The Top 7 Real Estate Facebook Groups that Are Actually Worth Your Time

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While LinkedIn may be the favorite among office workers, Facebook is the OG professional networking destination for peer support in real estate. 

Joining the right real estate Facebook group can grow your network by tens of thousands and help you pick up loads of potential business in the process. But with so many groups to choose from, where do you start?

Professional real estate Facebook groups are everywhere these days and hunting down the groups with the best information and resources can be a lot more time consuming than it should be.

No sweat. We’ve compiled a hot list of the best real estate Facebook groups based on factors like longevity, mindset, intention and quality. With seven select groups to choose from, we think you’ll find the best addition to your newsfeed right here.

The best real estate Facebook groups

  • Inman Coast to Coast – The Trusted Source Group
  • Tech Support Group for Real Estate Agents – The Technology Group
  • New Real Estate Agents – The New Agent Group
  • Raise the Bar In Real Estate – The Established Agent Group
  • Lab Coat Agents – The Lead Generation Group
  • Real Estate Happy Hour – The “Let It All Hang Out” Group
  • Follow Up Boss Success Community – The Best for Last

Inman Coast to Coast – The Trusted Source Group

Inman is synonymous with quality journalism in the real estate space. On top of offering agent, brokerage, technology, marketing news and more, Inman has made its knowledge-driven brand accessible on social media via Inman Coast to Coast.

This private real estate Facebook group is geared towards Inman Select members and Connect attendees, but any real estate professional is welcome to join.

The 20k-plus members are encouraged to “openly discuss, rally, learn, inspire, and be inspired by others in our industry.”  But Inman Coast to Coast takes social support for its members a step further, refining interactions by applying the e-magazine’s own code of conduct.

Along with idea sharing, bonding and peer encouragement, group members can look forward to fresh real estate updates from Inman and all the latest Inman Connect convention updates.

Owned by: Inman

Best for: Breaking RE news, Inman Connect updates

Tech Support Group – The Technology Real Estate Facebook Group

The sheer number of tools in a modern real estate professionals’ tech stack can easily throw agents for a loop with every system update. With the million and one ways real estate software tools can be used, it seems like the innovative and timesaving techniques often come to light by accident. 

Answering real estate tech questions at every level is what the aptly titled Tech Support Group for Real Estate Agents is all about. The group was created in 2011 by Curaytor co-founders Chris Smith and Jimmy Mackin.

Want to know how to make Google and your website talk to each other? Need a quick answer on why your “Go Live” button seems to have disappeared on Facebook’s app? The Tech Support Group is a sounding board of 16k members who field questions on any tech-related question from social media, website management, Google and more.

The Tech Support Group also encourages members to share their own cheat codes for real estate cyberspace. Whether you’re there to give, take — or ideally both! — cure yourself of those dreaded tech headaches and help others do the same when you join this awesome group.

Owned by: Curaytor co-founders Chris Smith and Jimmy Macklin

Best for: Tech questions on all levels, sharing tech advice 

New Real Estate Agents – The New Agent Group

There’s something unique about peer-to-peer camaraderie, especially in the case of new real estate professionals who are experiencing the same challenges and successes for the first time.

For these agents, the New Real Estate Agents Facebook Group is the guiding force for connection. But even seasoned agents should consider joining this one.

Developed in 2017 by Baldwin REALTOR®’s Jennifer Romano of eXp Realty Southern Branch, New Real Estate Agents has amassed an impressive membership of 75.3k in just five years. Though this one is a private group, membership includes not only licensed REALTORS® but anybody involved in real estate, including real estate students, mortgage lenders, brokers, and loan originators.

This essential Facebook group rallies around success and growth, with advice and information covering nearly every corner of real estate, including:

  • Sales
  • Listings
  • Buyers
  • Marketing
  • Training
  • Brokerages
  • Lead Generation
  • Technology
  • Customer Service

The wealth of peer support and knowledge shared makes New Real Estate Agents a worthwhile exploration for beginner real estate professionals as well as experienced agents looking for a fresh perspective. 

Owned by: Baldwin REALTORS® Jennifer Romano, eXp Realty Southern Branch

Best for: Developing agent questions and real estate information 

Raise the Bar In Real Estate – The Established Agent Real Estate Facebook Group

For agents who have been around the block and seen pretty much all the things, Raise the Bar in Real Estate is the best real estate Facebook group for thoughtful discussion on industry best practices.

It can take years or even decades to fully appreciate where change is needed and this is one real estate Facebook group that has put in the time. Raise the Bar was created over 11 years ago as a platform to “stimulate conversation and raise awareness about issues that affect the level of professionalism in real estate.”

Raise the Bar is 22.4k members strong and asks that only active real estate professionals request to join the private group.

Established agents with a passion for the advancement of the industry have a unique opportunity via this group to collaborate and share their experiences, refining the latest approaches and standards for themselves and their teams.

Owned by: Professional One Real Estate Broker/Owner Michael McLure and COO and News Director of The American Genius, Lani Rosales

Best for: Advanced industry discussion

Lab Coat Agents – The Lead Generation Group

Lead generation is a constant challenge in real estate. As the market fluctuates and client needs shift, so does the way you approach your lead management systems. Real estate professionals looking to keep their commissions strong need to consistently take in new lead generating and conversion ideas from fellow agents.

This happens on a daily basis within the digital confines of Lab Coat Agents, a closed Facebook group originated by Tristan & Associates CEO Tristan Ahumada in 2014. This group achieved so much success so early that by 2015, it grew into a full-blown company co-founded by Ahumada and Nick Baldwin.

The Lab Coat Agents Facebook group aims to “explore the science of real estate” with a mega network of 157k members. Participation ranges from real estate agents and brokers to vendors, speakers, industry insiders, and other real estate leaders.

The group offers regular Facebook Lives and access to webinars covering a variety of topics, but lead generation and conversions are a mainstay. The sheer number of industry voices speaking to their current experiences in lead gen, plus the group’s enviable longevity, makes Lab Coat Agents a powerhouse well worth the join request.

Owned by: LabCoat Agents CEO Tristan Ahumada and COO Nick Baldwin

Best for: Lead generation and conversion ideas and regular industry webinars

Real Estate Happy Hour – The “Let It All Hang Out” Group

All work and no play quickly runs down even the most dynamic real estate Energizer bunnies. Taking time to laugh and relate to others in the same shoes as you is a great way to refresh your mindset and motivation.

Real Estate Happy Hour is ready to give you exactly that. You’ll find 15k active real estate professionals and lenders pumping humor and good energy into this private Facebook group, which bluntly encourages potential members to approach joining with a free and easy attitude.

Do yourself a favor and reignite the momentum in your workday with a few laughs.

Owned by: Real Estate Happy Hour Facebook page

Best for: Real estate laughs and relatable content

Follow Up Boss Success Community – The Best for Last Real Estate Facebook Group

While we’re on the topic, did you know that within Facebookland exists the incredible Follow Up Boss Success Community?

Okay, we’re obviously a little biased here, but our dedicated Facebook group for FUB users is carefully orchestrated to encourage ongoing collaboration and support among members, while keeping you in the know on how to make the most of all the latest updates and feature releases.

There’s tons of success stories and best practice posts to help you actively advance your lead gen and conversions.

Members also have the opportunity to sign up for a Peer-Led Masterminds Group for hands-on help and discussion led by Follow Up Boss’s rockstar Head of Community & Industry Relations, Stacey Soleil. 

If you didn’t know, now you know. 😉

About the Follow Up Boss Success Community: Our private yet highly engaged, CMX award-nominated community, includes all skill levels of FUB users. Inside our community, you'll get sneak peeks into new releases while learning & sharing best practice strategies as you continue to build up your own referral network. Additional perks include; exclusive webinars & trainings, peer-led mastermind groups & lots of FREE collaborative shares from our integration partners and contributing coaches worldwide. We can't wait to have you join us!

Owned by: Follow Up Boss

Best for: Community building, lead conversion tips & best practice strategies to grow your business and increase your results

In-fact many FUB users say one of the very best parts of joining Follow Up Boss is the private and inviting community they have access to, but don’t take our word for it…

Make your time spent in real estate Facebook groups worth it

The best real estate Facebook groups expect members to know the basics: avoid spam and self-promotion (there’s a time and place to offer your services), interact respectfully, consult the search bar to see if your question has already been addressed to avoid redundancy, etc. 

But above all, don’t forget that collaboration inside any professional real estate group is a two-way street. You give and you get.

Contributing your own knowledge, questions, lessons and wins is the best way to gain the kind of perspective that strengthens your thinking and improves your results. At the end of the day, it’s the level of quality interaction that makes these groups worth it.

When you’re ready to join an engaged community that gets it, know that Follow Up Boss approaches customer support with the same human-first mentality we use to guide our product. With a dedicated team ready to help you carry out your lead management goals, there’s always someone there to provide real help, including from fellow agents.

If you haven’t given Follow Up Boss a try, what are you waiting for? Start today with a free 14-day free trial and get all the support you need.

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