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Real estate is a meritocracy. For entrepreneurial-minded people in their first, second or even third careers, it’s a wide open field of opportunity. Ambitious individuals from all walks of life can become wealthy quickly based solely on hard work, discipline, and persistence—no red tape or C-suite schmoozing required.

Over the years, we’ve watched agents build seven and eight-figure real estate businesses in less than three years, we’ve seen Realtors launch highly profitable brokerages mere months after getting their broker’s license. We’ve helped teams develop systems so strong they’ve stayed at the top of their market year after year.

But we’ve also seen how even the most promising agents can become overwhelmed by their own success. 

The signs are almost always the same. You have a steady stream of leads, but are unable to keep up with them. You try to juggle incoming leads, only to end up dropping the ball on existing customers. You start building out your team, but rapidly lose control over what’s happening at the ground level in your business. 

Even the best and brightest rainmakers inevitably arrive at a point where they have to ask themselves: “Do I have what it takes to build a high-performance real estate business?”

In the most reassuring tone possible, we want you to know that: “Yes, you totally got this.” 

After nearly five years working closely with some of the best teams in the business, we’ve come to a simple conclusion: 

Top-performers don't just buy the best software, they build smart processes around it.

That’s why we decided to step in. At Follow Up Boss, we consider it our obligation to help agents and teams achieve maximum success in their business. We’ve combined nearly five years of experience helping numerous teams become market leaders and distilled it into a systematic framework and resource library that we call The Boss Method

Ready to dive right in? Check out The Boss Method for free resources to close more deals! 

What Is The Boss Method?

After years of working with all types of real estate businesses, from high-octane solo agents to small family-owned teams and top-50 global franchises, we’re convinced that the only way to keep your real estate dream from becoming a nightmare is to approach the business building process holistically. And that’s exactly how The Boss Method originated.

The Boss Method is a complete resource hub that helps real estate business owners learn how to:

  • Never lose a single lead
  • Focus your resources to get the best ROI
  • Build and scale a productive real estate team
  • Stay competitive in a rapidly changing industry

As a two-pronged system for streamlining lead management and team management processes, The Boss Method addresses the most critical issues that keep real estate teams stuck in inertia. 

Here’s what you’ll find inside The Boss Method:

  • Easy-to-follow rules to steadily grow your business each and every day
  • Simple 5-step framework for scaling your team
  • Free 15-30 minute workshops dedicated to best practice and strategy
  • Video library with quick tips, how-tos, customer success stories, and more
  • Content library with mega guides, customer case studies, templates and more
  • A directory of real human experts to answer all your questions

From proven follow up strategies to best-in-class time management techniques, all of the tactics laid out in The Boss Method are designed to go beyond alleviating short-term headaches, to helping you ensure that those costly, business-killing problems never pop up again — no matter how rapidly your business grows.

How The Boss Method Can Help You Grow Your Sales

The first part of The Boss Method Framework consists of five principles that enable real estate businesses to work with any number of leads, while maintaining the highest standards of quality prospecting. 

Let’s take a closer look at each one. 

Make Prospecting A Daily Habit

When agents get bogged down with multiple transactions, prospecting is usually the first thing to go. But if you don’t control your time, you don’t control anything. 

By consistently blocking time for prospecting — regardless of how many deals are in escrow — agents are encouraged to own their schedule and protect themselves from being derailed by admin tasks.

Here’s how to make it happen:

Check out: The Boss Method Rule #1: An hour a day

Getting Started: Prioritize Your Leads and Follow Ups in Seconds

Workshop: Nurture Your Leads Like A Boss

Sync your calendar with your CRM so you never skip your daily profit-driving tasks. 

Close Your Hottest Leads First

In these days of social media, advanced tracking, and highly-targeted marketing campaigns, the real question isn’t where to find leads, it’s whether you can handle them.

Successful agents always know who to call next. By prioritizing leads based on what they want and when, you build out a high-conversion follow up approach with focused tasks broken down day by day. You also save precious time and resources by focusing your energy on the leads with the highest likelihood of converting.

Here’s how to make it happen:

Check out: The Boss Method Rule #2: Give every lead a time frame

Getting Started: Organize Your Database

Workshop: Diamonds in Your Database

In Follow Up Boss, you can simplify lead qualification and create Smart Lists for one-click access to your hottest leads.

Do More Follow Up In Less Time

Every manual activity today is a bottleneck tomorrow. And while it’s true that technology can never replace an ace real estate professional, it can allow them to be the first one to call and the first one to close — especially if your message is relevant.

Break through the generic marketing noise and set up automated workflows to deliver tailored follow up, even when you’re out on appointments. With the right systems in place you can easily schedule emails to connect with new leads, re-target old leads, see who is ready to buy now, and still make it home in time for dinner.

Here’s how to make it happen:

Check out: The Boss Method Rule #3: Set it, but don’t forget it

Getting Started: Send Relevant, Targeted Emails That Get A Response

Workshop: Lead Conversion Masterclass

With the Follow Up Boss Pixel, you can see exactly what your leads are doing on your website and start relevant conversations in a single click.

Make Better Marketing Decisions

Marketing is getting more complicated by the minute.

The Boss Method is all about making it simple. Start small with one marketing activity per week. Over time, you can prioritize your marketing routines based on the channels that give you the best results with the minimum amount of time and money invested. 

Here’s how to make it happen:

Check out: The Boss Method Rule #4: One marketing activity a week

Getting Started: Nurturing Your Past Clients and Sphere

Workshop: Maximize Your ROI From Every Listing

If you’re a Follow Up Boss user, you can use the Properties report to see the effectiveness of your marketing activities and use that data to close more listings.

Increase Your Referrals

Referrals are the key to unlocking compound growth in your real estate business.

In fact, we’ve worked with teams who generate a whopping 40% (or more) of their revenue through repeat referrals. We’ve found that the difference between teams that succeed in leveraging this free lead source and those that stay locked into pricey paid leads is once again, the system they use.

Here’s how to make it happen:

Check out: The Boss Method Rule #5: Turn every deal into another deal

Getting Started: Nurturing Your Past Clients and Sphere

Workshop: Nurture Your Leads Like A Boss

In Follow Up Boss, you can easily set up automated Action Plans to keep in touch with past clients.

Want to give The Boss Method a try? Access our free resources now!

How The Boss Method Can Help You Build Your Real Estate Team

Now that we’ve covered the front end of the business, let’s take a closer look at how The Boss Method helps real estate teams scale their operations and hire the people they need to drive the business forward.

Always Have Top Agents On-hand

Thriving real estate businesses are always looking for new talent to add to their roster. But competition is fierce and top teams are constantly perfecting their recruitment marketing and job offers to attract and retain the best agents in the business.

That’s why successful teams are proactive in their recruitment efforts. They build lists of target agents that can drive their business forward and identify the value that they can offer in return.  

Part of that value is the system you offer. Show your agents you have a rock-solid lead management system in place that will help them grow their business portfolio and reach commissions they never even dreamed of.

Here’s how to make it happen:

Check out: The Boss Method Rule #1: Always be recruiting

Quick Tip: Team

Workshop: Conquer The First Phone Call Like A Boss

With the right reporting metrics you can easily track the leads you’re assigning agents and have better coaching conversations with your team.

Build Better Systems, Close More Deals

The only way to ensure more revenue with each new hire is to create a simple, repeatable workflow for your team to follow.

Because the fact of the matter is, agents won’t follow a system they don’t like. The right system should be so simple and easy-to-follow, agents would have to physically try not to use it. 

Once your ideal system is up and running, all you need to do is make sure every agent is trained on the process, then circle back and review your team’s results weekly to make sure they’re using the system to its fullest potential.

Here’s how to make it happen:

Check out: The Boss Method Rule #2: Build a system your team will follow

Getting Started: Start Your Day Like A Boss: The Perfect Daily Workflow

Quick Tip: Lead Flow

With the right CRM, your agents know exactly what action to take each day. No confusion. No excuses.

Boost Agent Performance

Even with the right system in place and the right people to follow it, there has to be someone steering the ship. 

And this person is not there for visibility points. The best team leader’s we’ve met all had a clear goal, a detailed plan for reaching it, and the numbers they needed to back it all up. Unlike a frazzled, reactionary team leader, a real boss monitors whether the system is progressing towards the goal and proactively makes adjustments where necessary.

Here’s how to make it happen:

Check out: The Boss Method Rule #3: Be the boss of your business

Getting Started: Motivate Your Team and Hold Them Accountable

Quick Tip: Reporting

With Follow Up Boss, leadership can track agent performance without having to wait for deals to close.

Crush Your Goals

One word can destroy systems, teams, and the entire business. 

That word is “aimless”.

Believe it or not, aimless hiring is worse than no hiring at all. Aimless systems are an unofficial license for a company to do nothing. And aimless management? That’s a Pandora’s box of drama you just don’t need.

Bottom line: None of The Boss Method principles will work without a clear goal to back them up.

Here’s how to make it happen:

Check out: The Boss Method Rule #4: Set specific goals

Getting Started: Motivate Your Team and Hold Them Accountable

Quick Tip: Deals

Always know where you stand with a clear visual of your sales pipeline.

Grow Your Empire

When you got into this business, you had a vision of how it could enhance your life.

The best agents in the biz know that they are more than Realtors, they are community leaders. It’s a role they take seriously. Every quarter, set aside time to review your brand strategy. With the right conversion and referral metrics on hand, you’ll never have to wonder about how well you’re serving your community.

And whatever you do, don’t let poor systems and processes rob you of your legacy. Just like every other activity described in this article, building your real estate brand requires a systematic approach.

Here’s how to make it happen:

Check out: The Boss Method Rule #5: Build your brand

Getting Started: Send Relevant, Targeted Emails That Get A Response

Quick Tip: Action Plans

What’s Next?

Wondering where to start? The good news is it’s never too late to start applying The Boss Method.

Whether you’re just starting out or opening your third office, you can put The Boss Method to work to see improved outcomes for your business. Many teams have seen positive results within weeks of following these principles, but the true power of The Boss Method is that it provides a clear set of guideposts for your business so that, no matter how foggy things get, you can always find your way.

Explore The Boss Method Today!

Get our new guideline for free


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