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Texting your real estate leads is one of the best ways to get immediate feedback. People are on their phones all time and texting puts you front and center.

We’ve found that while people may have a voicemails that they need to return, their text messages are almost always answered. In fact, many of the agents we work with see a spike in lead responses when they send a text right after a lead first inquires.

If you’re ready to harness the benefits of real estate texting for your team, we’ve put together some best practices for texting leads, and tracking the effectiveness of your communication.

Texting is About Two-Way Communication

Using Text Messages to Get Feedback

Teams can put entirely too much pressure on, “implementing text message marketing.” Even saying it like that makes it sound complicated! You know how to text already. You text your family, friends, and likely some existing clients.

You’re a master at communication, and that’s what makes you a great Realtor! Take those same savvy skills that you have in person and infuse that into your texting.

Remember, a text should sound like, well, a text. Not a marketing pamphlet.


When texting your leads, remember this golden rule: Would I really read and reply to this myself?

Here are some tips for upping your response rates:

  • Don’t Try to Include Everything In One Text: Escape the mindset that makes you feel that sending this one text is your only bite at the apple. Send something that requires a short reply that encourages back and forth communication.
  • Questions Generate Responses: When initially trying to strike up a conversation, sending a question works well. Most people won’t ignore a question and it gives you a chance to use their answers to persuade them in a targeted direction. “I was curious,%contact_first_name%. What’s your ideal timeframe for selling your home?
  • If You Send a Link, Create Conversation About It: Don’t just text someone a link to your website in hopes that they will visit and get back to you. Make some conversation, e.g. “New homes just hit www.FUBRealEstate.com, have you seen them %contact_first_name%?”
  • Inject a Healthy Dose of Personality: No one wants to feel like they’re communicating with a robot. If it’s more like you to use can’t instead of cannot – do it. If you are a fiend for emojis – use them. People are more likely to remember text messages that stand out, like, “%inquiry_address% has a huuuge backyard and a sunny bay window, making it super friendly! Might be right up your alley, want to see it?”

Everyone Is Busy – The Shorter The Text, The More Likely The Reply

Think about your daily life as a real estate agent, it can be hectic right? The same is true for your leads.

Have you ever received a text, or even an email, that you just had to push aside because you needed to come back and “process” that information? The last thing you want to overwhelm your lead with a lot of wording.

Let’s take a look at an example!

This is Way Too Much for a Text:

Hey, Matthew this is Danielle with Follow Up Boss Real Estate Team here in San Francisco. We have a lot of great homes, and I see you’re looking at 555 Main Street. That’s right in one of my favorite neighborhoods. Ready to see it? Let me remind you that my website has the latest homes and you can search 24 hours a day. www.FUBRealEstate.com.

Danielle Martin

FUB Real Estate


This is Better:

Hey, %contact_first_name%! Since you like %inquiry_address%, would you be interested in seeing more homes like it?

This message works because:

  • It gives them a chance to reply.
  • It’s an easy question.
  • You’re not overloading them with information.

We also recommend nixing the text signature. It can distract from the call to action, which in this case, is to reply so you all can talk about more homes. Plus, they can easily just choose to call the number from which you’re texting.

Their reply can open multiple doors of communication. If they say yes, you can try to setup an appointment, for instance:

“Great! There are 3 homes that are similar, each with their own strengths that you can really get a feel for in person! Would this Saturday work for a quick tour?”

Or, if they’re not ready yet, you can direct them to your website:

“Got it! Not quite a good fit. You can see all the latest homes here:FUBRealEstate.com. I’ll check back in a day or two to see if one of those catches your eye!”

15 Texts You Can Swipe and Use

Initial Responses to a Buyer Lead:

  • Hi %contact_first_name%, re: %inquiry_address%, what’s the best time for me to call? -%agent_first_name%
  • %contact_first_name%, I see you like %inquiry_address%. Awesome! When would you like to see it? %agent_first_name%
  • Hi %contact_first_name%, I see you’re looking to move into the _____ area! What brings you to this part of town? Any questions? – %agent_name%

Initial Responses to a Seller Lead:

  • Just received your home eval request, %contact_first_name%! Is there any other information you would like to share about your home?
  • Thanks for your inquiry, %contact_first_name%! When is a good time to chat about getting your home sold?
  • Hi, %contact_first_name%! Thanks for reaching out! If you could have your home sold by certain date, what would that be?

General Initial Inquiry:

  • Got your message on %source_name%. When is a good time to call you?

Determining Interest:

  • I have a few buyers looking in your area, is your home still available?
  • %contact_first_name%, are you free Wednesday or Thursday evening to take a quick tour of a home I picked out for you?
  • Still debating if it’s a good time to sell? What has you hesitant?
  • Is ____ the only city you’re looking in, or are you open to other areas?
  • I put together a few notes on getting your home sold faster, do you have time to meet and discuss over coffee this week?

Conversation Starters to Gauge Lead Stage:

  • %contact_first_name%, are you still interested in selling your home this season?
  • %contact_first_name%, I see you have your home listed yourself, is there anything that would make you want to work with a Realtor?
  • It’s be a while since we touched base! How are things going, %contact_first_name%?

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Recommendations for Sending Texts at the Right Time

By now we’ve gotten down the “what” to text, now the question is “when?”

Just like how we don’t want texting to feel complicated, or like a marketing project, we don’t want to create a lot of hard and fast rules around timing, but we do have recommendations on what works best.

The Do’s:

  • Text a lead within 5 minutes of them submitting an inquiry on your website. This is an absolute must! If you don’t take anything else from this blog, do this!
  • If you aren’t able to call, send a text message after they’ve had some activity on your website, like favoriting a property.
  • Strive for times where they aren’t busy, like the afternoon.
  • Some stats show Wednesday and Thursday to be the best days for texting.
  • Respond as quickly as possible if the lead has initiated a text to you, even if it’s just to say that you’ll get back to them. Never leave someone hanging as typically tend to expect faster replies to texts than calls or emails.
  • If you’ve already called and left them a voicemail, send a quick text. For example, “%contact_first_name%, looks like we keep missing each other! Still interesting in chatting?”

The Dont’s:

  • Do not repeatedly send messages several days in a row if they haven’t sent a response.
  • Texting is not a replacement for calls. Making multiple attempts to call your leads is still an optimal method for making a connection.

More importantly, you know what type of relationship you have with everyone in your funnel. If you feel that it’s the time to send a relevant text message, then go ahead and shoot them a message!

When Text Messages Aren’t the Right Method

Texting is an excellent method for communicating with your leads, but there are times when it’s not.

  • Do not send broadcasts texts that aren’t explicitly relevant to that lead.
  • Do not promote contests, no matter how legitimate, via text. These include things like your iPad giveaways or holiday promotions.
  • A text isn’t the right method for communicating if an offer fell through, people passed on a house, serious issues that have come up, etc.
  • If you need to send documentation that is binding, keep that out of texting.

How to Text a Lead Automatically

We stated that the most important time to text a lead is within 5 minutes of their lead submission. You’re only one person though, how can you make that happen when you may not be available at that exact time?

Creating an auto text message, partnered with an email drip means you’ll always be covered.

Here’s how:

In Follow Up Boss, you are able to select an automatic action plan to trigger for each of your lead sources:

Set an automatic action plan to trigger for each of your lead sources:

This action plan can contain an auto text that gets fired every time you get a lead from this source! It only takes a couple of minutes to set this up once, then it’s completely hands free.

Auto text real estate leads with Follow Up Boss' CRM

Get a great overview of how Follow Up Boss works here.

Determining Who to Text

In Follow Up Boss, Smartlists help to determine who you need to follow up with most. For instance:

  • All contacts with a birthday coming up in the next 7 days.
  • Sellers who you haven’t communicated with in over 2 weeks.
  • Leads that have never been texted.
  • Hot prospects whose last communication was over 3 days ago.
  • Leads who favorited a property today.
  • And the list goes on!

These ongoing, automatically updated lists will help you to quickly and easily follow up with everyone in your database.

The best part? We include best practices smart lists for you. You don’t even need to set them up!

Real Estate Smart List

How to Text Efficiently

No one wants to rewrite the same texts over and over – it’s a time waster! Text Templates in Follow Up Boss allow you to quickly text your leads in a couple of clicks:

Text Message Template

How to Track Text Communication (Which Agents are Performing Best)

It’s important to keep track of which agents are taking action. Our reporting allows you to see which agents are sending the most texts, and see their overall performance.

Tracking Text Messages CRM

We can even show you which leads haven’t been followed up with, how fast your agents are responding to incoming leads,  and who is closing the most deals!

Our Last Texting Tip? Actually Do It, Making This Happen is Half the Battle!

You don’t need to wait until a monthly strategy meeting with your team to start implementing texting! Simply send your team the link to this article, have them open up Follow Up Boss, and start texting!

Texting your contacts is really that easy.

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