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We hope everyone had a great January, the team and I would like to invite you to check out what’s new in Follow Up Boss. As always, we are grateful for all your feedback and support in shaping Follow Up Boss into a first-class experience for you and your team.

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Now, without further ado, here's everything we released in January!

New Features

Follow Up Boss Pixel 🔥

The Pixel makes it dead simple to see all your lead’s web and marketing activities from any website right within Follow Up Boss. Are you interacting with the hottest leads who are looking to buy or sell right now? Do you know what marketing campaigns they are interacting with? With our new Pixel you can get exceptional insight into exactly what leads are looking for when they’re online, and the actions they’re taking on your website.

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Website Activity Tracking

The Website Activity Tab provides insight into what a lead is looking for so you can easily to Prioritize your leads, Best understand their needs, Engage in meaningful conversations to send more relevant updates and communication.

Want to learn more about how it works? 

Website CTA (Call to Action)

With our Pixel’s Website CTA enabled, your website visitors will see a popup at the bottom-right of the screen that they can use to quickly use to contact you. We also encourage you, if you haven’t already, to start using your Follow Up Boss phone number on your website CTA as with that in place your leads can even text you directly from their mobile devices.

Learn more about Pixel here.

Email Tracking

A key benefit of the Pixel tracker is now you can retarget your database with emails from FUB and know who is re-engaging on your website. How do you get started? Simple, all you need to do is add links to your website within the emails you draft within Follow Up Boss as you do normally and we’ll automatically be able to identify which of those contacts go to your website even if they never register. This email tracking works for all FUB 1:1 emails, batch emails, and action plan emails sent using Follow Up Boss. Happy retargeting!

Marketing Tracking (UTM)

When someone is on your website, the Follow Up Boss Pixel captures where they come from so that you can better understand the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. This helps you answer questions like. Did this person come from a Facebook Ad? How many people came from Google Ads vs Facebook Ads? How many appointments did we get from that last marketing campaign? How many deals did we close from Facebook vs Google?

You can now see the marketing source that drove that lead to your site directly in website activity sidebar. Plus you can see their complete history timeline of everything they interacted with on your websites and what marketing brought them back to your site. 

Do you know what marketing campaigns your leads are interacting with? How many people came from Google Ads vs Facebook Ads? How many appointments did we get from that last marketing campaign? With the Marketing report, you can now get those answers quickly! By seeing each marketing platform’s performance in generating leads, appointments, and deals for you. You can then drill down on each platform to see which campaigns drove the most value for you.

Online Now

Interested to know which one of your leads is online right now? Well, now you can see who is online right now on so you can follow up with those hot leads right away. You can even filter by 'Inactive less than 5 minutes ago' to get a full list of people who are online right now! 

Form Capture

You can also enable Pixel's form capturing feature to capture and send customer form submissions from your website directly into Follow Up Boss. The Pixel will then process those form submissions in Follow Up Boss the same way as other integration by creating new person, processing lead flow rules, and starting action plans.

iOS Updates

iOS Calling

Do you have Follow Up Boss Calling active on your account? Is your team taking advantage of Mobile calling on iOS? Well, we have made a huge core change on how the iOS app makes and receives calls that not only ensures the best call quality available but also make it dead simple for your team to track and log all their calls while they are out on the road! You can even have all your calls recorded if you have, call recording enabled.

Apply action plan more than once

You can now reapply an action plan to a client. Previously we thought it would be good to restrict action plans from being applied more than once to a contact as an agent might do that accidentally then the lead would get the same emails again. This, however, hampered the workflow of teams using the system for tasks and for certain clients that perhaps had multiple deals active.

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