February 2020 Product Updates With Follow Up Boss

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We hope everyone had a great February! The team and I would like to invite you to check out what’s new in Follow Up Boss. As always, we are grateful for all your feedback and support in shaping Follow Up Boss into a first-class experience for you and your team.

Do you have an insight or perspective to share? We want to hear from you! Please share your valuable feedback with us:

Now, without further ado, here's everything we released in February!

New Features

Follow Up Boss Pixel 🔥

Follow Up Boss was the first company to launch a robust IDX API, and rather than build websites or sell leads ourselves, it's always been our goal to focus on building a best-in-breed follow up system that plugs into all your marketing (and helps you close more deals ) while at the same time tracking which marketing works best.

What we found over time though, is that with so many different website providers and priorities, only a few tech companies were able to truly take advantage of our API, and so we built the Pixel.  This way you get all the benefits of a focused follow up system no matter which website company you're working with (we also know a lot of our clients work with multiple!).

The Pixel makes it dead simple to see all your lead’s web and marketing activities from any website right within Follow Up Boss. Are you interacting with the hottest leads who are looking to buy or sell right now? Do you know what marketing campaigns they are interacting with? With our new Pixel you can get exceptional insight into exactly what leads are looking for when they’re online, and the actions they’re taking on your website.

So far the Pixel has been installed on hundreds of websites and some great initial success stories coming in.

Why wait? Get started today! Install The Follow Up Boss Pixel 

Realtime Leaderboard

Are you ready to unify and inspire your team, showing off all their hard work on that big TV in your office? Well, that day has come, as we are excited to announce Follow Up Boss’s new Realtime Leaderboard!  Now you and your team can measure and track performance and unleash that competitive spirit. Now available to all our Pro and Platform customers.

And here is a quick overview video to get you started:

Custom Merge Fields

Are you looking for better personalization of your email and text template to your clients? Do you need to reference some of the key custom fields such as spouse name, closing date within merge fields? Well, now you can as we opened up full access to all custom fields for both Email and Text templates.

Get our new guideline for free


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