Don’t Fire Your Real Estate Clients: Attract Your Best Leads and Customers With a Systematized Lead Management Process

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Sometimes in real estate, working with bad clients can feel like par for the course. And while certain signs are easy to spot, it can take years to get good at identifying the red flags early on. 

That’s a problem. Because for every minute spent engaging with someone who isn’t the right fit for your business, you miss out on hundreds of opportunities that align perfectly with the way you like to work.

Fortunately, there is a way to automatically attract high quality real estate customers and identify the red flags before you waste your precious time and energy on people you simply don’t want to work with in the long run. 

Today, we’ll show you how to utilize the information in front of you to attract more dream clients and avoid nightmare situations.

Step 1: Log Your Interactions to Spot Red Flags Early

Real estate Facebook groups are filled with stories of clients we wouldn’t wish on our worst enemies. Although every story is different, there’s one thing they typically have in common: 

Red flags right from the very beginning.

Unrealistic expectations, trust issues, ghosting… the list goes on. Yet no matter how many red flags come into our sightline, many agents continue to build the relationship in the hope that if they put in a little more effort, things will turn for the good.

More often than not, they don’t. Fast forward a few weeks, and you’re kicking yourself for not following your gut. Because the problem isn’t that we don’t see warning signs, it’s that we don’t see them often enough. This is where logging detailed notes on every prospect in your database can be a total game changer.

By logging every interaction with your clients—whether that’s by phone, email, text, or in person—you’re recording a complete history of your relationship with them. 

More importantly, you are building a profile for every client and lead in your database. If a potential customer ghosts you once, that’s accidental. But if they do it regularly? You’ll start noticing this behavior right in front of you in your CRM.

You’ll also be able to serve your best leads even better, because you’ll have full details on where they are in their real estate journey and exactly what it is that they’re looking for.

With texts sent to your leads straight from inside Follow Up Boss, your full conversation history shows up automatically, no additional data entry required.

Pro Tip: Want to train your team on how to handle objections? Or how to sidestep dead end leads? In Follow Up Boss, you can tag profiles and build your own library of case studies the entire team can learn from.

Step 2: Analyze Your Lead Sources

You likely generate real estate leads from a number of different sources, but the truth is that some lead sources will inherently be better for your business than others, and it can take a while to figure that out. 

That’s why it’s so important to track your lead sources and conversions. Whether your team is better equipped for dealing with Zillow leads, Facebook leads, or organic and SOI only—reliable analytics will give you the insights you need to measure and scale your top performing lead gen platforms.

Here are just some of the benefits of knowing where your best leads come from:

  • Better ROI on your marketing. Knowing your best lead sources allows you to invest in marketing campaigns with the highest conversion rates and stop wasting your time and money in areas that don’t add up.

  • Track how your team converts leads. In the process of noting your top lead sources, you’ll also be able to see the agents on your team who convert leads better than anyone else. Now, you can encourage them to share their tricks with the rest of the team.

  • Keep team morale high. Knowing your lead sources also helps you better pinpoint a job well done, praise your agents, and boost team morale!

Ideally, your CRM system should be able to present data on lead conversions and agent performance automatically. At Follow Up Boss, we track every lead from the moment it enters your database so that you can see your most reliable lead sources over any given time period.

Here’s a glimpse at how we track appointments, contact attempts and conversion rates inside Follow Up Boss.

Step 3: Use Website Tracking to Learn More About Your Leads

Imagine this: a lead comes onto your website and starts browsing different properties. But something is off. They pick properties all over the price range, going from one-bedroom apartments to multimillion-dollar mansions. What gives?

Here’s the deal. Website visitors are often more interested in looking than buying. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that before committing to a full day of touring?

With pixel tracking, you can get a clearer picture of what your leads are really looking for and just how serious they are (or aren’t) about buying a home. Pixels allow you to track how leads interact with your website, and quickly separate driven customers from random visitors. 

Pixel tracking also allows you to pinpoint your most active online visitors and reach out to them asap, before they start viewing properties somewhere else. 

The Follow Up Boss Pixel allows you to see which properties potential clients are browsing and learn as much about them as possible before reaching out.

Step 4: Update Your Scripts

Real estate scripts are your bread and butter. They allow you to control the conversation and convert even the most reluctant leads into loyal clients.

But if your script has a mistake, you’ll repeat this mistake over and over every time you use it.

Take the “this price is too high” objection. If your script encourages agents to lower their commission, you’ll attract more clients that don’t value your services and fewer that do. 

Set aside some time to carefully examine your real estate scripts and make sure they allow you to separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to negotiations or any other aspect of lead interaction. 

Step 5: Be Consistent With Your Follow Ups

Consistent clients take your calls. Consistent clients know what they want. Consistent clients are usually your best clients. On the other hand, inconsistent clients tend to skip meetings, ghost calls, and change their minds all the time. 

So, which type of client are you attracting with your follow up?

When real estate agents consistently follow up with their prospects, not only does it increase the chances of successfully closing a deal—it creates a special kind of rapport. When you regularly reach out to potential clients at the right time, they start to think “This person in my corner. I can trust them.”

The challenge of course, is finding the right time. Luckily, in real estate, every lead has some sort of timeframe. You just need a system that helps you automatically check in at the right time, every time.

Follow Up Boss automatically sorts all of your leads into Smart Lists so that you can see exactly which leads to follow up with when you log in each day, and reach out to your most viable leads at the moment when they need you the most. 

Attract and Convert High Quality Real Estate Clients With Follow Up Boss

For some agents, bad leads and good leads mean the same thing: business. 

But even if you’re a glass half-full sort of agent, you’d still likely agree that it’s much easier to filter out bad clients and pinpoint the gems when you’ve got a rock-solid lead management system behind you.

Follow Up Boss integrates with more than 200 lead providers, and allows you to easily manage them all from one simple, intuitive digital command center.

Quickly identify the best lead sources, measure and improve your conversion rates, and only work with the clients that you want to work with. It’s completely possible to skip the drama and automatically attract, qualify and convert your best leads, and we can show you how.

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