Fully integrated texting through web and mobile so all your conversations with contacts are automatically tracked and logged

Faster, More Effective Lead Engagement through Texting

Instant, Personalized, Automated Texts to your New Leads gets a 50%-70% response rate for Zillow, Trulia and Realtor.com Leads


Distraction Free Response Management

Fully Integrated with your ‘Sales Inbox’ in FUB on desktop and mobile so you’ve got a clear, focused place to respond to all your inbound text messages from clients and leads, without the distractions of personal texts in your regular texting app


Integrated Texting = Complete Tracking

By giving your team the tools to text your leads and clients through the desktop and the mobile app, your text conversations will be automatically tracked and logged for future reference and better reporting for your team.

Frequently Asked Questions

What number do the text messages get sent from?

We provide each customer with a unique number in your local area code that the text messages are sent from. At the moment, phone companies do not allow other companies to send text messages that ‘appear’ to be coming from an existing number.

There is one number for each account that all the texts from all users on the account are sent from (unless you’re using our integrated calling feature), and responses are automatically routed to the agent assigned to that lead.

Can Follow Up Boss track the text messages that are being send to my mobile phone?

While we can do that with your emails, phone companies currently don’t allow any 3rd party companies to intercept the text messages being sent from or to your device.

What about my current clients who already have my cell number? It would be weird to start texting them from a new number wouldn’t it?

It really depends on how close you are with that person. For the most part, if you send a text that introduces yourself and lets them know this is your new number, they won’t think anything of it at all.

What happens when someone calls this number?

We automatically forward that call to the agent assigned to that lead/client

What is the cost of this?

Unlimited text messaging is included in all our plans.