of leads to juggle. You know the money is right there in your database, but some days knowing where to start just feels impossible.

So, you end up doing what most humans do when faced with too many choices, you fall into shiny object syndrome and start blaming the quality of the leads, jumping around between multiple different lead sources, or pointing fingers at your agents for not following up properly.

Or maybe — and this is the absolute worstyou do nothing.

But the rockstar real estate agents who are consistently raking in the high seven and eight figures never wonder where their next deal is coming from. They focus on building a consistent, bulletproof process, and holding their agents accountable to it.

And they never let their valuable leads slip through the cracks.

Why is an Effective Lead Management Process the Make-or-Break for Real Estate Teams?

A truly efficient lead management process will make your entire real estate business feel lighter, not heavier.

Imagine opening up your laptop and knowing exactly where each agent on your team is with every single contact in your database.

How much more productive could you be if both you AND everyone on your team knew exactly what they needed to do every day to bring in more deals?

How many more deals could you close if you and your agents always knew who to call, email or text next, without ever having to stop and think about it?

A rock-solid lead management system puts your sales strategy on autopilot and helps you know the exact steps to take to close more deals.

Because let’s face it, the email or multiple-CRM method just isn’t efficient.

Many agents try to overcompensate for the holes in their lead management process by spending more money to bring in more leads, but that’s like trying to fix a broken leg with a band-aid — it’s not a strategy you can stand on.

Here’s how to set up a truly efficient — and completely uncomplicated — lead management process in six simple steps.

How to Create an Effective Lead Management Process

Step 1: Get your leads flowing into one central source

Before you do anything else, take a step back and look at your current lead sources.

If you’re like most agents running a team, you’ll have leads coming in from many different places. You need to easily and automatically streamline all your new leads into one central location.

In Follow Up Boss, you can easily import your leads from your Gmail account or favorite lead providers such as Zillow, Trulia and

(Check out our support articles for detailed instructions on how we can connect with over 200 real estate lead sources).


A lead coming in from your website will probably have very different needs than a lead coming in from an MLS site. So why should they get the same follow up?

Organize your leads via lead source or type, e.g., New leads, Website, Past Clients, Zillow, Trulia and, Sellers, Buyers, Renters, etc.

Run customized, automated follow up campaigns for each unique source and add important notes, files and details directly to their profile so you and your agents can have access to all your intel on a lead in one central location.


Step 2: Collaborate with your team

Even the sharpest of lead management tools is useless if the people on your team don’t use it.

Before you do anything else, get your team set up on your system.

We divide users into three core types: Admin, Agent and Lenders.

Admin — This user has access to all users in the database and can control most core functions, such as lead flow.

Agent — Only sees leads that are assigned to them. Agents can’t modify core functions, but they can add their own leads and email templates

Lender — Makes it easy to give your lender all the info on a lead, without having to take precious time out of your day to type out lengthy emails.

Once you’ve added your team, you can immediately automate your lead distribution and get total visibility into how your team is following up with your leads.

You’ll never find yourself having to stop what you’re doing to manually forward another lead again.


Whatever lead management system you use, it’s important to keep it completely isolated from the chaos of your inbox.

Even if you’re pretty good at manually forwarding leads to your team, you can bet that more than a few of those leads are falling through the cracks. How do you know they’re really being followed up on consistently?

Creating a central place to connect your agents work emails also lets you automatically see all their conversations with leads. In Follow Up Boss, even if they do nothing else inside the system, you’ll be able to see with crystal clarity how and when they’re following up with leads.


Another way to save yourself and your team a ton of time is to attach important docs (in any format) directly to a lead’s profile.

Instead of digging through your inbox or jumping back and forth from different folders and CRMs, you can keep everything you need right where you need it.


You can also add important notes and details directly on the profile to make sure your next follow up is helpful and relevant.


Step 3: Automate your lead distribution and follow ups

The best lead management is actually super simple and while there are a ton of ultra sophisticated ways you can segment your leads, we believe a simple, focused process is best.

In Follow Up Boss, you can automatically distribute leads and evenly rotate them to the agents on your team, assign them to an entire group of agents, add your lender in a single click — and instantly follow up with those leads on their behalf.

For example, our portal leads action plans send an instant text to new leads who were viewing a property on a portal site on the agent’s behalf. This text alone will bring in a 50-70% response rate for your agents.


If the lead doesn’t reply, the system will automatically send email follow ups without the agent ever having to think about it. When the lead responds, the follow up will automatically pause so you never risk sending an embarrassing or irrelevant text or email to your leads.

Our buyer engagement leads action plan does the same for leads coming in from your website.


A great lead management process can help you set up automated responses to make sure everyone on your list — no matter where they came from or what their buying timeline is — thinks of your name first when it’s time to buy or sell.

In Follow Up Boss, we use simple action plans preloaded with proven (yet fully customizable) high-conversion scripts ready to send to your leads. Action plans integrate ALL your latest communication with leads, whether that was via phone, text, or email so you never send an awkward or out-of-context follow up message.

Step 4: Make sure no lead ever falls through the cracks

Stellar lead management ensures that you and your team never lose a single lead.

Using smart lists, you and your agents will always know which leads to call, without ever having to waste time on manually updating a spreadsheet.

With a simple Filter feature, you can easily set up a smart list for any type of lead in your database, including active leads, new leads and past clients. You can even set up a customized list just for your ISA.


Once an agent calls a lead on the smart list, that lead will automatically disappear from the list until it’s time to follow up again.

To get started, we recommend one simple smart list for your new leads, then slowly building on and customizing your smart lists to cover all stages of the customer journey, including active and past clients, while adjusting them according to the unique goals and rhythm of your team.

We’ve also got a load of other proven suggestions to help you keep your momentum with active leads. You can check those out here.

Step 5: Get ready for improved tracking and accountability

The same way you need to follow up with your leads to keep them moving forward, you need to follow up with your team.

Using our reporting feature, you can see the high-level overview of your team’s performance in one simple layout.

You’ll get a complete picture of lead count and agent activity on those leads, and can even drill down deeper to figure out who needs a little extra training or coaching.


You can also keep an eye on your team’s chances of conversion by looking at their speed to lead and average number of contact attempts for every new lead you provide.

You’ll be able to see what each member of your team is doing — and whether or not it’s working — so you can do more of the high-impact work that helps your entire team bring in more deals.


You can also use the smart lists to see which leads aren’t receiving follow ups and regularly view your team’s overdue calendar tasks with a simple click.

With a great lead management system, it’s easy for your agents to always know what to do and where to start.

And it’s easy for you, as team leader, to know how to help them and hold them accountable.

Step 6: Maximize your past clients for repeats and referrals

Once you’ve got your new leads on a steady, focused follow up system, it’s time to maximize your past clients.

You can easily import these files straight into Follow Up Boss directly from your current CRM. We have a detailed how-to on that here. And if you don’t get it right the first time, don’t worry. You can always delete and start over.

If you’ve already got your leads grouped into stages, we’ll automatically drop them into the right place within Follow Up Boss. And using our mass actions feature, you can easily move a ton of contacts into the right list.

And as usual, all our default stages can be customized to match the unique lingo of your team.


(When you’re ready to import your past clients, we highly recommend you check out our Import Tool how-to first. This process can get a little tricky but once you’ve done it, you’re ready to roll.)

Managing Your Leads Doesn’t Have to be Complicated

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or insecure about your current lead management process, we get it. For better or worse, real estate is a people business and a lack of service, responsiveness or support has a direct impact on your personal reputation — not to mention your bottom line.

But on the flipside, blow your prospects away with stellar service at every step and your success will automatically skyrocket.

Smart, efficient follow up gives you and your team an easy way deliver a more relevant, personalized experience to every lead on your list — all while making it home on time for dinner with the family.

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