26 real estate tech tools to make you more productive

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“There’s gotta be an easier way to do this.”

If you’re like most agents, you probably tell yourself this at least once — if not ten times — per day. 

In the game of real estate, there is no cheat sheet in relationship building. But corner-cutting in the realm of time per task? Well, that’s a whole other story. 

With the right real estate tools, apps, and automations, you really can do it all — attract more leads, market your listings, streamline your admin, and so much more.

Here are 26 time-saving real estate tech tools to help you win the day, every day.

The best tools real estate agents use

  • Day-to-day productivity tools
  • Real estate marketing tools
  • Transaction management and real estate admin tools
  • Tools you never knew you needed

Day-to-day productivity tools

1. Track meetings in one place with Google Calendar

As a busy real estate agent, managing your time is everything. While a real estate planner is a great tool for every agent, taking your calendar digital is the best way to stay streamlined.

Google Calendar synchronizes with almost every scheduling app out there, allowing you to easily track all your meetings in one place.

➡️Bonus Tip! If you really want to power up your productivity, take it a step further and integrate your Google Workspace with your real estate CRM to instantly sync your calendar, emails and appointments for a complete view of your day-to-day workflows.

Pricing: Google Workspace is free

Alternative: Microsoft 365

2. Easily schedule meetings with Calendly

Want to take the back-and-forth out of scheduling meetings and phone calls? Who doesn’t?

Calendly is the simple scheduling tool that makes life easy. Simply give Calendly access to your current calendars (up to six), then send your custom scheduling link to anyone you want to meet with.

You can host group meetings, distribute meetings to team members based on availability, and even track popular meeting and event types through Calendly’s analytics.

➡️Bonus Tip! If your Calendly is connected to your Google or Microsoft 365 calendar, any appointments scheduled will automatically appear in Follow Up Boss!

Pricing: Calendly’s Basic plan is free and allows you to connect a single calendar. The Professional plan, including automated workflow building, analytics, and customized branding for your website is $12 per month. Team and Enterprise options are also available.

Alternatives: Doodle, Acuity Scheduling

3. Reduce scheduling conflicts with SavvyCal

If you were to combine Calendly with a rockstar personal assistant, you’d get SavvyCal.

With ranked availability, calendar overlay, meeting frequency caps and more, SavvyCal is a programmable personal assistant designed to make scheduling easy. SavvyCal may not know your lunch order by heart, but it’ll make darn sure you’re not accidentally booked for an unwanted call during your well-earned break.

Pricing: The Free Plan gives you meeting polls and calendar overlays. At $12 per month, the Basic Plan allows you to create your own scheduling links. For $20 per month, you can integrate payment collection, delegated app access, and personalized link branding.

Alternatives: YouCanBookMe

4. Manage multiple team projects and marketing tasks through Trello

As the self-described “mission control for team productivity,” Trello is the go-to project management tool for real estate teams that want to keep ongoing projects simple and visual.

With an easy-on-the-eyes kanban layout, you can create any kind of task on a card and easily drag and drop cards between lists to track your progress at a glance.

Got a big marketing campaign coming up?

Build as many cards and tasks as you need and use multiple boards to track different projects. You can also invite your real estate virtual assistant (VA), marketing associates, or other team members to create, edit and move cards as they complete their projects.

Pricing: Free for up to 10 boards and $10 per month (with discounted annual billing) for unlimited boards with advanced features like calendar and map views. Enterprise options available.

Alternatives: Asana

5. Organize your ideas with Dynalist

What actually happens to all those great ideas bouncing around in your head? If you’re like most agents, they either get added to the pile of post-its or completely forgotten. Dynalist is an outlining tool that allows users to easily create brainstorming workflows and organize them into folders, similar to saving files on your computer. 

But Dynalist goes a step further in the idea organization process by assigning due dates, calendar syncing, tagging, crosslinking options and more. With Dynalist, you can create a streamlined note library where you can quickly retrieve information or find new ways to solve your running to-dos.

➡️Bonus Tip: Use this tool to organize reference material for new agents coming into the team or make sense of longform prospect or client notes.

Pricing: Dynalist has a free option and a Pro option which provides Google Calendar integration, daily Dropbox and Google Drive backup, and other advanced features for $7.99 billed annually.

Alternatives: Todoist, Notion

6. Safely create and store passwords with 1Password

No more triple guessing the wrong passwords or relying on the name of your first pet. With 1Password, you can quickly generate secure passwords for each and every tool in your real estate tech stack.

All your passwords are securely stored in one place, preventing you from getting locked out of your online accounts. You can also update passwords automatically and securely share access with team members.

On top of optimized password protection, 1Password offers vault storage for company logins and sensitive documents as well as duo integration for business-wide multi-factor authentication.

Pricing: $7.99 per user for Business accounts with savings available for larger plans.

Alternative: LastPass

7. Automate from first touch to sale with Zapier

Ah, Zapier. This handy tech tool will help you become an ace at real estate systems, even if you don’t know the first thing about coding.

With Zapier connecting your real estate tech stack you can instantly sync information across various real estate tools and apps and even automate key lead conversion workflows to save hours of time each week.

Zapier integrates with over 5,000 applications — including Follow Up Boss — so your automation workflows are limited only by your imagination.

Pricing: Professional offered at $49 per year, billed annually. Team plans available.

Alternative: API Nation

Real estate marketing tools

8. Digitize your open house lead gen with Spacio

Spacio helps you get more out of every open house with professionally designed open house sign-in sheets that visitors can easily access digitally. 

Spacio integrates directly with your real estate CRM to send automatic follow up messages to every person who stopped by to check out your listing. It even gives users real-time access to engagement reports, so you can see how open house visitors are using your forms and adjust your open house scripts to increase your total number of sign-ins.

Pricing: Starts at $25 a month for a single agent, $100 per month for teams of five agents or less, and $145 per month for brokerages.

Alternatives: Open Home Pro

9. Design like a pro with Canva

Canva is an online graphic design tool that can help real estate agents create any and all marketing material — from the hero image in your next real estate SEO-optimized blog article to your open house flyers and newsletters.

Canva’s library consists of tens of thousands of templates, images, fonts and icons that you can combine to create a perfectly polished design in a matter of minutes. You can save your designs in a number of file formats, including SVG for websites and PDFs for print.

Pricing: Free with the option to purchase some design elements separately. A Canva Pro subscription provides access to more assets for just $9.99 per user per month, billed annually. A Canva for Teams plan for up to five people is $12.49 per month on their annual billing plan.

Alternatives: RelayThat, Piktochart, Snappa

10. Find affordable freelancers on Fiverr

Technically, Fiverr is a service — not a tool. But we love it for its versatility. 

Whether you need help with a design problem that Canva just can’t solve or a quick one-off admin project, Fiverr lets you outsource almost any routine real estate task.

There’s even a separate real estate category that lets you easily find freelancers with relevant experience in areas like local real estate photography, 3D listings, and even real estate sign designers.

Pricing: Every freelancer has their own rates ranging from $5 per gig and up depending on your needs.

Alternative: Upwork

11. Showcase your real estate listings in 3D with Matterport

By now it’s clear — real estate video marketing is here to stay. And 3D virtual property tours are still one of the hottest ways to engage prospects and attract a wider audience for your listings. But the time and cost associated with specialized cameras, software, shooting and video editing is simply too high for most agents.

With Matterport, you can create 3D virtual tours of any property within seconds simply using your iPhone or Android.

Pricing: Free for one active space, $9.99 per month for five spaces and two users, and a Pro & Business plan for $69 per month, allowing for 25 active spaces and five users. Custom Enterprise plan quotes available.

Alternative: Metareal Stage

12. Help clients envision their investment with Floorplanner

Speaking of 3D, why not put your clients’ minds at ease with a visual representation of their future investment?

Floorplanner cranks out 2D and 3D floor plans with over 150,000 items available for placement. Help your client build a stunning visual representation of their future investment, or simply configure the best position for their sectional.

Plans are easily emailed, so if not all decision makers are present, their immediate input or adjustments can be factored in quickly.

Pricing: Free for basic individual use. Higher project levels, like multiple floors or HD floorplan exports, are purchased based on a credit system (each credit is $1.50). The Plus ($5 per month) and Pro ($29 per month) options give you the opportunity to export images without a time lock, include monthly credits, and offer a discount on credits. Company pricing is available based on Team, Business, and Enterprise levels. 

Alternative: magicplan

13. Easily send video emails with BombBomb

At the risk of sounding like a broken record (we’ll risk it), video is real estate gold. But it’s also time-consuming. If you want to fast forward past all the editing, compressing, and uploading — we’ve got good news.

BombBomb enables easy on-screen recording straight through your computer or phone. You can even add an in-video call to action and easily share your videos using its 50+ integrations.

BombBomb Tracking provides analytics to let you know who’s watching your video and when. Integrate it with your CRM and you’ll be able to automatically send and track your real estate video emails to prospects and clients, without the expensive recording equipment.

Pricing: $33 per month for 1:1 videos or $49 per month to send to multiple recipients. Teams with three or more users can look into a $53 per month/seat plan with premium features such as cross-domain identity management and team onboarding.

Alternatives: Jumpshare, Loom, Hippo Video

14. Automate your social media campaigns with Buffer

If you’re actively using real estate social media marketing to generate new business, Buffer is a simple automation tool that will save you tons of time. 

This super-efficient social app lets you schedule and publish content across all your social media channels from one place. Buffer works seamlessly with Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google Business Profile.

Social media cross-posting is especially effective if you already have a strong presence on one social media channel and are repurposing your content onto additional platforms to help increase your real estate leads.

Pricing: The Free plan lets you connect three channels. The Essential plan lets you add additional channels for $6 each per month and includes analytics and exportable reports. Buffer’s Team option allows for unlimited users and advanced collaboration tools for an additional $12 per added channel. 

Alternatives: Hootsuite, Later

15. Send better real estate newsletters with Mailchimp

Mailchimp is a stellar platform for sending full HTML emails and A/B testing your real estate drip emails and newsletters.

You can even use Mailchimp to help run your social media ad campaigns and schedule social posts all from one central platform.

➡️Bonus Tip: You can easily connect Mailchimp with Follow Up Boss to send marketing emails to contacts in your database. Need a more customized workflow? Get more control over the contacts synced to Mailchimp with an easy two-zap Zapier automation.

Pricing: Free plan gives you one user seat with up to 1,000 monthly sends. From there, plans graduate to Essentials ($13 per month), Standard ($20 per month) and Premium ($350 per month), with increased monthly sends and advanced reporting features as you scale.

Alternative: Constant Contact

Transaction management and real estate admin tools

16. Digitize signatures with DocuSign

No one likes poring through mountains of paperwork. DocuSign lets you and your clients quickly sign all the necessary transaction documents in a matter of clicks. As a bonus, you can easily check if clients have seen their documents. When a document is sent to several parties, you can track who signed it and who hasn’t.

According to DocuSign’s website, 79% of agreements are completed in a day or less.

Pricing: Starts at $10 per month for a single user and a NAR Member Exclusive for $20 per user for their Standard team plan of five users. Enhanced plan options are also available for larger teams. 

Alternatives: PandaDoc

17. Easily share documents via Google Drive

Google Drive is often seen as purely a storage tool, but for real estate agents who use it to its full abilities, it can easily support your document workflows.

Real estate professionals and transaction coordinators can create new documents, share them online with team members and clients, and work on documents together in real time.

Google Drive integrates directly with other Google services and almost any other tool you want to use. With the right integrations, you can instantly send documents for signing to a tool like DocuSign, or export CRM data directly into Google Sheets. You can even edit documents offline, then automatically synchronize your work on your computer or mobile phone when you’re back online, letting you get the job done from literally anywhere.

Pricing: Free for up to 15 GB of personal storage. Business users pay $12 per month for 2TB.

Alternative: Dropbox

18. Save time on note taking with Evernote

Evernote makes it a cinch to capture and save key documents and ideas anytime, anywhere.

Use Evernote’s mobile app to take notes, record voice messages, store scanned documents, and even shoot videos.

This is one admin tool that can also be a huge help with marketing. If you come across a great real estate newsletter, ad campaign, or social post you want to use to inspire your own real estate marketing, you can save the full page using Evernote’s web clipper Chrome extension.

Pricing: Free for the basic version which has a 60 MB limit, $6.67 per month and higher for premium plans with larger storage. Team plans are also available.

Alternatives: Microsoft OneNote, Joplin, Notion

19. Manage transactions with Open To Close

Open To Close is an automated transaction management platform that streamlines communication, task and document management.

Best of all? It’s completely customizable. 

With the ability to custom-tailor everything from your intake forms to your tasks, emails and templates, Open To Close lets you build your transaction workflows your way.

If you already have a real estate transaction manager, this tool will make their life so much easier. And if not? Open To Close can still save you a ton of time on transaction management tasks so you can keep your real estate pipeline moving.

➡️Bonus Tip: The Open To Close app inside Follow Up Boss lets you instantly add all transaction content — including, contacts, documents, dates, details, and notes. You can see property and transaction details, plus all tasks and timelines from straight within the embedded app. Changes are updated automatically in real time. 

Pricing: The Grow plan is $99 per month, Pro is $199 per month, and Scale is $399 per month.

Alternatives: Brokermint, Sisu

20. Quickly scan official documents with CamScanner

CamScanner lets you quickly scan paper documents using your phone or tablet. The app is available for Android, iPhone, and iPad users.

CamScanner auto-enhances image quality and recognizes text from images for further editing, even on pdf formats. It also integrates with Google Drive, Evernote, and OneDrive so you can quickly digitize your paperwork. No more messy paper files!

Pricing: Free basic account or upgrade to $4.99 per month for higher-quality scans and advanced features.

Alternatives: Adobe Scan

21. Never lose a receipt with Expensify

Expense tracking is surprisingly tricky. What you lose, what you remember to scan, what you may have scanned twice…It’s easy for receipts to fall through the cracks.

With Expensify, you can scan bulk receipts, run expense reports, and even set up a company card.

The app takes your expense line items and automatically organizes them by category, making tax season much more manageable.

Price: Free!

Alternative: Quickbooks

22. Streamline team accounting with Xero

Xero is easy-to-use accounting software that helps real estate agents with account reconciliation, expense tracking, data imports, and project tracking.

You can log into the system from anywhere using your computer or phone. Xero also makes it easy to find important attachments so you won’t have to waste time searching for relevant documents.

If you’re working with a VA or external accounting partner, Xero will help eliminate headaches for everyone involved in your bookkeeping.

Pricing: Xero’s Early plan, including 20 invoices and five bills is $13 per month. The Growing plan offers unlimited invoices and bills for $37 per month. The Established plan gives users in depth analytics for $70 per month.

Alternatives: Freshbooks

23. Automate your chat and generate leads with Ylopo’s Raiya

Chatbots are rapidly changing, becoming integral tools for many industries — including real estate.

Ylopo’s famous AI, Raiya, automatically engages and qualifies prospects, including both new and past leads.

As a truly “smart” bot, Raiya uses real home search data to drive relevant engagement with leads. And as you would expect, it seamlessly integrates with your Ylopo Platform and preferred CRM.

Pricing: $200 per month

Alternative: Structurely (for non Ylopo users)

Tools you never knew you needed

24. Streamline agent onboarding with Trainual

Keeping every team member on the same page isn’t easy. Trainual helps you onboard newly recruited real estate agents and keep seasoned agents up-to-date using an easily accessed online training manual.

Customize your manual with over 250 templates. Include your brokerage’s origin story, a team chart with roles and responsibilities, onboarding and orientation, up-to-date policy changes and so much more.

Pricing: The Train plan starts at $99 per month for 10 seats ($3 per additional seat) with unlimited documentation, custom branding and built-in screen recording. The Scale plan starts at $199 per month for 20 seats ($4 per additional seat) and includes e-signatures, unlimited chat and email support, a custom domain and more.

Alternative: Whale

25. Boost your closing ratios with LawyersAgent ONE

Who doesn’t want more closings? It’s an exciting time for everyone, but sorting through the numbers to bring the deal over the finish line? Not as fun.

Answer client closing questions swiftly and accurately with the LawyersAgent ONE app. You can easily send seller net sheets, buyer estimates, and multiple offer comparison charts, impressing clients with quick response time and easy-to-digest information.

Available on Apple and Android devices, LawyersAgent ONE even helps you nurture existing relationships on social media through customized infographics and closing cost calculators.

Pricing: $0.99 per month or $9.99 annually

Alternative: Close It!

26. Get there faster with Waze

The Waze Navigation & Live Traffic app keeps you en route and on time for every showing.

From time-saving navigation instructions to accident reports to traffic and construction alerts and even gas price mapping, Waze can take a long trip (or a short one) and eliminate headaches while saving you time and money.

Viewing properties in an unfamiliar area? Plug in your destination info and Waze will tell you the best time to head out.

Pricing: Free

Alternative: Maps.me

Make the most of your favorite real estate tech tools

Whether you’re a solo agent or a team of real estate superstars, every tool on this list has the potential to dramatically improve your productivity. But ultimately, it’s not about choosing the best, newest, or shiniest app from the bunch. 

Your success with any real estate tool depends on how you use it to grow your business. 

Make sure the tools you choose support your existing systems and workflows. And if you’re ready to take your real estate business to the next level, try using a lead management platform with an open API that lets you seamlessly integrate with the software, tools and apps that are already driving results.

Follow Up Boss integrates with over 200 lead providers and countless other real estate tools to help you achieve success on your terms. Try it yourself completely free for 14 days and learn how you can close more deals in less time with one central platform.

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