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World-famous novelist Salman Rushdie once said “Those who do not have the power over the story that dominates their lives, the power to retell it, rethink it, deconstruct it, joke about it, and change it as times change, truly are powerless, because they cannot think new thoughts.”

Bottom line: your story matters.

From the tales you tell yourself every day, to the way you engage with prospects, stories have a very real impact on the way we show up in the world. But writing about yourself is notoriously difficult, especially if you’re new to the world of real estate and don’t have any “experience” to speak of.

Here are 14 of the best Realtor bios out there. Each one does an awesome job of standing out in the noisy real estate landscape. And each one is grounded in solid persuasion principles — timeless fundamentals that can be applied to any awesome bio, even if this is your very first year in the game.

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1. Maura Neill, RE/MAX, Atlanta – Have fun with your bio (and business!)


A great bio will give the reader an idea of what it’s like to really work with you. So please, pretty please, have some fun with it!

Maura Neill’s bio is packed with personality. It tells a compelling story about why the reader should see her as a qualified pro and calls out both her personal (second-generation REALTOR®) and educational (graduate of Florida State University and Harvard Negotiation Institute at Harvard Law School) experience without sounding stuffy or dry. Her community roles are mentioned from the completely unpretentious perspective of “this is what I do because I love it.” It’s anything but a lip service statement.

Maura’s bio is a beautiful example of how to seamlessly blend the personal with the professional for a result that’s compellingly human.

Why it works

  • Uses 3rd person voice
  • Tells a story – combines background, credentials and Realtor awards
  • Demonstrates community involvement
  • Makes you want to meet her

Best line: Want an easy conversation starter with Maura? Here are some suggested topics: bacon, shoes, social media, dark beer, karaoke, chocolate…and real estate.

2. Anthony West, John Moffitt & Associates, Kansas City – Show all sides of your personality


Anthony West’s bio is awesome for so many reasons. It ticks the boxes for being both personal and authoritative, and for saying a lot with a little. Between the tidbits about what makes Anthony awesome (things like the values that guide his business, where he went to school and the fact that he’s a native of the area for over 20 years), Anthony uses a mix of a 3rd person voice to tell his professional narrative with personal quotes in 1st person voice to connect with readers on a deeper level.

The text that reads ‘I AM YOUR: ADVISOR’ changes to include the words ‘realtor’, ‘consultant’ and ‘friend’. This not only adds visual interest to the page, it also lets readers know Anthony gets it — being a real estate agent is much more than just one thing.

Why it works

  • Multidimensional – calls out other roles such as entrepreneur, tech enthusiast and athlete
  • Uses a mix of 3rd person and 1st person voice to give it a personal yet professional tone
  • Includes a concise but powerful animation to add visual interest

Best line: “Just as the Real Estate industry evolves to become more innovative and efficient, so do I.”

3. Barry Jenkins, Your Friends in Realty, Virginia Beach – Lead with your values


There’s no shortage of real estate agents out there. Whether your leads stumble upon your bio while doing an online search or browsing Zillow listings, you can bet yours isn’t the first bio they’ve seen. So let prospects know what separates you from the rest.

Barry Jenkins’s bio does a great job of putting that info front and center. From the very first line of his bio, he’s letting readers know he runs his business by The Golden Rule. Every other part of his bio links back to that main message. Not only that, the tone and language makes it sound like Barry was actually having fun when he wrote this!

Psst, want to see how Barry almost doubled his transactions on a 25-hour work week? Check this out!

Why it works

  • Clearly differentiates from other agents
  • Ties everything back to one core value
  • Has an excited and energetic tone

Best line: Barry SINCERELY wants to be, “Your Friend in the Business!”

4. Leslie Woods, Sereno Group, Palo Alto – Know your prospect


If you’re looking to make a move in the Valley, you definitely want a pro.

Reading Leslie’s bio, it’s clear she knows exactly who her buyers are and what they need. By adding the simple words, “Your personal” to her headline, she’s letting the reader know they’ll be getting the kind of bespoke treatment you’d expect from a high-end real estate market. And given the number of people who move to the Valley for professional reasons, we love that her bio illustrates a deeper level of understanding by highlighting her experience in the corporate world. But Leslie’s bio also connects on a personal level by stating her current role as a Menlo Park resident and Peninsula native.

Why it works

  • A compelling headline
  • Matches her experience with that of her prospects
  • Highlights relevant community connections
  • Prospects can see themselves in her bio

Best line: She is communicative, thorough, and detail-oriented — and she’ll be alongside you every step of the way.

5. Preston Guyton, CRG Companies, Myrtle Beach – Showcase your leadership


A couple lines in, and it’s already obvious Preston Guyton’s a guy who’s passionate about customer experience. His bio focuses on the “endless” ways he and his team can serve their clients.

Rather than calling out his education, industry accolades or years of experience, Preston focuses on what’s in it for the reader: exceptional service from A to Z. His bio also mentions that every member on his team thinks the same way. This customer-centric approach has paid off for Preston big time. In fact, the CRG team tripled their conversions and closed over $25 million in sales volume after switching from a traditional “sales” approach to an emphasis on “client care.”

Why it works

  • Differentiates the brand
  • Completely customer-centric
  • Lets readers know they can get everything they need “under one roof”

Best line: Preston Guyton started CRG Companies in 2010 as a Myrtle Beach local with a vision to simplify the custom home process by offering real estate, design, and construction services under one roof.

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6. Matt Laricy, Americorp Real Estate, Chicago – Say a lot with a little


Matt Laricy’s bio is a great example of how to get people excited in just 3 little sentences.

Because let’s face it, sometimes shorter is better. After all, you can’t fit your life story into a Twitter bio. Matt’s bio starts off with the fact that he’s a 3rd generation real estate agent who’s currently running two real estate businesses, instantly building credibility with the reader.

But the other thing that makes Matt’s bio a winner is the fact that he uses three specific, real-life examples that let the reader know exactly how he can help them. By getting specific, he helps paint a visual of what it’d be like to work with him, while doubling down on his position as an authority in real estate.

Why it works

  • Succinct, authoritative and friendly
  • Trusted – the reader feels they’re in a safe pair of hands
  • Gives specific examples of how he can help
  • Great headshot – smart and professional but also warm and friendly

Best line: Matt specializes in all facets of the Real Estate business, whether it be navigating the way for first timers, trying to score that perfect distressed property, or providing help in the luxury market, he knows and has experienced it all.

7. Daniel Toner at Young Agency, New York – Make it simple and effective


If you’re determined not to take the stuffy, buttoned-up approach to your bio but you don’t know where to start, Daniel Toner’s example is perfect.

Daniel’s bio is simple, personal and from the heart. He doesn’t drill down on professional qualifications or boast about his star-studded real estate wins, yet he still comes across as an expert you would definitely trust with a big-ticket home purchase.

Why it works

  • Includes fun facts
  • Clearly explains his connection to the area
  • Highlights status as a native resident and expert

Best line: Daniel purchased his first home in the City of Geneva, where he lives with his fiancé and their dog Harper.

8. Keith Darby at Rise Realty, Miami – Add a personal video


After looking at a ton of Realtor bios, your prospect is going to get burnt out reading about all the credentials, community connections, etc. You’re going to need another way to stand out.

Enter, video. Keith Darby’s bio is a great example of how sharing a proud moment (even if it’s fairly lo-fi!) or personal insight via video can go a long way in building a deeper connection with prospects. Global consumer internet video traffic will make up 80% of all consumer internet traffic by 2019. Video is the language of the internet. Why not speak it in your bio?

Why it works

  • Highlights key achievements
  • Shows his calibre (commercial lease and sales transactions valued over $50 million annually)
  • Uses video!

Best line: At a June, 2017 Miami Marlins baseball game at Marlins Park versus his hometown Chicago Cubs Keith caught this Addison Russell homerun ball over the left field fence and earned himself some exciting 30-seconds of fame with this video clip on ESPN SportsCenter’s Top 10 Plays of the Day.

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9. Patricia “Trish” Ford, Sotheby’s, Skillman NJ – Put social proof front and center


People are always going to trust recommendations from peers over brands, and that includes your personal brand. Trish Ford’s bio is an excellent example of how to use social proof to build a deeper level of trust with prospects.

At the end of an excellent bio, which includes both personal and professional storytelling around her experience and expertise, Trish makes it easy for the reader by offering up three stellar client testimonials.

Why it works

  • Highlights personal and professional experience
  • Includes community connections
  • Provides social proof included upfront

Best line:Trish was a tremendous asset in selling our home. She suggested a strategy that helped us to not only sell our house quickly, but also to get several immediate offers, some of which were over the asking price. We would work again with Trish anytime, and highly recommend her. She’s passionate, diligent, and very responsive.” MP

10. Beth Nordaune, The Enclave Team, Minnesota – List your awards and achievements

We all want to work with people who are the best at what they do.

By keeping the body of her bio focused on her personal and professional background, Beth Nordaune gives her readers the context first before showing them how her experiences got her to where she is today. Plus, for readers who are prone to scanning, there's no faster way to show them you have what it takes than presenting them with a bulleted hit list of your top awards and designations.

Why it works

  • It has a perfect balance of personal and professional info
  • Short bio – key points, succinct
  • Feels like it was written by a real person who just happens to be a rockstar at what they do

Best line: She is thankful for the lifestyle that Rochester provides and looks forward to the day when she can escape the cold months and head for the ocean and sunshine.

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11. The Bomze Team, Compass, New York City – Create a killer team bio


By now, you’ve got some solid inspiration for creating a standout personal bio. But what if you need to create a bio for your entire team?

Here’s a great example of a simple but compelling About page (which in this case, is just a collection of succinct team member bios) from The Bomze Team. This example perfectly illustrates how to prop up every rockstar on your team, without overwhelming the reader. It’s also a stellar way to integrate individual and team values for a super compelling bio that says something big about who you are and why that matters to your prospects.

Why it works

  • Describes the overall benefit of the team
  • Concise one-sentence bio for each team member
  • Highlights impressive position in the market
  • Prioritizes the customer’s needs

Best line: It’s no surprise they’ve consistently ranked among the top 1 percent of agents in the city.

12. Ellen Grubert at Boston Real Estate – Optimize the design and layout of your bio


The first thing you notice about Ellen’s bio is that it’s very easy on the eyes.

The layout is clean, simple and intuitive for the reader. Not only that, there’s a clear place for each element of the bio: photo, summary, contact info and testimonials. And we love the simple yet compelling call to action (CTA), “Work with Ellen Grubert.”

If you’ve gone through the effort of putting together a great bio, it’s important not to overlook the design. Like video, as consumers get more and more fatigued by online searching, a standout design is a key element that can help you grab their attention.

Why it works

  • Great to look at
  • Testimonials from previous clients
  • Highlights experience
  • Feels personal
  • Includes a CTA

Best line: “I have worked with Ellen + Janis twice. Their sense of humor, warmth, responsiveness, and teamwork really helped through the stressful process. “ – Daniel B.

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13. Aaron Kirman, Aaron Kirman Partners, Los Angeles Area – Let your experience do the bragging


Aaron Kirkman knows luxury real estate. But rather than talk about what he knows or where he studied, his bio simply states a few of the big-name deals he’s led (e.g., The Danny Thomas Estate which reportedly sold for $65,000,000, Eddie Goetz Estate sold for $45,000,000, and Lion Gate which sold for $46,250,000, to name a few).

Aaron’s bio uses numbers to great effect, letting high-end prospects know they can trust him with their business, no matter how large or complex a transaction they’re looking to close. But at the same time, it doesn’t hit the reader over the head with it either. It’s a great example of a bio that definitely illustrates value without coming across as pretentious or braggy.

Why it works

  • Showcases expertise
  • Highlights international accolades
  • Lets experience speak for itself

Best line: Aaron currently represents the largest market share of luxury listings in the country with over $1.7 Billion in active Luxury inventory, and with over $500 Million in sales for 2017.

14. Ati Williams, Broker/Owner, DC Home Buzz, Washington DC – Know who you are


Ati Williams knows exactly who she is. Before listing any of her roles, titles or accolades, she tells the reader she’s a philanthropist first and foremost. And every other part of her bio backs that up.

From her accomplishments as a recipient of the Jones New York empowerment grant and her stellar features on HGTV, Forbes, Ladies Who Launch and Real Estate Radio, all her credentials clearly fuel a bigger purpose: serving the community. Ati’s bio is a great example of how simply sitting back and thinking about what’s really important can help your bio write itself.

Why it works

  • Tells a story that’s guided by vision and values
  • Goal focused – the reader trusts she’ll do her best to help you
  • Illustrates role as a dreamer who also makes big things happen

Best line: Ati is passionate about educating buyers and sellers on the real estate process and committed to educating, mentoring and supporting other entrepreneurs.

Realtor Bio Checklist

Now that you have the right inspiration, you’re ready to create a bio that cuts above the rest. Here’s a quick checklist to help make sure your bio has all the standout elements that will have prospects itching to talk to you (and not the agent next door).

Here’s a quick list of core aspects to include:

  • Don’t bombard the reader with long blocks of text
  • Get a professional headshot
  • Use visuals like bullets, photos, animations and video
  • List your achievements
  • Highlight your local knowledge
  • Emphasize what makes you different
  • Include testimonials, reviews and other social proof
  • Write in the 3rd person
  • Quote yourself in one or two key places
  • Add a team bio
  • Stay focused on your values and unique selling point
  • Always include contact info
  • Keep it up-to-date

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